Funds. - Destined For Public Works In The Department Of Santa Cruz, Created As A Cumulative Of Several Taxes.


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FONDOS.†" For the purposes of public works of the Department of Santa Cruz, the number of taxes on a cumulative basis is that of several taxes.



For the H. National Congress, you have sanctioned the following law:



ArtA-ass 1A ° .†" For the purpose of performing public works in the Department Santa Cruz, is created as cumulative funds, the following yields:

a) The allocation of the sum of A Million Bolivianos (Bs. 1,000,000) per year and for five years, beginning in 1941, according to the program of undertaking, detailed in this law.

b) The tax of five cents per hectare of land granted by the State, within the Department of Santa Cruz, in accordance with the Supreme Decree of October 5, 1939, which rises to the rank of law.

c) A tax of a Bolivian percent on the sale of construction woods that are used in the city of Santa Cruz.

d) A tax An additional 0.10 cents on each liter of Alcohol produced in the Department of Santa Cruz.

e) An additional tax of 0.05 cents on each liter of spirits produced in the Department of Santa Cruz.

f) An additional ad valorem tax, of 2 percent, calculated on car and truck parts that are expenged by Santa Cruz City's agencies and commercial houses.

g) An additional 0.50 cent tax on every 46 kilos of lime that is interne for the consumption of the city of Santa Cruz.

h) The yield of the tax on the drinking water of the city of Santa Cruz.

i) An additional tax on tobacco, cigars and cigarettes that I know consumed in the Department of Santa Cruz, on the following scale:

Five Bolivians for every 100 grams of imported tobacco to be sold in the Department.

Fifty cents for each foreign cigarette pack sold in the Department.

Ten cents for each national cigarette pack sold in the department. The same department.

Cigars in leaf, foreigners, will have a 30 percent surcharge on current taxes and domestic cigars a 10 percent surcharge on current taxes.

j) 1 percent on the venal value of the properties and the means per thousand on the venal value of the

2A °.

" The funds from the yields listed above will be collected by the tax and municipal offices, respectively, as well as by the private companies that have In his charge the development of the taxed activities, deposited under his responsibility in the Central Bank of Bolivia, agency of the city of Santa Cruz, in special account, to the order of the Departmental Treasury.

3A °.â€" After a year of accumulation of the related funds in the First of this law, the Executive Branch is empowered to hire one or more of the institutions of the National Banks or institutions of commercial of the Republic, up to the sum of Thirty Million Bolivianos, with an interest of no more than 4 percent a year.

ArtA-ass 4A °.†" The total amount of such projects will be allocated to public works in the Department of Santa Cruz and in the first term to the collection of drinking water, sewer, paving and light service and power power in the city of Santa Cruz, The sum of 500 thousand Bolivians is allocated for public works in each of the provinces of the same Department, which will be studied and determined by the ComitA© of Public Works of

Santa Cruz.

ArtA-ass 5o.†" The returns that may come from the Sewerage, Pavement and lighting services, funded on the basis of this law, will also be accumulated to the funds

the resources mentioned in this law, because of their special resources, will not be able to revert to the national, departmental or municipal treasures. " not to be destined for the time of ten years, to a different object for which they have They were created, or until the early stage of the Thirty Million Bolivianos (Bs) was completely cancelled. 30.000,000).

ArtA-ass 7A °.†" The State will have the obligation to deliver foreign currency to the official exchange, while it subsidizes this economic system, to make the purchase of the necessary industrial implements to the execution of the public works detailed.

ArtA-arse 8A ° .†" The development and comptroller of all the public works considered by this law, will be in charge of the Comité de Obras PAºblicas de Santa Cruz.

ArtA-culo 9A °.â€" The Executive Branch The present law.

Communicate to the Executive Branch, for the purposes

The meeting room of the H. National Congress.

La Paz, April 3, 1941.

A. Galindo.â € "Rafael de Ugarte.â €" Prof. C. Beltrà ¡ n Morales, Senator Secretario.â € "A. Saavedra Nogales, Senator Secretario.â €" F. Flores J., Deputy Secretary. †" F. Iturralde Ch.,

Deputy Secretary.

Therefore, he enacted it so that The law of the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of the Republic.

The Government Palace of the city of La Paz, to the fourteen days of the month of April of a thousand nine hundred years old.

GRAL. PEA ' ARANDA.â € " Oscar Mariaca Pando.