Law On Consent To The Amendments To Articles 25 And 26 Of The Convention On The Protection And Use Of Transboundary Waters And International Lakes, Adopted In Madrid On 28 November 2003 (1) (2) (3).

Original Language Title: Loi portant assentiment aux Amendements aux articles 25 et 26 de la Convention sur la protection et l'utilisation des cours d'eau transfrontières et des lacs internationaux, adoptés à Madrid le 28 novembre 2003 (1) (2) (3)

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Posted the: 2015-11-13 Numac: 2015015128 FEDERAL Foreign Affairs, external trade and development COOPERATION PUBLIC SERVICE May 21, 2015. -Law on consent to the amendments to articles 25 and 26 of the Convention on the protection and use of transboundary waters and international lakes, adopted in Madrid on 28 November 2003 (1) (2) (3) PHILIPPE, King of the Belgians, to all, present and future, hi.
The House of representatives has adopted and we sanction the following: Article 1. This Act regulates a matter referred to in article 74 of the Constitution.
2. the amendments to articles 25 and 26 of the Convention on the protection and use of transboundary waters and international lakes, adopted in Madrid on 28 November 2003, will release their full and complete effect.
Promulgate this Act, order that it be under the seal of the State and published by le Moniteur.
Given to Brussels, May 21, 2015.
PHILIPPE by the King: the Minister of Foreign Affairs, D. REYNDERS the Minister for Social Affairs and public health, Ms. M. BLOCK the Minister of the environment, Ms. M.-C. MARGHEM the Secretary of State for the North Sea, Assistant to the Minister of Social Affairs and public health, B. TOMMELEIN sealed with the seal of the State: the Minister of Justice, K. GARG _ Notes (1) House of representatives ( Documents: 54-0977.
Full record: 08/04/2015.
(2) see Decree of the Flemish Region of March 13, 2009 (Moniteur belge of April 15, 2009 - Ed 2), Decree of the Walloon Region from January 9, 2014 (Moniteur belge of 22 January 2014), order of the Region of Brussels - capital of 28 March 2013 (Moniteur belge of April 15, 2013 - ed. 2).
(3) bound States amendments to articles 25 and 26 of the Convention on the protection and use of transboundary water and International Lakes the meeting of the Parties, expressing the firm belief that cooperation between the riparian States courses transboundary watercourses and international lakes contributes to peace and security and sustainable management of water , and that it is in the interest of everyone.
Wishing to promote cooperation in watersheds everywhere in the world and share its experience with other regions of the world;
Wishing therefore to allow States which do not belong to the ECE region to become Parties to the Convention, as already provided in other UNECE conventions relating to the environment (namely the Convention on access to information, the participation of the public in the decision-making process and access to justice in environmental matters, and the Convention on environmental impact assessment in a transboundary context) as well as the Protocol on civil liability and compensation for damage caused by the transboundary effects of industrial accidents on transboundary waters, 1.
Adopts the following amendments to the Convention: a) article 25, after paragraph 2, insert a new paragraph to read as follows: "3 any State not referred to in paragraph 2, which is a member of the Organization of the United Nations may accede to the Convention with the agreement of the meeting of the Parties. In its instrument of accession, the State says having obtained the agreement of the meeting of the Parties to accede to the Convention, and precise the date on which it received notifi cation of this agreement. The meeting of the Parties will consider any request from members of the Organization of the United Nations seeking its agreement to accede to the Convention until this paragraph has entered into force for all States and organizations that were Parties to the Convention on 28 November 2003.
and renumber accordingly subsequent paragraphs;
(b) in paragraph 3 of article 26, after "referred to in article 23" insert "or in paragraph 3 of article 25";
2. Invites Parties to the Convention to quickly deposit their instruments of acceptance of the amendment;
3. Urges any State or organization that ratification would create, accept or approve the Convention of ratifi er, simultaneously accept or approve the above-mentioned amendment.
4. Encourages States which do not belong to the region of the ECE, in particular the neighbouring States in the region to accede to the Convention and, to this end, to seek the agreement of the meeting of the Parties;
5. Invites States members of the Organization of the United Nations interested to take part in its meetings as observers and participate in the activities under the work programme implemented under the Convention;
6. Invites the States bordering the UNECE region which have not yet done so to conclude as soon as possible of agreements on technical cooperation and bilateral or multilateral agreements with the States bordering members of the ECE, in accordance with the provisions of part II of the Convention.

LIST of States related State consent DATE of consent entered into force Albania accession 2014-05-29 27/08/2014 Germany acceptance 11/15/2012 06/02/2013 Austria acceptance 11-19-2012 17/02/2013 Azerbaijan acceptance 07/01/2014 07/04/2014 BELARUS acceptance 2013-02-13 14/05/2013 Belgium acceptance 27/08/2015 25/11/2015 Bosnia and Herzegovina acceptance 01/27/2010-06/02/2013 Bulgaria acceptance 05/11/2012 06/02/2013 Croatia acceptance 31/07. 2008 06 / 02 / 2013 Denmark approval 2012-01-05 06/02/2013 Spain acceptance 09/24/2009-06/02/2013 Estonia acceptance 06-11-2009 06/02/2013 Finland acceptance 2007-12-11 06/02/2013 FRANCE approval 07/27/2009-06/02/2013 Greece acceptance 05/06/2013 03/09/2013 Hungary acceptance 06/20/2005-06/02/2013 Italy Ratification 12-29-2011 06/02/2013 KAZAKHSTAN acceptance 17/06/2015 09/15/2015 Latvia acceptance 09/03. 2009 06/02/2013 LIECHTENSTEIN acceptance 06-04-2012 06/02/2013 Lithuania acceptance 28/03/2012 06/02/2013 LUXEMBOURG Ratification 10/05/2006 06/02/2013 Macedonia (EX - REP. Yugoslav's) accession 28/07/2015 26/10/2015 Moldova acceptance 06/02/2007 06/02/2013 MONTENEGRO accession 2014-06-23 21/09/2014 Norway approval 06-25-2012 06/02/2013 Uzbekistan acceptance 28/11/2011 06/02/2013 Netherlands acceptance 12/01/2006 06/02/2013 Poland Ratification 31/01/2005 06/02/2013 PORTUGAL approval 08/11/2012 06/02/2013 Romania acceptance 13/06/2006 06/02/2013 Russia acceptance 06/02/2013 07/05. 2013 Serbia accession 27/08/2010-06/02/2013 Slovakia acceptance 14/03/2013 12/06/2013 Slovenia acceptance 05/09/2013 04/12/2013 Sweden acceptance 20/05/2004-06/02/2013 Switzerland acceptance 12/05/2011-06/02/2013 Czech REP. Acceptance 2008-01-29 06/02/2013 EU acceptance 2013-12-20 20/03/2014