Supreme Decrees - Law On October 29, 1956. - Detailed, It Will Have And Shall Comply With Laws Of The Republic.


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LAW of 29 October HERNAN SILES ZUAZO President constitutional DE LA Repašblica as: the Honorable National Congress has sanctioned the following law: the National Congress, DECREED: Arta-culo 1a ° â €"is will have n and satisfies ¡(n como leyes de la República los Decretos Supremos siguientes: A) mines N ° 3037 of 12 April 1952, created by the Ministry of mines.!!"
NÂ ° 2 October 1952, which creates the Mining Corporation of Bolivia-3196.
NÂ ° 3223 31 October 1952 relating to nationalization of the mines.
NÂ ° 3814 August 19, 1954, declaring deciduous concessions of the Muta ° n.
NÂ ° 3229 November 7, 1952, on deposits Reversia³n Aura-feros to the State.
NÂ ° 4236 of November 24, 1955, declaring the fiscal reserve of strategic minerals magical.
NÂ ° 4458 of July 18, 1956, on plan Reorganizacia³n of the Mining Corporation of Bolivia.
(B) education NÂ ° 3937 of January 20, 1955, called code of the educational reform.
NÂ ° 4422 June 10, 1956, concerning the campaign of Alfafabetizacia³n.
C) regime agricultural and service national DE REFORMA AGRARIA NÂ ° 3064 of 22 May 1952, which sets terms of reference of the Ministry of Rural Affairs.
NÂ ° 3256 28 November 1952, created the agrarian labour courts.
NÂ ° 3464 of 2 August 1953, which founds the agrarian reform.
NÂ ° 3471 of 27 August 1953, which creates the service of agrarian reform.
NÂ ° 3525 October 15, 1953, points out that standards for the emission of bonds for settled for expropriated land.
NÂ ° 20 November 1953, which establishes requirements for Desempea±ar functions of judge agrarian-3558.
NÂ ° 3615 of 28 January 1954, amending the article 70 of the Decree NÂ ° 3464, August 2, 1953, on roads to rubber tappers. NÂ ° 3732 of 19 May 1954, which sets the procedure for the Restitucia³n of comunarias lands to farming communities.
NÂ ° 20 May 1954, which releases tax agricultural cooperatives-3737. NÂ ° 3755 10 June of 1954, which creates tax agrarian pro-reform.
NÂ ° 3817 26 August 1954, supplementing the provisions of the article 26 of Supreme Decree NÂ ° 3464 August 2, 1953, declaring the livestock company with selected cattle, inafectable in the necessary extension.
NÂ ° 28 January 1955, which sets terms of reference of the Council of agrarian reform for the revision of judgments-3939. NÂ ° 3960 February 17, 1955, on reduction of the median property in, open valleys of Cochabamba.
NÂ ° 4235 November 24, 1955, on comunarias land.
D) conservation and development to agriculture NÂ ° 3612 22 January 1954, created by the forest service that points out standards for the conservation of soils for hunting and fishing. NÂ ° 3856 October 21, 1954, on control and imposing penalties in defense of natural resources (complementary to the previous one).
URBAN regime NÂ ° e) 3819 August 27, 1954, on reform of the urban property.
NÂ ° 3826 2 September 1954, points out complementary and regulatory provisions to the Supreme Decree NÂ ° NÂ ° 3819, of 27 August 1954, (reform of the urban property).
(F) national defence NÂ ° 3458 July 24, 1953, on Reorganizacia³n of the armed forces of the nation.
(G) SOCIAL regime NÂ ° 3691 3 April 1954, in what refers only to the implantation of the Sunday wage and the extension of the maternity insurance employees public.
NÂ ° 4365 on April 5, 1956, on family allowances.
NÂ ° 4385 on April 30, 1956, concerning the RÃ © moan of affordable housing.
(H) regime Board NÂ ° 4 August 1956, which created the National Council of the monetary stabilization-4469.
Arta-culo 2a ° â €"Petroleum code, enacted by Decree NÂ ° 4210, from October 26, 1955, also © n is Atendra and satisfies as a law of the Republic, with the following modifications: Arta-culo 18.!!" This code and its regulations may n reforformarse, altered or amended according to the provisions of the Constitution Pola-policy of the State;! but the concessions and contracts are Regira n by provisions in force at the time of consolidate except special agreement of parties".
19 Arta-culo. (second part)... will be final in the absence of compromise of the experts as to the Designacia³n of the dirimidor the Supreme Court of Justice Nombrara for this purpose, an organism or individual specialized Petrola-fera within the list suggested by the parties in the industry".
Article 21. (remains to be deleted not be matter of this code).
Arta-culo 142. (second part)... law of Association and all Cua nto is planned in social laws".
Article 143. (inciso a)... needed for his works in relation to works Petrola-feros ".
Article 161... actions. Also within the terms of this article may finance, by loans or in combination with one or more "s natural persons or Jura - dicas, the construction and extension of pipelines".!!
Arta-culo 3a ° â €"as a result of the previous article, set out in the corresponding regulations date January 24, 1956, the following modifications: Arta-culo 10." (second part)... is directed to the President of the Supreme Court of Justice that ã © ste will designate the dirimidor within those suggested by the parties. The Directorate General of Petróleo Oficiara in this sense in the term of 15 days-as Ta".
Article 11. (remains to be deleted not be a matter of the respective regulation).
Arta-culo 4Â ° â €"also are will have n and satisfies n as laws of the Republic, Supreme Decree in tax and social matters have been dictated from April 11, 1952, and that according to constitutional precepts should be subject to law, to exception of the Supreme Decree NÂ ° 3624, of February 4, 1954!!" that it be repealed.
Arta-culo 5Â ° â €"for the exact interpretation and application of this law is Observara the order converted into laws, and in the case of Contradiccia³n decrees chronological is Dara preferential validity to the last available on the respective subject.!!"
Commune-contact to the Executive for constitutional purposes.
Session room of the H. Congress.
La Paz, 27 October 1956.
(Fdo). Ovid Barbery was Núñez, President of the H. Senate Nacional.a€ "Rena n and Justiniano Castrillo, President of the H.! CA Chamber of Diputados.a€ "Eufrona - or Hinojosa, Senator Secretario.a€" Ciro Humbolt, Senator Secretario.a€ "Luis F. Oropeza, Deputy Secretario.a€" Zena³n Barrientos Mamani, Deputy Secretary.!
THEREFORE: I enacted it is and meets as a law of the Republic. Government Palace, in the city of La Paz, to the twenty-nine day-as of the month of October one thousand nine hundred and fifty six years.
(Fdo). HERNÁN SILES ZUAZO, President Constitucoinal of the Repaºblica.a€ "Abel Ayoroa, Minister of labour and security Social.a€" a. Pà © rez of the Castle, Minister Campesinos.a€ "Jorge Tamayo, Minister of mines and Petra³leo.a€" Hugo Moreno Córdova, Minister of finance and stay - stica.a€ "f. Diez de Medina, Minister of education and fine Artes.a€" Josà © pictures Quiroga, Minister of Agricultura.a€ "Gral." Julio Prado Montano, Minister of Defense Nacoinal.a€ "Arturo Fortà n ° S., Minister ' of Government, justice and immigration."