Pension. - Is Set Of Passive Defence Service Lists, In The Kind Of Troop.


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PENICAS.†" The Defense Service Passive Lists are set, in the troop class.



BY HOW, the H. National Congress has sanctioned the following Law:



ArtA-culo 1A °.â€" FA-jase the pensions of the Passive Lists of the Defence Service, in the Category-a of the Troop Class, according to the following scale:

Maimed at Chaco War.

From First Category-to ............................... Bs. 500 Monthly;

From Second Category-to .............................. " 800 Monthly;

Third Category-a ............................. " 1,200 monthly;

War Blind? ????????. " 1,600 monthly;

and thirty percent more for those who have been blind, they would have suffered the amputation of other vital members to increase their physical incapacity.

heirs of citizens killed in Chaco War.

Widow or Soldado's mother? ????? .. Bs. 400 monthly;

Widow or Cape mother? ?????? .. " 550 monthly;

Widow or Sergeant's mother? ?????. " 700 monthly;

Widow or Subofficial's mother? ???? .. " 850 monthly;

MA S HUNDRED BOLIVIANS (Bs. 100.†") monthly for each minor child, war-time, including those born up to within the term set by the article 506 of the Civil Code.

The inva ¡ lidos or maimed that are absolutely prevented from dedicating themselves to any work, they are included-two among the war blind as to the effects of this article.

ArtA-ass 2A °.†" The minors, heirs of the pensioners who die from the 1A ° of January 1942, will receive a penalty equivalent to the pro rata of which they perceive-to their causative, until the age of 18 years.

This penalty will be suspended in the event of the death of the mother of the child or minors in exercise of the guardianship, passing these in such case to the exclusive guardianship of the State, which will be exercised through the National Patronato of Minors and the War.

The employment of the child at the service of the Public Administration, or in jobs Private individuals from commerce, industry or others, or the absence of schools, will motivate the expiration of the penalty and the transfer of the guardianship to the National Patronato of Minors and Huenrfanos of War, for the education of them.

3A ° .†" The Reserve Officers, InvAs Lids or War Mutils, will receive pensions according to the scale determined by categorical-as in the article 1A °, more than fifty percent increase over the sums fixed in it.

The forced heirs of Reserve Officers killed in the Chaco war, will receive Bs. 1,000.†"monthly mA s. 100.â€" for each minor child, under the same conditions determined by the article 1A ° of this law.

ArtA-ass 4A °.†" The items corresponding to items 1A ° and 2A ° of this law, shall be charged to the Chapter corresponding to the Passive Lists of the Defense Service, Category-A of the Troop Class, from the Budget. National of 1942, inclusive.

The Ministry of Defense will transfer, from its own budget, annually and at the beginning of the management, the precise funds for the Ministry of Labor, Social Protection, Hygiene and Health, effective the attention of the pensioners.

ArtA-ass 5A °.†" The qualifications Future invalidity, right to registration on the lists of pensioners, etc., according to law of December 3, 1940, will be continued by the Supreme War Council.

All qualifications will be understood to have their effects for the financial management following the one in which the respective financial law has been enacted.

ArtA-cull 6A °.†" Widows of the pensioners of the various -As from 1A ° January 1942, you will receive a lifetime pension, equivalent to fifty percent of the husband's pension, which will be passed on from the date expressed in the future.

ArtA-ass 7A °.†" The benefit of this law is included-two in the advantages and duties of the Article 223 of the OrgA Act of the European Parliament, the text of which is inserted: " The InvAs are not obliged to provide services incompatible with their health and age, but are subject to military law, discipline, regulations and special provisions for them to dictate the Executive Branch. "

ArtA-culo 8A °.†" The pensions of the Mutilados and InvA ¡ lidos y Viudas y Huários de Guerra, are inembargable.

The cases of feeding of the children and the parents, in accordance with the civil and the law of the spouse in case of divorce, when the wife has been sentenced to no fault of her.

ArtA-culo 9A °.†" The war lids will be gratuitously cared for in the military hospitals and will be provided at no cost to the office of drugs in sufficient quantity by the central pharmacy of the Army.

ArtA-ass 10A ° .†" All invades of war, both of the class of Officers and of Troop, who provide services in the Public Administration or continue in the active service, apart from their salary or pension of retiree for their You will continue to enjoy the benefit of your A-ntegra penalty of inva ¡ lido.

ArtA-ass 11At ° .†" The Executive Branch will regulate this law.

Communicate to the Executive Branch, for constitutional purposes.

Session of the H. National Congress.

Peace 21 November, 1941.

A. Galindo.†"Jorge Araoz C. â€" Gaston Muja-a, Senator Secretario.†"Julio CA©spedes AA ± ez, Senator Secretario.â€" Carlos WA ¡ lter Urquidi, Diputado Secretario.â € " FA©lix Ewina Z., Deputy Secretary.

BY TANTO, the promulgated to have and comply as law of the Republic.

Palace of Government in the city of La Paz, at twenty-seven days of the month of November, 1941.

GRAL. PEA ' ARANDA.â€" Tgral. Miguel Candia.