Cochabamba. - Asylum "san Jose Home".-L. No. 68 Of 10 December. 1949.-Inheritance Tax Is Intended By Roberto Ugarte Gumucio


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law no 68




For the Honorable National Congress has sanctioned the following Law:


D E C R E T A:

Article 1.-Pursuant to art. 58 subsection 1 of the Constitution of the State, interpret the article 6 of the

law of March 18, 1926, in the sense that the necessity of the previous time of the compensation amount, to bring the appeal against the Autos View of the National Court of Labor and Social Security, enforceable for all cases of conviction that are pronounced in social matters.

Article 2.-That having been raised to the law of D.S. No. 4078 of 8 June 1955, on date 29 of October 1956, which is complementary to the D.S. No. 2763 of 2 October 1951 which regulates the In the case of complaints for infringement of social laws, it is established that the provisions of Article 4 of the Law of 29 October 1956, include and reach the D.L. No. 2763 of 2 October 1951, which has the character of the law.

Article 3.-Amend Article 5 of the D.S. of 2 October 1951 in the following form: Art. 5 ° legally notified of the judgment, the offender sanctioned with fine and condemnation of payments, may appeal on the term of third day before The National Court of Labor and Social Security, prior to the amount of the fine and the benefits the worker concerned, through certificates of judicial deposit in the Central Bank of Bolivia, to the order of the Judge of origin. In the districts where there was no bank agency, the previous emcce will do so at the headquarters of the Labor Court at the time of expressing grievances.

Article 4.-Art. 6th of the D.S. of 2 October 1951, will be worded as follows:? Article 6 ° The Judge of the Work who has expired the term of the appeal or made is without the judicial certificates of deposit, that it is spoken in the previous article, will reject of its own motion the appeal, declaring the resolution executed; of the same The Court of Labor has expired the term of the appersonation of the appellant without having to be in the case provided for in the previous article, of its own motion and on the sole view of the file will reject the appeal and will declare the resolution The contested decision, which was then returned to the Judge of origin?

Article 5.- Elevate to law the D.S. No 2690 of 22 August 1951, with the following modification:? Article 1-The probative term in the social processes that are aired on the bench of the work will be of eight common days and peremptory and all charges?.

Article 6.- Interpret to Article 225 of the law of December 14, 1956 and only article of the law of October 8, 1941, in the sense that, the same requirements required to be a member of the Social Security Room are enforceable to the members of the Chamber of Labor of the National Court. Being organized by the National Court of Labor and Social Security in two chambers, the members of one will supply to the other on the basis of: license, excuse, recusal or to produce discord in order of seniority and according to the role it establishes the presidency of the said Court, and in general the activities will be regulated by the Law of the Judicial Organization and the Rules of the Superior Court of the District

of La Paz.

Article 7.- The judicial year of work will be inaugurated in a solemn ceremony on May 2 of each year, when the President will have to read his speech. At the last meeting of each year and in Room Plena will be appointed to the judges whose number will be agreed by the Court and the corresponding Visitadores Vocals.

Transitional article. Only for this only time is the inauguration the January 3 in the form indicated in the previous article.

Contact the Executive Branch for Constitutional Purposes.

Session of the H. National Congress. La Paz, 16 December 1960.

Fdo. Ruben Julio C, E. Ayala Mercado, Ciro Humboldt, F. Ayala Requena, Gmo. Munos de la B., Bruno Reintsch Valencia.

Therefore, he promulgated it so that it has and will comply as the Law of the Republic.

Government Palace in the City of La Paz, at the twenty-eight days of the month of December of a thousand nine hundred and sixty years.

FDO. VICTOR PAZ ESTENSORO, A. Franco Guachalla, Minister of Labour and Social Security.