Act Establishing The Civil List For The Duration Of The Reign Of King Philippe (1)

Original Language Title: Loi fixant la Liste civile pour la durée du règne du Roi Philippe (1)

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Posted the: 2013-12-30 Numac: 2013003447 FEDERAL finance PUBLIC SERVICE November 27, 2013. -An Act establishing the civil list for the duration of the reign of King Philippe (1) PHILIPPE, King of the Belgians, to all, present and to come, hi.
The Chambers have adopted and we endorse the following: Article 1. This Act regulates a matter referred to in article 78 of the Constitution.
S. 2. the civil list is fixed at 11.554.000 EUR for the duration of the reign of his Majesty the King Philip.
The civil list is payable quarterly in advance, according to the provisions of this Act.
S. 3. the amount laid down in article 2 evolves from August 1, 2013, the same as that laid down in the Act of August 2, 1971, organizing a system of binding to the index of prices to the consumption of the salaries, wages, pensions, allowances and subsidies to the public Treasury of certain social benefits, compensation limits to be taken into account for the calculation of certain contributions of social security of workers , as well as obligations in social matters to the self-employed.
4. the amount laid down in article 2 is re-valued every three years from 2014 on the basis of the evolution of actual treatment of services of general administration of the federal State and increases in employer contributions to social security.
S. 5. it can be put at the disposal of his Majesty the King Philippe until thirty-five agents of the State or members of the special body. All staff expenditures that exceed this maximum are responsibility of the civil list.
S. 6. the royal palace of Brussels and the royal castle of Laeken, belonging both to the heritage of the federal State, are placed at the disposal of the King for the exercise of his high office. Internal maintenance and furnishings are borne by the civil list. The federal Government pays its heating of the Royal Palace of Brussels costs.
S. 7. the title of the law of 7 May 2000 an annual to his Royal Highness Prince Philippe endowment, an annual to her Royal Highness Princess Astrid endowment and an annual allocation to his Highness Royale le Prince Laurent, amended by the law of November 13, 2001, is replaced by the following: "Act of 7 May 2000 setting an annual to her Royal Highness Endowment Princess Astrid and her Royal Highness annual staffing the" Prince Laurent".
8. article 2 of the Act is repealed.
S. 9. in article 5 of the same Act, replaced by the law of December 22, 2008, the words ' articles 2, 3 and 3A ' shall be replaced by the words "articles 3 and 3a".
Promulgate this Act, order that it self under the seal of the State and published by le Moniteur.
Given in Brussels, November 27, 2013.
PHILIPPE by the King: the Prime Minister, E. DI RUPO the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of defence, P. DE CREM the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs, foreign trade and European Affairs, D. REYNDERS the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of economy, consumers and the North Sea, J. VANDE LANOTTE the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Pensions , A. DE CROO the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior and of equality of opportunity, Ms. M. MILQUET Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Social Affairs and public health, examining Beliris and Federal Cultural Institutions, Ms. L. ONKELINX. the Minister of finance, responsible for the public service, K. GARG sealed with the seal of the State: the Minister of Justice , Ms. A. TURTELBOOM _ Note (1) records of the House of representatives: 53-2959-2012/2013: No. 1: Bill.
No. 2: Erratum.
No. 3: amendments.
No. 4: report.
No. 5: Text corrected by the commission.
53 - 2959 - 2013/2014: No. 6: text adopted in plenary meeting and transmitted to the Senate.
Full report: October 10, 2013.
The Senate documents: 5-2282-2013/2014: No. 1: project referred by the Senate.
No. 2: amendments.
No. 3: report.
No. 4: Decision not to amend.
Annals of the Senate: 24 October 2013.