Tax-Which Corresponds To The Profits Of The National Bank Is Intended To Service The Loan For Works Public In Camargo.


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LAW Emprestito.a€ "will engage for several works of the Linares province."
ENRIQUE PEA'ARANDA C. President constitutional DE LA Repašblica since, Congress has sanctioned the following law: the international national, DECREES: Arta-culo 1a °. â €"authorizing the Executive hiring an Empra © stito of a million of BOLIVIANS, in one of the banking institutions of the Paa-s, in addition it will be destined for the exclusive attention of the following works in the province Linares of the Department of Potosí-" : 1a °. â €"Captación de drinking water, construction and repair of buildings public and instruction, light and force electric power, repair of the temple, etc., in the village of Puna, Capital of the province, which is assigned the sum of five hundred thirty thousand Bolivians."
2o.a€ "Captación de drinking water, construction of school buildings and public utilities, Refaccia³n of the temples, and defensive against the current of the Ra-;" in the form listed below: Vilacaya Bs. 80,000. â €", Micullpaya Bs. 80,000. â €", Caiza "D" Bs. 80,000. â €", Bela © n Bs. 80,000. â €", Tuctapari Bs. 20,000. â €", Pacasi Bs. 20,000. â €", Turuchipa Bs. 35,000. â €", Esquiri Bs." 30,000. â €", peaches Bs. 20,000. â €", Cuchu Ingenio Bs. 25,000. â €"."
Arta-culo 2a °. â €"(warranty-a payment of interest and amortization of the Empra creates © stito indicated, taxes and following obligations: to) Bs. 0.50 per quintal Español on antimony ores produced a law of 55 to 65%;" BS. 0.60 on a law, or more than 65%.
(b) Bs. 0.30 per quintal Spanish mineral of lead of a law of 50 to 60%, and Bs. 0.50 on a grade of 60% forward.
(c) by law of silver in ores of lead exceeding 40 frames for cajón, the tax will be Bs. 1.a€ "per quintal English.! These taxes will be n applied to second only to the mining production in the province of Linares.!

Arta-culo 3a °. â €"the mining Bank in the city of Potosí - serve agent retention for the obligation of the indicated tax and export houses or producing on a larger scale, of mineral of antimony, lead and silver, will pay n tax according to their policies and statements of export.!"
Arta-culo 4a °. â €"the control and management of funds, run in charge of a Committee's work public in the village of Puna, under the supervision of the prefect of the Department of Potosí-."
Commune-that will to power Executive, for constitutional purposes.
Session of the H. Congress Hall.
La Paz, 27 November 1941.
A Galindo.a€ "Jorge Araoz C.a€" Gasta³n Muja-a, Senator Secretario.a€ "Julio CA © guests aa±ez, Senator Secretario.a€" Carlos Wà lter Urquidi, Deputy Secretario.a€ "Juan Josà © Carrasco, Deputy Secretary, ad hoc."!
I therefore enacted it so you have and observe as the law of the Republic.
Government Palace in the city of La Paz, to the nine days-as of the month of December of nineteen hundred years cuarentiun.
GRAL. PEA'ARANDA. â €"Joaqua-n sword."