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law of December 4, 1947

TAX ON CHICHA.†" Crate in the Chayanta Province of the Department of PotosA-.



For how much, the Honorable National Congress has sanctioned the following Law:



ArtA-culo lo.†" From the lo. From January 1948, the "Chicha Tax" in the Chayanta Province of the Department of PotosA was created, as its ordinary income.



ArtA-ass 2o.†" The unit of For the application of the tax on the production of Chicha, it will be the bottle, with a capacity of 0.66 liters, and will be charged at the time of fifty cents (Bs. 0.50), per bottle of chicha made. This tax is unique and excludes any other contribution from national, departmental or municipal cter.

Article 3o.†" The performance for the entire Province, will be distributed as follows:

a) Total raised in the capital of the Province, Colquechaca, with more its annexes, for the conclusion of the school premises, furnishing of furniture for the same and repair of the House of Justice of Colquechaca

b) The total of the proceeds in the First Section of the Province, Ravelo, with more its annexes, for the expansion of the local School and repair of the necessary furniture, light and repair of the school premises of Toroca, Tomoyo, Pitantora, Antora, Huaycoma and other schools.

c) The total of the proceeds in the Second Section of the Province, Pocoata, With more its annexes, for the conclusion of the repair of the Temple, repair of the school premises of Jarana, Taconi, Suruma-, Chayala, Campaya and other schools

d) The total of the proceeds in the Macha Cantonese and its annexes, for the conclusion of the work of installation of energy-to the electrical and expansion of the local school of Macha; repair of the existing school premises within the Cantonal.

e) The total of the proceeds in the Cantonese-and its annexes, for the expansion and the provision of furniture of the school of the Occur-, repair of the pavements of the streets of the Occurs-and in part proportional to the raised in Maragua; for the Extension and furnishing of furniture from his school and repair of the school premises of Kara-Kara.

Article 4o.†" For the purposes of collection and perception of the tax on chicha processing, the Province Chayanta will be divided into the following districts: Colquechaca, Chairapata, Guadalupe Chayala, Surumi, Ravelo, Tomoyo, Toroca, Pitantora, Antora, Huaycoma, Pocoata, Jarana, Taconi, Esquena, Campaya, Huancarane, (Chayanta), Macha, Salinas de Macha, Ayoma, Ocura-, Maragua and Kara-Kara, districts that are grouped according to the five incisements included in the article 3o. of this law.

Article 5.†" The funds coming from this tax will be deposited in the Central Bank of Bolivia of the city of PotosA, by groups according to the five points of Article 3o., in special account "Tax to the Chicha of the Province Chayanta", to the order of the Prefecture of the Department of PotosA-and whose investment will be verified with the intervention of the Comptroller-to Departmental and the Comitals of the provincial and provincial works cantonal.

ArtA-ass 6.†" It is strictly forbidden to Chicha with sugar and "Huià ± apu" wheat. The offenders will be punished with a fine of Bs. 1,000.†"to Bs. 5.000.â€"

ArtA-cull 7o.†" The rules for the tendering and collection of the tax referred to in this law, shall be subject to the text of Articles 7o, 8., 9., 10o., 11th, 12o, 13o, 14o., 15A °, 16o., 17o., and 18o. of the Law of 8 November 1945.

Communicate to the Executive Branch for constitutional purposes.

Session of the H. National Congress.

La Paz, November 17, 1947.

M. Urriolagoitia.†" A. LandA-var Ribera.†' A. Sarti, Senator Secretary†" P. Saucedo BarberA-, Senator Secretaria†" P. MontaA ± o, Diputado Secretary †" A. Camacho PAH_rcel, Deputy Secretary

FOR TANTO: I enact it so that it is and will comply with the Law of the Republic.

Palace of Government, in the city of La Paz, at the four days of December of a thousand nine hundred and forty-seven years.

E. HERTZOG.†" C. Guachalla