Cultural Heritage And Intangible Of The Plurinational State Of Bolivia To Dance "la Llamerada" Declares.

Original Language Title: Declara Patrimonio Cultural e Inmaterial del Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia a la Danza “La Llamerada”.

Read the untranslated law here:

Law No. 136 law of 14 of June of 2011 EVO MORALES AYMA President constitutional of the State multinational of BOLIVIA as, the Assembly Legislative plurinational, has sanctioned the following law: the Assembly Legislative PLURINATIONAL, D E C R E T to: article 1. Declared Cultural Heritage and intangible of the plurinational State of Bolivia to the dance? The Llamerada?.
Article 2. Is the Ministry of culture responsible for registration, cataloging, and issuance of the certificate of Cultural Heritage and intangible of the plurinational State of Bolivia, of the dance? The Llamerada?.
Refer to the Executive Branch, for constitutional purposes.
Two thousand eleven is given in the room of sessions the Assembly Legislative multinational, to the first day of the month of June of the year.
FDO. Rene Oscar Martinez Callahuanca, Hector Enrique Arce Zaconeta, Zonia guard Melgar, Carmen García M., Esteban Ramirez Torrico, Angel DavidCortés Villegas.
I therefore enacted it is and meets as a law of the plurinational State of Bolivia.
Government Palace of the city of La Paz, to fourteen days of the month June of two thousand eleven years.
FDO. EVO MORALES AYMA, David Choquehuanca Céspedes, Carlos Gustavo Romero Bonifaz, Elizabeth Cristina Salguero Carrillo.