Law Amending The Law Of 12 June 1930 Creating A Monetary Fund (1)

Original Language Title: Loi modifiant la loi du 12 juin 1930 portant création d'un Fonds monétaire (1)

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15 JANVIER 2014. - An Act to amend the Act of 12 June 1930 establishing a Monetary Fund (1)

PHILIPPE, King of the Belgians,
To all, present and to come, Hi.
The Chambers adopted and We sanction the following:
The Minister of Finance is responsible for presenting on our behalf the Legislative Chambers and filing the following bill to the House of Representatives:
Article 1er. This Act regulates a matter referred to in Article 78 of the Constitution.
Art. 2. In article 3, paragraph 1er, of the law of 12 June 1930 establishing a Monetary Fund, repealed by the law of 3 March 1953 and restored by the law of 4 April 1995, the words "State service with separate management" are replaced by the words "administrative service with autonomous accounting".
Art. 3. In the same Act, the following sections are repealed:
1° Article 9, as amended by the Act of 23 December 2005;
2° Article 10, amended by the law of 30 October 1998.
Art. 4. This Act comes into force on the day that the Act of 22 May 2003 on the organization of the federal budget and accounting comes into force for self-accounting administrative services as defined in Article 2, 2°.
Promulgate this law, order that it be clothed with the seal of the State and published by the Belgian Monitor.
Given in Brussels on 15 January 2014.
By the King:
Minister of Finance,
Seal of the state seal:
The Minister of Justice,
(1) Senate (
Documents: 53-2388.
Annales of the Senate: January 7, 2014.
House of Representatives (
Documents: 53-3022.
Full report: 5 December 2013.