Law 08-11-1944

Original Language Title: Ley 08-11-1944

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NOVEMBER 8, 1944 MAIMED AND DISABLED LAW OF WAR. â €"reset 50% of pensions in the kind of trope and widows, mothers, and orphans of the same."
TCNL. GUALBERTO VILLARROEL President constitutional of the Repašblica because, the H. Convention national has sanctioned the following law: the Convention national, DECREES: Arta-culo it. â €"starting from the what." of January of 1945, readjusted them Inns of them mutilated e Inva lidos of the war of the Chaco, with the proportion of the fifty percent, on which perceive currently in their respective category-as, in the class of troop as well-as to them widows, mothers and Hua © orphans of war, of the same class Destina ndos for this obligation the income total of them resources created by law of 9 of December of 1941.!!
Arta-culo 2nd. a€ "repeal all law or decree Supreme that has the higher performance of them taxes created by the mentioned law in others services outside to them established by to © sta. Arta-culo So." â €"and Declaration of invalidity, pension applications are submitted n and Tramitara n at any time."
Commune-contact to the Executive for constitutional purposes.
Session of the National Convention H. Hall.
The peace, 3 of November of 1944.
Tamayo. â €"R. Soriano, conventional Secretary â €" A. Zamorano, conventional Secretary. â €"C. Morales a.. conventional Secretary."
I therefore enacted it so you have and observe as the law of the Republic.
Government Palace in the city of La Paz, to the eight day-as of the month of November one thousand nine hundred forty-four years.
G VILLARROEL â €"J. Zarco Kramer." â €"R. Capriles R."

a€ "à €" à €"a€" Conc L. 9-12-41