Insertion Of Title I "general Definitions" Act In The Book I 'definitions' Of The Code Of Law Economics (1)

Original Language Title: Loi portant insertion du titre Ier « Définitions générales » dans le Livre Ier « Définitions » du Code de droit économique (1)

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7 NOVEMBER 2013. - Act to insert title Ier "General Definitions" in Book Ier Definitions of the Economic Law Code (1)

PHILIPPE, King of the Belgians,
To all, present and to come, Hi.
The Chambers adopted and We sanction the following:
CHAPTER 1er. - General provision
Article 1er. This Act regulates a matter referred to in Article 78 of the Constitution.
CHAPTER 2. - The Economic Law Code
Art. 2. In Book Ier "Definitions" of the Economic Law Code, a title Ier is inserted, as follows:
"Title 1er. General definitions
Article I. 1. Unless otherwise provided for in Title 2, for the purposes of this Code, the following means:
1st enterprise: any natural person or legal person who pursues an economic purpose in a sustainable manner, including its associations;
2° consumer: any natural person who acts for purposes that do not enter into commercial, industrial, artisanal or liberal activity;
3rd Minister: Minister who has the Economy in his duties;
4° outputs: goods and services, real property, rights and obligations;
5° service: any performance made by a company in the course of its professional activity or in the execution of its statutory object;
6° property: tangible property;
7° Code of Conduct: an agreement or set of rules that are not imposed by legislative, regulatory or administrative provisions that define the behaviour of undertakings that are committed to being bound by it with respect to one or more commercial practices or one or more sectors of activity;
8th Member State: a Member State of the European Union or, to the extent that the European Economic Area Agreement provides, a State signatory to this Agreement;
9th working days: all calendar days, excluding Sundays and legal holidays. If the period in working days expires on a Saturday, it is extended to the next business day;
10° address: a geographic address and, where applicable, an e-mail address;
11° e-mail address: a set of electronic data by which a person can be contacted;
12° geographic address: all geographic data including, where applicable, the house number, street, postal code and the municipality where a person has an establishment or may be contacted;
13° SPF Economy: Federal Public Service Economy, P.M.E., Average Classes and Energy."
The first paragraph, 1°, 4°, 5° and 8°, does not apply to Book XI.
CHAPTER 3. Attribution of skills
Art. 3. The King may coordinate the provisions of the Economic Law Code, as set out in this Act, with the provisions that would have expressly or implicitly amended them at the time of coordination.
To this end, He may:
1° amend the order, numbering and, in general, the presentation of the provisions to be coordinated;
2° amend the references contained in the provisions to be coordinated with a view to aligning them with the new numbering;
3° amend the drafting of the provisions to be coordinated in order to ensure their consistency and to unify the terminology without prejudice to the principles set out in these provisions.
CHAPTER 4. - Entry into force
Art. 4. The King shall determine the effective date of this Act.
Promulgation of this law, let us order that it be clothed with the seal of the State and published by the Belgian Monitor.
Given in Brussels on 7 November 2013.
By the King:
Minister of Economy and Consumers,
Seal of the state seal:
The Minister of Justice,
(1) Session 2012-2013.
House of Representatives
Parliamentary documents. - Bill No. 53-2836/1. - Amendments, No. 53-2836/2 and 3. - Report, no. 53-2836/4. - Text corrected by the commission, no. 53-2836/5. - Text adopted in plenary and transmitted to the Senate, No. 53-2836/6.
Full report: 16-17 July 2013.
Session 2013-2014.
Parliamentary documents. - Project not referred to by the Senate, No. 5-2228/1.