Free Endowment Act Of Antihemofilicos Drugs.


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Law N ° 754 law of 27 October 2015 EVO MORALES AYMA President constitutional of the PLURINATIONAL State of BOLIVIA, by how much, the plurinational Legislative Assembly, has sanctioned the following law: the Assembly Legislative PLURINATIONAL, DECREES: law of supplied free of drugs ANTIHEMOFILICOS article 1. (OBJECT). This law aims to establish the free provision of medications antihemofilicos factor VIII and IX, to patients with hemophilia who do not have health insurance and who receive treatment in public health facilities, in order to ensure access to the health of the Bolivian and Bolivian.
Article 2. (SCOPE OF APPLICATION). This law's scope, the central State level and departmental autonomous governments.
Article 3. (COMPETENCE FRAMEWORK). This law is covered in paragraph 2 of the second paragraph of the article 299 of the political Constitution of the State, which establishes concurrent powers from the central level of the State and the autonomous territorial entities, management of the health system.
Article 4. (DEFINITIONS). The scope of this law, the expression: hemophilia. Hereditary disease characterized by a defect in the clotting of blood, due to a lack of one of the factors involved therein and which manifests itself by a persistence of hemorrhages;
Hematology. Medical subspecialty that focuses on the study of patients with hematologic diseases; This is responsible for the study and research of the blood and organs where is formed, develops and there is blood (bone marrow, lymph nodes, among others) both healthy sick;
Factor VIII. Also called? Antihemophilic to?, glycoprotein contained in blood plasma needed to allow an adequate coagulation;
Factor IX. Also called? Antihemophilic B? or factor of Christmas, plasma protein dependent on vitamin K, essential for blood clotting.
Article 5. (RESPONSIBILITIES). (En el marco de la distribución deel inciso d) of the numeral 1 of paragraph III of article 81 of the law N ° 031 July 19, 2010,? Law framework of autonomy and decentralization - Andrés Ibáñez?, the following distribution of responsibilities: the central level of the State, through the Ministry of health, will be responsible of: supervise the provision of medicinal products established in the present law, according to protocols of treatment and standards for the administration of medications and supplies across the health system;
Establish the mechanisms for the registration and identification of patients with hemophilia.
Departmental autonomous governments, will be responsible for: acquire and provide free of charge antihemofilicos drugs factor VIII and IX, for patients with hemophilia;
Surveillance and control to the provision of antihemofilicos medicines, according to criteria set out in the regulations;
Send information to the Ministry of health, on beneficiary patient and given drugs.
SOLE FINAL PROVISION. For the enforcement of this Act and according to the provisions of article 81 of the law N ° 031 July 19, 2010,? Law framework of autonomy and decentralization - Andrés Ibáñez?, departmental autonomous governments must provide the equipment and infrastructure relevant to Hematology services.

Refer to the Executive Body for constitutional purposes.
Two thousand and fifteen is given in the room sessions of the Assembly Legislative plurinational, to the seventeenth day of September in the year.
FDO. José Alberto Gonzales Samaniego, Victor Ezequiel Borda Belzu, Ruben Medinaceli Ortiz, Maria Argene Simoni Cuellar, Nelly Lenz Roso, Erik Moron Osinaga.
I therefore enacted it is and meets as a law of the plurinational State of Bolivia.
Government Palace of the city of La Paz, at twenty-seven days of the month of October in the year two thousand and fifteen.
FDO. EVO MORALES AYMA, Juan Ramón Quintana Taborga, Ariana Campero Nava, Hugo Jose Siles Nuñez del Prado.