Comite De Vialidad. - Is Constituted In La Paz For The Study Of The Construction Of The Paz-Palca And Other Roads.


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Law Committee of Vialidad.a€ "is incorporated-do in La Paz for the study of the construction of the Paz-Palca roads and others."
Because H. National Congress has enacted the following law: the National Congress DECREES: Arta-culo 1a °. â €"is constituted in La Paz, a © Committee of roads for the study and the construction of the following roads: first: La Paz-Palca and Cohoni Circunscripcia³n;" Second: the peace-RA- or below and its connection with Araca and third: Cohoni-IllimaniAraca. This Committee will be composed by the prefect of the Department, the Director General of Obras PÃ or his representative, a representative of the Comptroller-General and chairpersons of owners of the RA-o down, Palca and Araca societies. This Committee © must arrange their Personera-a Jura - dica.!
Arta-culo 2a °. a€ "the previous Committee © will have low your controller and supervision, the study and construction of them roads that is concerns the arÃ-tculo preceding, leaving in quality of ACC © s dependent of the first them societies of owners of the RA- or down, Palca and Araca.!"
Arta-culo 3a °. â €"are powers of the Committee ©: make the work plan to be executed, according to studies conducted by the Directorate General of works public and dependencies Prefecture techniques."

Organize the section technique that should take care of the execution of the works, provided that they build are for Administration and partial contracts by sectors of roads.

Appoint staff works controls.

Convene to proposals for the acquisition of materials, tools and machinery intended to the works and whose cost pass of a thousand Bolivian.
Arta-culo 4a °. â €"in the economic, the powers of the Committee © Sera n: monitor and organize la Recaudación of taxes on resources, making sure that they are A fully deposited in a special account to be opened in the Central Bank.!"

Order payments intended for the execution of the works, upon presentation of the documents and respective budgets, approved by the engineer in charge of the work, executing payments with checks signed by the Director General of Obras PÃ or his representative, the Cajero-Contador of the Committee ©, and the Comptroller of the Comptroller-General ask a rules of procedure for the functioning of the Committee © which must be approved by the Ministry of public works.

Send copies of contracts by acquisitions and execution of work to the Ministry.

Monthly pay documented accounts of expenses, to the Comptroller-General.
Arta-culo 5a °. â €"the following resources are intended for the execution of the works referred to in art." °.

The product of the road delivery charged in money of Palca, RA-o down, Cohoni and Araca. Personal road delivery will continue for the conservation of those roads.

Tra tax transit Bs. 10 by truck of ida and Bs. 10 by truck back, passing through Aranjuez or bridge Aspiazu, with destination to the RA-o down or Palca.!

The tax of Bs. 1 of roundtrip of automotive which transit at the addresses listed above.

BS. 0.30 per 46 kilos of return truck load.

BS. 1 by charged or mule back; BS. 0.60 per ass loaded and Bs. 0.20 for calls.

Subvencia³n annual Bs. 50,000 by the Ministry of public works, that must be recorded in the national budget, until the cancellation of the stito that is suitably floats, Subvencia³n Empra which must be recorded immediately contributing Asa - to the accumulating of funds provided for in the special Central Bank account.

Prefectural Subvencia³n of Bs. 35,000 a year, until the cancellation of the Empra © stito, combinable as above to the other funds from the date in which this law is issued.

The tax of Bs. 2 per 46 kilos from Tin of Palca, Cohoni, RA-o down or Araca entering by those valid-as and Bs. 10 per 46 kilos of wolfram.

Bolivian tax one (Bs. 1) by 46 kilos of any other mineral not Estaa±a-fero.
Arta-culo 6a °. â €"the Committee is responsible for la Recaudación de taxes specified in the previous Arta-culo, either by direct administration by licitation, the same as will enter n in effect, since the Codelcoâ of this law."
Arta-culo 7a °. â €"all these resources, are Acumulara n for at least a year, in the special account of the Central Bank, already planned, and only after such term, name that is the same performance and made the respective technical studies should the Executive Branch proceed to float one or more Empra © stitos, up to a total of three billion!" with the interest © s Ma maximum of six percent and the cumulative repayment of four per cent per annum, and must apply to extraordinary amortizations, surplus resources which are, except for agreements that in this regard could be further between the Committee and the Central Bank, with authorization from the Ministry of works public.
Arta-culo 8a °. â €"the resources allocated to the service of the Empra © stito or Empra © stitos referred to in the previous Arta-culo, it intended from this date a twenty per cent, by monthly payments, to the conservation of the current paths of the RA-o down, deliverable Palca and Araçá, and must maintain this same book, even after float n the Empra © stitos."
Arta-culo 9a °. â €"not being identical real interests of the areas of the RA-o down and Palca-Cohoni, © Committee will make the Designacia³n of the sums that will be n correspond to them, when it comes time to do the Flotacia³n of the respective Empra © stitos according to studies technical to be taken."
Arta-culo 10a °. â €"taxes on boulders collected currently Veha-asses that circulate between La Paz and Obrajes, or vice versa, will be n collected by the municipality of Obrajes and incorporated into his painting of patents and taxes."
Arta-culo 11a °. â €"mentioned revenues by Tra transit of boulders, Aca milas, must n be made for the aduanillas of the bridge Aspiazu, for Tra transit of Obrajes Palca and the Aduanilla Aranjuez, to the Tra transit of Obrajes, RA - or down Araca.!!!!" These revenues must be n collect bank account the Committee ©, and must be used in the service of the stito cited in the 7a ° Arta-culo © Empra.
Arta-culo 12a °. â €"while it is to float the Empra © stito or Empra © stitos authorized by this Act, roads Committee © is entitled to collect the taxes established and shall enter n in effect since the Codelcoâ thereof."
Arta-culo 13a °. â €"the societies of owners of the RA-o down, Palca, Cohoni and Araçá, incorporated - das in ACC © s, they have the right of inspection and supervision, both la Recaudación and investment of funds, as in the development and execution of the works."
Arta-culo 14a °. â €"all provisions contrary to this law are hereby repealed."
Commune-that will to power Executive, for constitutional purposes.
Session of the H. Congress Hall.
La Paz, April 4, 1941.
A Galindo.a€ "Rafael de Ugarte.â€" Prof. C. Beltrà n Morales, Senator Secretario.a€ "A. Nogales Saavedra, Senator Secretario.a€" F.! Flowers j., Deputy Secretario.a€ "C. W. Urquidi, Deputy Secretary."
I therefore enacted it so you have and observe as the law of the Republic.
Palace of Government of the city of La Paz, to the fifteen day-as of the month of April of nineteen hundred years cuarentiun.
GRAL. PEA' Arandaa€ "Oscar Mariaca Pando."