With Destination To The Committee Of Committee Of Provincial Public Works Of The Beni Department, Aimed At Prefectural, Sub-Went, Municipal And Sports Works And Works In The Capital

Original Language Title: Con destino al Comité de Obras Públicas de la capital y Comité de Obras Públicas provinciales del departamento del Beni, destinada a obras prefecturales, sub-prefecturales, municipales y deportivas

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Read the untranslated law here: http://www.gacetaoficialdebolivia.gob.bo/index.php/normas/verGratis_gob2/48629

Law N ° 39 VICTOR PAZ ESTENSSORO constitutional the President, the Honorable National Congress has sanctioned the following law: the National Congress, D E C R E T A: article 1. Bound to the Committee of provincial public works Committee of the Department of Beni, aimed at prefectural, sub-went, municipal and sports works, and works in the capital are created following character departmental taxes: BS 5,000.-for each air ticket issued in the District of Beni;
BS. 2,000.-for each river passage (boat) issued by the respective companies;
BS. 100 per kilo of delivered parcel of Beni in air transport;
BS. 500.-per each radiotelephone Conference company Serval and other similar companies to create
BS. 200.-for each entry to sports arenas, cinemas and theatres;
BS. 500.-for each bottle of beer in the Department;
BS. 100.-for each bottle of soft drinks interned in the Department;
BS. 2,000.-National (with alcohol) beverages bottle;
BS. 6,000-bottle of drinks imported (with alcohol);
Article 2. Earlier only taxes shall be payable per article produced or consumed in the Beni Department and the acts that are carried out.
Article 3. All these taxes will be collected by the tax offices and respective enterprises, and must deposit the amount of these revenues monthly account Committee of public works, in agencies of the Central Bank of Bolivia and not to exist in the fundraising offices of the Municipal Treasury of province, upon delivery and oversight of valued ballots.
Article 4. Of the total amount of these monthly fundraisers will be 10% for committees departmental and provincial sport, intended exclusively for the improvement and construction of sports fields.
Article 5. Funds raised by the concept of taxes, according to article 1 of this law, will be centralized in an independent way, by each of the provinces and reversed by the same in direct and autonomous way under the control of the public works Committee mandated by law, according to the following detail: province Cercado, funds that are centralized in the city of Trinidad;
Vaca Diez province, funds that are centralized in the city of Riberalta.
Yacuma province, funds that are centralized in the city of Santa Ana;
Iténez province, funds that are centralized in the city of Magdalena;
Mamoré province, funds that are centralized in the city of San Joaquin;
Ballivian province, funds that are centralized in the city of Kings;
Moxos province, funds that are centralized in the city of San Ignacio;
Marbán province, funds that are centralized in the city of Loreto.
Article 6. Previous taxes serve as guarantees to cover loans when necessary.
Communicate to the Executive Branch for constitutional purposes.
Session of the H. Congress Hall.
Peace, November 26, 1960.
FDO. Mario Torres C., President of the National Senate H., E. market Ayala, President of the H. Chamber of Deputies, Fernando Ayala r., Senator Secretary, Alberto Lavadenz, Senator Secretary, Armando Mollinedo, Deputy Secretary, Gmo. Muñoz de B., Deputy Secretary.
I therefore enacted it is and meets as a law of the Republic.
Government Palace in the city of La Paz, to the seven days of the month of December of thousand nine hundred and sixty years.
FDO. VICTOR PAZ ESTENSSORO, a. Sánchez pictures, Minister of finance and statistics.