Law Amending The Organic Law Of 27 December 1990 Establishing The Budgetary Funds

Original Language Title: Loi modifiant la loi organique du 27 décembre 1990 portant création des fonds budgétaires

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19 JUNE 2011. - An Act to amend the Organic Act of 27 December 1990 establishing budgetary funds

ALBERT II, King of the Belgians,
To all, present and to come, Hi.
The Chambers adopted and We sanction the following:
Article 1er. This Act regulates a matter referred to in Article 78 of the Constitution.
Art. 2. In the table annexed to the Organic Law of 27 December 1990 establishing budgetary funds, section 14-2 "Belgian Survival Fund" is replaced by the table annexed.
14-2 - Belgian Food Security Fund (FBSA)
The FBSA has:
1. reserves available as at 31 December 2009 from the organic fund established by the Act of 9 February 1999 establishing the "Belgian Survival Fund" to improve food security for the most vulnerable population groups in the poorest partner countries;
2. a commitment authorization of 250 million euros.
To allow the FBSA to use the amounts under points 1° and 2° above, whose expenditure is authorized, the National Loterie will transfer to FBSA annual tranches of at least €17.50 million, starting in 2010.
The resource released by the National Lottery is effective and can therefore only be allocated to the realization of projects and programmes within the framework of the FBSA.
Within the limits of the annual release of the tranche, the authorization is covered by extrabudgetary means distinct from the Development Cooperation budget and derived from the net profits of the National Lottery.
Additional resources to the resources released by the National Lottery will be allocated to the implementation of projects and programmes in order, in particular, to enable the start of new initiatives from the start of the FBSA.
These resources will come from the Development Cooperation budget. The first two years, these resources are set at 18.5 million euros per year.
I. The FBSA programmes take into account mainly the following four dimensions of food security:
1. sufficient availability of food to meet the needs of families;
2. financial and physical accessibility to food, quantitatively and qualitatively, adequate, by providing the population concerned with the means to ensure their subsistence;
3. stability and security of access to food at any time and for each;
4. the use of food, which requires a high-quality diet, including access to drinking water, with an adequate nutritional level for a healthy and active life.
These programs integrate into the fight against structural causes of food insecurity by improving:
1. basic social services:
a. health care;
b. drinking water and water sanitation;
c. basic education;
d. social equipment;
2. the defensive capacities of the population, so that households can better resist external shocks which, in particular, lead to unfavourable agricultural seasons (welding period);
3. institutional capacities of actors, both governmental and decentralized territorial authorities and civil society, including peasant organizations, in partnership with similar organizations in Belgium.
II. The programs support the territorial development approach implemented by decentralized communities.
III. The programmes contribute to ensuring food security for people through a fair and sustainable local economy, taking into account social and ecological development.
IV. The programs tend to align themselves with the policies, strategies and initiatives of partner countries.
They're looking for:
1. promote the involvement of aid recipients;
2. to respect government and civil society priorities.
Promulgation of this law, let us order that it be clothed with the seal of the State and published by the Belgian Monitor.
Given in Brussels on 19 June 2011.
By the King:
Minister of Development Cooperation, Head of European Affairs,
Seal of the state seal:
Minister of Justice,
(1) 2010-2011 session.
House of Representatives.
Documents. - Moriau's Bill, 53-79 - No. 1. - Text adopted in plenary and transmitted to the Senate, 53-79 - No. 2.
Full report. - 7 April 2011.
Documents of the Senate. - Non-Speaking Project in the Senate, 5-947 - No. 1.