Way. - To Authorize The Construction Of The Timusi, Ayata, Camata.


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LAW of December 4, 1947 Camino.a€ "author-used the construction of the of Timusa - Ayata, Camata.
ENRIQUE HERTZOG G. Constitutional President of the Repašblica since, the Honorable National Congress has sanctioned the following law: the H. Congress national DECREES: Arta-culo lo.a€ "author-used the construction of a highway road, starting from the place, called Umajacha, fork of the road to Puerto Acosta, happen by the populations of Timusa - Ayata, Camata's province of dolls of the Department of peace , and with Prolongacia³n to Apollo, capital of the province Caupolica n, with a branch on the basis of "Mollopampa", Canta³n Luquisani Chuma, Capital of the "province wrist to close the circuit of the Carter Road in current construction of Mocomoco this last population, using also for this road until its conclusion, the same resources economic intended this law to pass , and another branch that, starting from Ayata, reach the cantons Aucapata and Camata from the same province.
Arta-culo 2o.a€ "(Para la construcción deel indicado camino, destÃ-nase los siguientes recursos, aplicables en su recaudación, solamente a la primera Sección Municipal de la Provincia Muñecas: a) taxes Bs. 1.a€" per quintal (46 kilos) of fruit, cereals and other unspecified products; from Bs. 2.a€ "for every 100 kg of wood, referred to in article 9 of the law on April 17, 1941;"
(b) the total tax of 10% ad valorem on cinchona bark and fines that will require, in accordance with article 4. the Act of 18 December 1942;
(c) the allocations of the budget departmental for works Pa ° public in the indicated province, the 50% for the 1a. Section and the other 50% to the 2a. section.
Arta-culo 3o.a€ "(Con el mismo destino se crean los siguientes impuestos: a) the additional contribution from the owners of the the Municipal section of the province of Bs. 5.a€" for each basket of coca;
(b) the road toll be paid n all Veha-ass entering or leaving by the way, in the proportion of Bs. 5.a€ "for each automotive or truck, in the section;!
(c) the of Bs. 3.a€ "per each 100 kilograms of products exported 1a. Municipal section of the specified province.
(d) the additional Bs. 1.a€ "about litre of alcohol and liquor prepared by cereals, Tuba © rculos;" (Aza ° car cane, molasses and fruits), in the first Municipal section of the province;
(e) the of Bs. 2.a€ "by head of won beef and Bs. 1a€" by each head of cattle pig that is export of the first section Municipal of the province;
(f) an assignment of Bs. 300,000 â €"annual that is Consignara in the budget General of the nation, during five years, from the present law Codelcoâ;"
Arta-culo 4o.a€ "minerals of wolfram, Tin and others that is strange-gan Municipal section, will pay n Bs. 3.a€"for every 46 kg.! "
Arta-culo 5o.a€ "Faca ° ltase to the society of owners of dolls and to the Prefecture of the Department of it peace to hire an Empra © stito until the sum of Bs. 5,000,000. a€" with destination to them works road that points out the art. it. of this law, with warranty-a resource defined in the Arta-culos 2nd, 3rd, and grades 4 of this Act. This Empra © stito will it be in the usual conditions for tax loans.
Arta-culo 6o.a€ "resources referred to in the previous Arta-culos will be raised n by the respective offices of the Customs's Coca, administration of internal revenue and other tax offices, to its deposit in a current account that is open for the purpose in the Central Bank of Bolivia that is Denominara" roads province dolls".!!"
Arta-culo 7o.a€ "the management and investment of funds run in charge of the President of the Sociedad de Propietarios de Muñecas, together with the prefect of the Department and the respective Comptroller of the Comptroller - a General of the Repà Republic.
Arta-culo 8o.a€ "is entrusted to the Executive Branch the regulation of this law.
Commune-contact to the Executive Branch for 1st constitutional purposes.
Session of the H. Congress Hall.
Peace, on November 17, 1947.
M.urriolagoitia.a€ "A.landa-var Ribera.a€" M. Mogro Moreno, Senator Secretario†"A. Sarti, Senator Secretario.a€" P. Montaño, Deputy Secretario.a€ "pa³rcel Camacho, Deputy Secretary per both: enacted it so you have and follow as a law of the Republic Republic Palace of Government, in the city of La Paz, to the four decades-as of the month of December in the year one thousand nine hundred and forty-seven years."
E Hertzog.a€ "f. Guachallaa" C. Valverde.