Works Public. - A Boliivanos Million Goes To The Of The Oropeza Province.


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ON October 21, 1947 Act works Publicas.a€ "a boliivanos million goes to the of the Oropeza province.
MAMERTO URRIOLAGOITIA President interim of the Repašblica since, the Honorable National Congress has sanctioned the following law: the H. Congress national DECREES: Arta-culo Aºnico.a€ "funds created by the third Pa paragraph of the Arta-culo 3o. of the law of 20 May of the year in course, is for the sum of one million two hundred thousand Bolivians (Bs. 1.200.000. â €" ") for the following urgent urgent works!" (, en la provincia Oropeza, deel Departamento de Chuquisaca: a) repair of the school of Yotala Bs. 50, 000.a€ "(b) repairs to the drinking water Captación de Yotala and Poroma, Bs. 50, 000.a€"...? " 100, 000.a€ "c) improvements in Yotala electric light?..." 50, 000.a€ "d) urgent parts in Yotala, and Poopa³ churches, Bolivians 50, 000.a€" and Bs. 10, 000.a€ "respectively..." 60, 000.a€ "e) arrangements on the bridge that connects the town of Yotala with the F.C. station..?" ......?" 20, 000.a€ "f) rescue of the Carter Road Luje-Poroma?" 300, 000.a€ "g) construction of a bridge between Chaunaca and Marahua?..." 300,000. â €"h) conclusion of the line capacity Sucre-Poroma and construction of the Zoico-Poopa³ bad...?." 30, 000.a€ "(i) conclusion of the road Carter Yotala-to ' uccho..?" 250, 000.a€ "j) of land for the stadium of Yotala do acquisition.?.." 40, 000.a€ "commune-contact to the Executive for constitutional purposes."
Session of the H. Congress Hall.
Peace, on October 10, 1947.
M. Urriolagoitia.a€ "S. Lopez Ballesteros.a€" M. Mogro-Moreno, Senator Secretario.a€ "P. Saucedo Barbera-, Senator Secretario.a€" P. Montaño, Deputy Secretario.a€ "to. Camacho pa³rcel, Deputy Secretary."
THEREFORE: I enacted it is and meets as a law of the Republic.
Government Palace, in the city of La Paz, the twenty-one day-as of the month of October one thousand nine hundred forty-seven years.
M. Urriolagoitia.a€ "C. Guachalla.