Road Is National-Declares That Is Built From Tupiza By Mocharé Racing, With The Resources That Are Created.


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law of November 21, 1947

NATIONAL PATH†" It is stated that you will build Tupiza by MocharA© to the Careers, with the resources that are created.



For how much, the Honorable National Congress has sanctioned the following Law:



ArtA-culo lo.†" DeclA on a national road the The building of Tupiza by MocharA© to Las Carreras, where you will join the road pan-American OrA ¡ naâ € "Tarijaâ€" Camargo†"PotosA-; and that will continue from Culpina by the Palmarâ€" Pilcomayo†"Huacaya to a point of the Railway in construction Yacuibaâ€" Santa Cruz.

ArtA-culo 2o.†" To the construction of said path, the following resources are created:

a) The additional tax of fifty cents (Bs. 0.50) per litre of alcohol manufactured in the Provinces Noror and Sud Cinci de Chuquisaca, Sud Chácís de PotosA-and MA©ndez de Tarija.

b) The tax of a Bolivian (Bs. 1.†") for every 50 kilograms of lead, antimony and slag minerals exported from the same provinces

The collection offices will deposit these taxes monthly and directly in the Central Bank of Bolivia, in the special account " Camino National Tupiza†"Carreras â€" Culpina€" Palmar†"Pilcomayoâ€" Huacaya ", account that will be centralized in the office of Tupiza.

ArtA-culo 3o.â€" A legua on each side of the road to be built from Culpina†"Palmarâ€" Pilcomayo†" Huacaya, se declares a zone of influence of the same. All the land in this area will be paid by a boliivane (Bs). 1.†") (a) the annual average of the year of the year-to which the official service has been released. These resources A-in-law will be invested in the construction and conservation of the path referred to in the article-article first.

ArtA-culo 4o.†" The State will enter into the National Budget from 1948, an annual departure of Five hundred thousand Bolivians (Bs. 500,000. --) intended for the construction of the road to which this law refers. Also, it will be returned.

with final carA, the road-out of all the cantons through which you pass the same.

ArtA-ass 5o. †"For the best compliance with this law and to monitor the construction of this road, a Board of Directors of the same will be organized in Tupiza, under the chairmanship of the Administrator of the Railway Atochayâ€" Administrator of the Minero Bank, the Director of the Vial District of Sud Chácís, the Subprefect and the Comptroller of the same province, a Representative of the Prefecture of the Department of Chuquisaca, another of the same of Tarija and two Delegates of the Sub-Comité Driver of the section Culpina†"Palmar â€" Pilcomayo†" Huacaya referred to Next item.

ArtA-ass 6o.†"To boost and monitor the construction of the section Culpinaâ€" Palmar†"Pilcomayoâ€" Huacaya will be formed a Sub-Comité with seat in Camargo, composed by the representative of the Prefecture of Chuquisaca will be its President, the Subprefect, the Comptroller of the Province Norti Cinti, the Manager of the Bank of Camargo, a Representative of the General Direction of Viality and a Representative of the League of Owners of Cinti and the Subprefect of Sur Cinti.

ArtA-culo 7o.†" The Board of Directors of the Tupiza camino †"Carreras â€" Culpina †"Palmarâ€" Pilcomayo†" Huacaya, created by the article 5o. of the present law, to contract one or more staggered undertaking up to the sum of Ten million Bolivians (Bs. € 10,000,000,€ ') at the Central Bank of Bolivia or any other bank or bond issue, with guarantee-a of the resources created in Art. 2o.

ArtA-culo 8o.†" The service of amortisation and interest will be carried out by the expired semesters, the Central Bank of Tupiza being established, in the case of bond issuance, as a trustee. The Board may allocate the surplus resources and once the regular half-yearly services are covered, to extraordinary redemptions.

Article 9o.†"The Board of Directors of the Tupizaâ€" road is entitled " The Carreras†"Culpinaâ€" Palmar â€" Pilcomayo†" Huacaya, to call proposals for the total construction of the road or in tranches or to perform it by direct administration, under the direction of the official technical offices. In any case, the construction must be carried out simultaneously in the sections Tupiza†"Las Carreras and Culpinaâ€" Huacayo.

Communicate to the Executive Branch for constitutional purposes.

Session of the H. National Congress.

La Paz, November 11, 1947.

M. Urriolagoitia. †" A. LandA-var Ribera. †" M. Mogro Moreno, Senator Secretary. †" A. Sarti, Senator Secretary. †" P. MontaA ± o, Deputy Secretary. †" A. Camacho Pälälcel, Deputy Secretary.

BY TANTO: I enact it so that it has and will comply as Law of the Republic.

Government Palace, in the city of Peace, at twenty-one day of the month of November of a thousand nine hundred and forty-seven years.

E. HERTZOG G. †" C. Valverde. †" C. Guachalla.