Box Of Retirement, Pension And Mutual Societies Of Journalists. - Rise To Supreme Range Of Law Decree Last May 10.


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LAW case of retirement, pension and montepa•os Periodistas.a€ "Ela © vase to rank of law decree of 10 may last."
Since the National Convention H. has sanctioned the following law: the National Convention DECREED: Arta-culo 1a °. â €"Ela © vase to the rank of law decree of May 10, 1938, in the following terms: Arta-culo 2a °. â €" Cra © ase domiciled in La Paz, the national case of retirement, pension and Montepa-os of trainings-stas, that you will have the following responsibilities : Raise and manage and give productive investment resources that constitute the box: on retirement and pension to journalists, and Montepa-os records inform his heirs forced or legal;
The regulation of this law project and suggest the powers public, through the Ministry of labour, applications or modifications that advise the experience;
Faccionar the regulation internal of the institution;
Obtain the recognition of Personera-a Jura - medical case and assume his legal representation.
Article 3a °. â €"the national case of retirement, pension and Montepa-os of journalists, will be governed by a Board of directors constituted Asa-: the Secretary General and the Secretary of finance the Association of journalists of peace: A representative of the Ministry of labour;!"
A representative of the Association of journalists of the rest of the Paa-s;
A delegate of the companies time-features; the Board of Directors will be chaired by the Secretary General of the Asociación journalists and all its members Desempea±ara n duties ad honorem.!!
The quality of journalist Arta-culo 4a °. â €"for elected officials of this law, is considered a journalist to the hardworking intellectual who, subject to salary or conventional Remuneracia³n, provision of services in some of the journals, newspapers or magazines or news agencies of Paa-s, either in writing or in the administrative section of the company.
In any any case may n qualify for the benefits of this law the editors or contributors ad honorem.
Arta-culo 5a °. â €"the directory of the box will open immediately the national registration of journalists, in which must n register concerned, upon display of certificates of addresses or administrations of newspapers or news agencies, newspapers, magazines, newspapers in which the name of the journalist with the functions as Desempea±a indicating appears published in the publishing company.!" In the absence of previous tests, will be sufficient ad perpetuam of two witnesses of recognized moral Declaration.!
Arta-culo 6a ° â €"the length of service will be computed in view of certificates issued by the management or administration of journals or newspapers or ad perpetuam statements, if © stos had been published.
In the Matra-national grid will retain n, duly classified, testimonies, legalized copies, certificates and other documents which interested parties present and constituting proof of the services provided by journalists.!
Funds of the Arta-culo box 7a °. â €"the national case of retirement, pension and Montepa-os of journalists, will be (shaped and sustained with the following resources: to) â €" the initial contribution of the Supreme Government it will be recorded in the national budget of 1939;! "
(b) â €"5% that are Descontara monthly from the salaries or remuneration of journalists in the Matra-film;"
(c) â €"5% on the sum of wages referred to in the previous paragraph, with to contribute n business journalism or news agencies;!"
(d) â €"total salary income companies, discounted in twelve monthly instalments, to all journalists in enrolment;"
(e) â €"the 1% surcharge on the rights of import of all materials for use by the national press;"
(f) â €"10% of the total amount of income tax paid by the journalists enrolled in the Matra-film;"
(g) â €"10% on the amount of all taxes to the print advertising;"
(h) â €"donations, legacies, grants and voluntary contributions made on behalf of the box;"
(i) â €"any interest or gains from investment of the funds of the box;"
(j) â €"the amount of fraud the quidas which corresponds to the State by law on 2 October of the current year, is Deducira a 5% with destination to the increase in the case of journalist;"
(k) a€ "the 20% on the utilities it-quidas of them daily and companies publishing;"
1) â €"the total output of the fines on daily journalists or newspapers, publishers, etc., which are imposed in accordance with the requirements of the Act of printing and the Decree-Law of March 27, 1938;"
11) â €"20% of telegrams transmitted by All American Cables to the cities of Oruro and Corocoro."
Arta-culo 8a °. â €"the pension, retirement and Montepa-os will be processed n before the head of the Department of labor of the district in which resides the person concerned;" and enacted by the same authority, following a report from the National Board of the Fund.
For any of the listed benefits are indispensable requirements registration antelada in the national registration and the check of having fulfilled all the obligations of this Act.
With such articles journalists Hara n register its annual services on the Matra-national grid and you will obtain certified n of the Board of the Fund, every year, on the fulfilment of pecuniary obligations.!!
Arta-culo 9a °. â €"will be awarded the Jubilacia³n with all of the salary or Remuneracia³n base, journalist that twenty years of services meets Conta-nuos." duly proven.
Equally will 80% of the salary base, the journalist who has provided 20 years of intermittent, duly proven services.
Arta-culo 10.a€ "journalist that is Fa-sica or intellectually disabled to work, you can (get partial Jubilacia³n, after having served 10 years of continuous or discontinuous, work according to the following scale: to) by 10 years of services 60% of base pay.!"
(((((((b) "11""""64" "" c) "12""""68" "" d) "13""""72" "" e) "14""""76" "" f) "15""""80" "" g) "16""""84" "" h")"17 "" "" 88"" "i)"18 "" "" 92"" "j)"18 "" "" 95"" "Arta-culo 11.a€" the trainings-stas that are covered by another box of pensions, may not n conform to the benefits of this law. "
Arta-culo 12.a€ "retired journalists can work in other activities without losing their right to the monthly amount that recognized the box by concept of Jubilacia³n or pension, the pension Arta-culo 13.a€" Board means the monthly amount paid box journalists that prove inability to Fa-sica or intellectual for the work, which is their age! , after ten years of service Conta-nuos or discontinuous in the national press.
Arta-culo 14.a€ "the Board will be equivalent to the fifty percent of the salary or Remuneracia³n base and attended by the box by a time equal to the of the services rendered by the benefited.!"
Not be granted Board when the interested journalist receive salaries for other work or employment, either public public or particular.!
Arta-culo 15.a€ "when disability befalls before the ten years of service, the box will return all interested parties the contributions that he had made and, in addition s, earnings or interest earned on these contributions.!"
Of the Montepa-os Arta-culo 16th€ "are creditors to Montepa-or forced or legal heirs of the journalists who died in the exercise of their work or status of pensioners or retired persons."
Arta-culo 17.a€ "Montepa-o will be delivered in a lump sum, in accordance with the following scale: by 5 years of continuous or discontinuous, services the sum corresponding to six months of salary base.!"
5-10 years of services Conta-nuos or discontinuous, the amount to 12 months of salary base.
10 to 15 years of continuous or discontinuous, services the sum corresponding to 18 months of base salary.
15 to 20 years of service Conta-nuos or discontinuous, base the amount to 36 months of salary.
Arta-culo 18th€ "box granted to his heirs in addition s of Montepa-o, two salaries for expenses of mourning."
Arta-culo 19th€ "Montepa-o Sera Distribua-do to the heirs in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code.!"
If any of them forfeits their right, that part Acrecentara of the remaining.
Provisions General Arta-culo 20th€ "to be awarded Jubilacia³n, Board or Montepa-o, it is indispensable to found on the PEAR-odismo exercise when rendered the término, disability or death."
Arta-culo 21.a€ "allowances, pensions, pensions and Montepa - you will be n carried out having as salary Ma maximum of a thousand two hundred bolivianos monthly.!"
Arta-culo 22.a€ "journalists leaving the profession without obtaining any benefits granted by this law, by not filling the requirements, can n collect their contributions, with Ma s earnings or interest accrued." If they reingresaren to journalism, refund n to box the sum that had been returned them so be computed them former service time.!

Arta-culo 23rd€ "in the event that a journalist be confined or deported by Pola-ethical issues, will not lose the continuity of its services.
Arta-culo 24th€ "journalist who is proven, by enforceable judgement, having done wrong use of social funds associations of journalists or the national case of retirement, pension and Montepa-os, will lose all rights granted this law and the sums that would have contributed to the box.

Arta-culo 25th€ "Jubilaca-ones, pensions and Montepa - you are inalienable, non-transferable or unattachable.
Arta-culo 26th€ "these provisions, as all which have created boxes of retirement, Inns and Montepa-you, in activities private, not exempt to the companies or patterns of the compliance of all the Dema s laws social.!"
Arta-culo 27th€ "the Montepa - you may be recognized and enacted since, but only will be n paid from the 1st of January 1939.!" Pensions will be n only enacted after © s of January and after may of the same year. Arta-culo pensions 28th€ "the State will contribute to this box with the sum of a million Bolivians, payable in installments of Bs."! 200, 000.a€ "in the Ta © term of five years, starting from the management of 1939."
Commune-contact to the Executive for constitutional purposes.
Hall of sessions it H. Convention national.
Peace, October 28, 1938.
Renato Riverà - n.a€ "R. Jordà n Cua © llar, conventional Executive€" A. Landa-var Zambrana, conventional Secretary. "!"
THEREFORE: I enacted it so you have and observe as the law of the Republic.
Palace of Government, the city of La Paz, to the sixteen days-as of the month of November 1938 years.
TCNL. G Busch.a€ "A. Zelada."
It is NONCOMPLIANT: Bozo Jantzen.
Chief Clerk of Social Security.