Together Rural. - 22 December 1956 Law. - Suprimense, Creating Mobile Agrarian Courts.


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LAW of 22 December HERNAN SILES ZUAZO President constitutional DE LA Repašblica as: the Honorable National Congress has sanctioned the following law: the National Congress DECREES: 1a ° â € Arta-culo "is abolished the rural boards of agrarian reform, created by Supreme Decrees us. 3464, no. 3471 and NA ° 4285 2 and August 27, 1953 and December 31, 1955" elevated to rank of law on October 29, 1956.
Arta-culo 2a ° â €"regardless of the courts land, created by the Arta-culo 14 of the Decree Supreme NÂ ° 3471, and in the form determined by article 11 of this law, Cra © anse the agricultural mobile courts, with jurisdiction Zonal and empower the national agrarian reform Council, organize one or more courts agricultural mobile, according to needs more quickly and planned execution of agrarian reform on a national scale." Also, may be phased out the agrarian courts referred to in the Arta-culo 14 of Supreme Decree NÂ ° 3471.
Arta-culo 3a ° â €"the agrarian mobile courts will be ¡(n compuestos de: a) a judge, it will be a lawyer or law degree, appointed by the President of the Repà proposed in three of the national agrarian reform Council;!"
(b) a Secretary of court appointed by the Council national of reform agrarian;
(c) one or more s experts or Pra practical in Topografa-to..!
Arta-culo 4Â ° â €"the Central Campesina of the jurisdiction respective may designate a promoter to require whatever law the judge agrarian." In the same way, will intervention accidental, as part, a representative of the Union agrarian of the hacienda matter of the Tra mite.!!
Arta-culo 5Â ° â €"the agrarian courts mobile is Sujetara ¡(n ael siguiente procedimiento: a) to precision of the national agrarian reform Council, is Hara charge of a particular group of properties covering the jurisdiction of a central or sub-central peasant or a Canta³n or any province, thereby working to orient of the limit radio urban cities or towns to the rural periphery and without solution of continuity!!" except cases of force majeure or of a pressing need for prompt solution, that motivates an occasional alteration.
(b) with fifteen days-advance, Dara n released by newspapers or posters fixed in place public public the list of rural properties which must act the mobile courts, with the precision of date.! This publication will have the face cter of a Citacia³n with the demand, and shall take its legal value for owners and farmers;!! Notwithstanding, judge mobile Ratificara this notification by Mémora exits or the form brought by the 37 Arta-culo of presidential decree NÂ ° 3471.!!
c) constituted the mobile court staff at the ranch, whether or not demand of Afectacia³n or inafectabilidad, Fijara dà - a and time for the hearing and read the notification of adjoining, twenty-four hours in advance, at least. Accomplished this diligence and installed the hearing, you will receive the oath of the Topa³grafo, through diligence sitting and then, with or without the concurrence of parts, Dara compliance provisions of the 42 of the Supreme Decree N ° 3471 Arta-culo.! Completion of these proceedings, you will receive information as it deems necessary on the part of landlords and peasants.
(d) with the evidence accumulated, the Topa³grafo Zonificara and Calificara litigada property, according to the forecasts of the D.S. 3464.
(e) of solving the dispute legal - it medical that arise may-a and with the technique of the Topa³grafo opinion, may propose to the parties a direct agreement, so they fix their rights discussed in conciliation valid-a, provided that the parties are present and that it doesn't matter reduction of rights on behalf of the peasants by the agrarian reform law. In case of absence, print the Tra contentious mite. If possible the Conciliacia³n, Hara immediately lift Act detailed according to the 43 Arta-culo of the Supreme Decree NÂ ° 3471 and hearing the Topa³grafo take note so that it provides in terms of the Parcelacia³n, adjacent and Dema s data technical, adjusted to the Conciliacia³n, without prejudice to run a general uprising of the estate and the rural unique-features detailed technical report!! , that action is inevitably will comply in order to give a more thorough and accurate. relationship to the courts of revision
(f) completed the Tra conciliation mite, judge Dictara ruling to give-a following that will present the flat Topogra fico, for what not may exceed the término ten dÃ-as.!! In cases in which, in the opinion of the judge, it appears necessary to extend this término due to technical difficulties and the ground, this término may be renewable by motivated until 30 days-order, being then payable rising and flat Topogra fico by formal notice without prejudice to the imposing of a fine of 10 to 50 thousand Bolivians benefit from agrarian reform service.!
Arta-culo 6a ° â €"if opposition, the cause is Sustanciara in the valid-to litigation, the petitioner or complainant maintaining the quality of actor against the defendant." With each part, judge Sujetara writing the cause to test in the término de 10 dÃ-as common to the parties and is computed from A last practiced notification.!!
Arta-culo 7a ° â €"within the término test and with the concurrence of the litigants, may the judge require Cua ntas proceedings are necessary to clarify the controversy, even of its own motion.!!"
Arta-culo 8a ° â €"fulfilled término test and within the three decades-as following, judge Distara ruling declaring from or unfair the partial or total Afectacia³n or the inafectabilidad describing the type of the litigada property, setting the form and extent of individual, collective, allocations to area school, etc., with specification of names, the settled value" (, handle - like transfers and installations according to the regulations, except in case of exceptional Pra³rroga provided for in subsection f) Article 5a °, in which case the judge not Pronunciara sentence until the presentation of the uprising and planes to the expiry of the period granted to the Topa³grafos.
Arta-culo 9Â ° â €"the judges agricultural mobile, fulfilled the Tra mite Afectacia³n or inafectabilidad in the conciliation of the Group of elected rural farms and until such valid-to present the flat Topogra graphics or in the case of processed the cause by the valid-a contentious, when oppositions may arise n to move to the respective capitals of Department, or province, of the jurisdiction where Act!!!" , and can remain in them only for the time necessary to the término de test, for its consequent accumulating.
Arta-culo 10a ° â €"notifications with the término of test, to the Tra agricultural mites in the valid-a contentious, is Practicara n in a day-a difference of time, doing in such a way that the 10 day-as are common to the Group of farms with legal action.!"
Arta-culo 11a ° â €"the agrarian courts created by article 14 of the D.S. NA ° 3471 continue n running in districts where there are no courts agricultural mobile, its functions are Arreglara ¡(n ael siguiente procedimiento: a) received the demand of Afectacia³n or inafectabilidad of a farm or ex officio in the absence of those shall by means of Decree tried action and personal notification of the defendant shall!!" If it could be been and in case of absence, by Cedula³n in the door of the House of finance and the respective Alcalda-a Municipal; at the same time Sea±alara dà - a and time for the hearing, with the subsequent notification of the adjoining, 24 hours in advance. Such a hearing, may not performed prior to be beat the término of the dÃ-5 that the respondent has to answer, then the court staff is taken the Hacienda litigada, to install the audience and comply with actions and Tra (limits defined by paragraphs c)(, d) (, e)(, y f) of article 5a of this law and the Arts.!!! 6a °, ° 7a and 8a of the same.
(b) for the absent defendants, are taken into account the término of distance.
Arta-culo 12a ° â €"in districts where work the agricultural mobile courts, the Agrarians judges created by Supreme Decree NÂ ° 3471 only ejerceran jurisdiction and competence to process and issue judgment in all pending cases in his court, and that they were not suppressed by best service."
Arta-culo 13a ° â €"records that in Tra mite before abolished rural boards, will be n collected by agricultural judges referred to in article!!" earlier, fell neat inventory and remain outstanding n up to while the national agrarian reform Council has its rescue planned by one of the courts depending.!
Arta-culo 14a ° â €"the agrarian judges who no longer overcome the terms defined in the agrarian procedure, without causal justified or engage in Retardacia³n of Justice, will be subject a Bs 10,000.00 fine for the first time and n Bs 50,000.00 per second, without prejudice to be dismissed in the event of recidivism."

Arta-culo 15a ° â €"the judges agricultural mobile, enjoy the Faculty of control, inspection and supervision, of the agrarian courts created by Supreme Decree NÂ ° 3471, and must make known to the Council, the irregularity which arrived to check for the consequent sanctions."
Arta-culo 16a ° â €"If Raa-z of notifications to the adjoining of the estate affected, arise demands of demarcation, the agrarian Acumulara judge such a demand to the main action and the end together until sentencing in both actions."

Arta-culo 17a ° â €"the judgements handed down by the Agrarians judges referred to in this law, are subject to appeal and even reviewable ex officio, therefore cause no enforceable."
Arta-culo 18a ° â €"the Arts." 44, 53, 54, 57, 58, 60, 61, 62 and 63, handle - like rights and obligations and powers statutory by regulatory decree NÂ ° 3471, remain in force and are repealed which are contrary to the present law.
Commune-contact to the Executive for constitutional purposes.
Session of the H. Congress Hall.
Peace, 18 December 1956.
Ovid Barbery I., H. Senate President Nacional.a€ "Rerna n, Castrillo j., President of the H. CA Chamber of Diputados.a€" Ciro Humboldt B., Senator Secretario.a€ "Eufronio Hinojosa G., Senator Secretario.a€" Luis Oropeza, Deputy Secretario.a€ "Oscar Barbery J., Deputy Secretary.!!"
THEREFORE: I enacted it is and meets as a law of the Republic.
Government Palace, in the city of La Paz, to the twenty-second day-as of the month of December one thousand nine hundred and fifty six years.
(Fdo). HERNÁN SILES ZUAZO, President of the Repaºblica.a€ "Alvaro PÃ © rez del Castillo, Minister of peasant Affairs."