Banco Minero. - Will Organize A Section Technique For The Study And Recoconocimiento Of Mines, Etc.


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MINING BANK.â€" Organize a Technical Section for the Study and Recode of Mines, etc.



BY HOW FAR, The H. National Congress has sanctioned the following law:



ArtA-arse 1A °.†" With profits obtained by the Mining Bank of Bolivia will organize a Technical Section with the necessary professional staff, intended to meet the following aims:

a) Study and recognition of mines, both for the report to serve as a basis for the Bank's operations, and for mine owners to improve their operations and development of their mines, to increase their

b) Free technical advice to guide the work of extraction and the benefit of minerals to entrepreneurs who sell their production to the Bank.

c) Formation of the general mining statistics.

d) Study on new mineral benefit systems that tend to make them cheaper Production costs and addresses for the implementation of mineral smelters in Bolivia in coordination with the fiscal plant that has installed the Directorate of Mines and Petroleos.

e) Installing mineral benefit plants with a cooperative character.

ArtA-ass 2A °.†" The technical section will be organized with the following elements:

Mining engineers, geo-logos, quarries, topicographers,


number of workers in the European Union, and the number of people in the European Union, in the European Union, in the European Union, in the European Union, and in the European Union. comptroller of the Chief Engineers of the Department of Mines, The first two and the legal value shall be the first two and the last two.

Laboratories, cabinets, machines and equipment of the Mining Bank.

ArtA-culo 3A °.†" Annex to the technical section of the Minero Bank of Bolivia, the Ministry of Mining for the purposes of the mine materials to the mining industry, at a net cost price for the so-called mining guys and with some percentage of utility for the others.

That store, you cannot sell but the following items: steel for bores, combos, cA, carbide, forklift, iron for spoons, dynamites, guA-as, carbuo paras, shovels, spikes, picotas, hammers, sacks and saws.

All these materials will be purchased abroad by managing the reduction of rail freight.

ArtA-arse 4A °.†" The Mining Bank of Bolivia will establish in the main mining centers of the Republic of the materials of mines listed in the preceding article and shall be sold to the miners, against the delivery of the official order note, formulated and guaranteed by the respective Departmental Association. The GarantA-a of the Association will refer to the quantity and quality of the order and the mine to be destined for it.

The miners will present an order with a guarantee to their industrial firm on the same details.

ArtA-culo 5A °.†" The Mining Bank of Bolivia, has the power to grant loans or ratings up to the sum of ten thousand bolivianos, to the mining boy, prior to qualification summary of the necessity of the operation, to the signature of the applicant and with news of the respective departmental association.

ArtA-culo 6A °.†" The Executive will dictate the respective regulations.

Communicate to the Executive Branch, for the constitutional purposes.

Law of 22 April of the year in progress regarding the use of the sealed paper.

Article 2A °.†" The results are declared valid and the titles obtained according to the requirements of the Supreme decrees of January 18, 1938 and April 10, 1940, prior to the validity of this law.

Communicate to the Executive Branch, for constitutional purposes.

Session Room of the H. National Congress.

La Paz, November 27, 1941.

A. Galindo.†"Jorge Araoz C. â€" Gaston Muja-a, Senator Secretario.†"Julio CA©spedes AA ± ez, Senator Secretario.â€" Carlos WA ¡ lter Urquidi, Diputado Secretario.†" Juan Josá© Carrasco, Deputy Secretary, ad hoc.

BY TANTO, To have it and comply as law of the Republic.

Palace of Government of the city of La Paz, at the eight dA-as of December, 1941.

GRAL. PEA ' ARANDA.†" A. Vilar.