An Act To Amend The Act Of 31 December 1983 Of Institutional Reforms For The German-Speaking Community Following The Reform Of The Senate (1)

Original Language Title: Loi modifiant la loi du 31 décembre 1983 de réformes institutionnelles pour la Communauté germanophone suite à la réforme du Sénat (1)

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6 JANVIER 2014. - An Act to amend the Law of December 31, 1983 of Institutional Reforms for the German-speaking Community following Senate Reform (1)

PHILIPPE, King of the Belgians,
To all, present and to come, Hi.
The Chambers adopted and We sanction the following:
CHAPTER 1er. - General provision
Article 1er. This Act regulates a matter referred to in Article 77 of the Constitution.
CHAPTER 2. - Amendments to the Act of 31 December 1983
of institutional reforms for the German-speaking Community
Art. 2. In Article 8, § 4, of the Act of 31 December 1983 of institutional reforms for the German-speaking Community, amended by the laws of 16 July 1993 and 27 March 2006, the 2nd is replaced by the following:
"(2) Senators referred to in Article 67, § 1er, 6° and 7° of the Constitution, as long as they meet the conditions laid down in 1°;".
Art. 3. In Title V of the Act, an article 58decies is inserted as follows:
"Art. 58decies. Based on the elections for community and regional parliaments in 2014, an amount equal to the compensation that a senator designated by the Walloon Parliament receives is allocated annually to the German-speaking Community. ".
CHAPTER 3. - Entry into force
Art. 4. This Act comes into force on the day of elections for the House of Representatives that will be held on the same day as the elections for the Parliaments of Community and Region in 2014.
Promulgate this law, order that it be clothed with the seal of the State and published by the Belgian Monitor.
Given in Brussels on 6 January 2014.
By the King:
The Prime Minister,
State Secretary to Institutional Reforms,
State Secretary to Institutional Reforms,
Seal of the state seal:
The Minister of Justice,
(1) Senate (
Documents: 5-1747
Annales of the Senate: November 27 and 28, 2013.
House of Representatives (
Documents: 53-3188
Full report: 18-19 December 2013.