Works Public In Tarija.-Authorize Is To The Power Executive The Recruitment Of One Or More Loans Internal To This Object.


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LAW works Pašblicas in Tarija.a€ "author-used to the Executive hiring one or more Empra © internal stitos for this object."
TCNL. GERMÁN BUSCH, President constitutional DE LA Repašblica, as: the National Convention has sanctioned the following law, LA H. Convention national DECREES: Arta-culo °. â €"author-used to the Executive so that you place in any of the banking institutions of the Paa-s, one or several Empra © stitos, up to the amount of eight million bolivianos (Bs. 8.000,000.00) Arta-culo 2a °. â €" the Empra © stito referred to in previous Arta-culo , Devengara the Ma interest maximum 6% a year and will have a cumulative repayment of 4%, also annual, shall carry out depreciation extraordinarins with the surplus of resources reattached to the operation.!!
Arta-culo 3a °. â €"the total output of this Empra © stito will be invested in the following way: Bs. 6.500,000.00 to the works of sewerage and Pavimentecia³n in the city of Tarija;!"
BS. 500,000.00 in the establishment of a power plant hydro electrical using the slope of the new Captación de drinking water;
BS. 1.000,000.00 for works public in the capitals of provinces, to reason of 200,000.00 for each according to a plan that must produced by the Committee that sets the Arta-culo 10 of this law.
Arta-culo 4a °. â €"warranty-a of the timely payment of interest and repayment, Executive affect power with a first lien or mortgage in favour of the creditor or of the bondholders of the © stito Empra rents and taxes that are detailed below: Bs. surcharge 2.a€" about quintal coffee that Spanish is interue to the Department of Tarija; "!"
The surcharge of Bs. 8.a€ "by charging hospitalized coca to the same Department;
The surcharge of Bs. 2.a€ "by basket of AJA - ieternado to the same Department;"
The tax of Bs. 010 per bottle of chicha made or sold in the city of Tarija.
The tax of Bs. 0.20 per bottle of wine and Bs. 0.30 per bottle of alcohol which is internal to the Department;
Fixed the sum of Bs. 650,000. â €"annual performance participation assigned the Department of Tarija on the exploitation of oil, according to n the law of 15 July 1938;"
The sum fixed in Bs. 100, 000.a€ "annual of the performance of the tax of the corambre corresponding to the Council Municipal of Tarija."
Arta-culo 5a °. â €"performance A-ntegro of resources referred to in this law, will be directly deposited by entities collecting, under its responsibility, to a special account that is open to the effect in the Central Bank of Bolivia.!"
The trustee and Fiscal Agent of this Empra © stito, if so, will have the faculty to raise them directly without any other authorization, ea case that the products collected by the administrative authorities were not deposited in the prescribed manner.
Arta-culo 6a ° â €"are declared free of any tax national, departmental or any other A-advising, created or create, the capital and the interests of the Empra © stito authorized by this law, handle - like bonds and coupons, if issued by the trustee for its investment in public.
Arta-culo 7a °. â €"the Bank that takes in charge the Empra © authorized stito, may Flotacia³n assume, upon acceptance, Fidicomisario of the same functions; Therefore, having representation common of bondholders and all rights and actions that are required for the performance of the trustee.
Arta-culo 8a °. â €"the trustee services will be n paid by the Government, with a Commission of one per thousand annual on the amount of the original sums delivered to Empra © stito account;!" assistance corresponded to pay with funds from la Recaudación of resources given in guarantee of the obligation. In addition s, you will n reimbursed all costs incurred with respect to management of the © Empra stito.!!
Arta-culo 9a °. â €"where the Central Bank of Bolivia signed all or part of the Empra © stito authorized by this Act, their investment not is computed in La-mite indicated by subsection 6. point (c)) of the Arta-culo 53 of its organic law unique.!"
Arta-culo 10.a€ "the technique of the works to be performed, address included in the Arta-culo 2a ° of this law, run in charge of the Directorate General of works public;" in accordance with the legal provisions governing this kind of work and is responsible the management and investment of a Committee chaired by the prefect of the Department of Tarija, and composed of a delegate of the entity that painting the loan, another designated by the H. City Council of Tarija and departmental public. public works Manager!
Arta-culo 11.a€ "are repealed and modified the relevant part all laws and administrative arrangements that would be in Contradiccia³n with the present.
Commune-contact to the power Executive, for the late constitutional.
Session of the National Convention H. Hall.

Peace, on September 29, 1938.
Renato A, Rivera - n.a€ "J. Lijerón Rodra-guez, conventional Secretario.a€" Augusto Guzmà n, conventional Secretario.a€ "R.! Jorda n Cua © llar, conventional Secretary.
I therefore enacted it so you have and observe as the law of the Republic.
Government Palace in the city of La Paz, to the twelve day-as of the month of November 1938 years.
It is NONCOMPLIANT: J. B. Villar.
Official Mayor of Hacienda.