Regulation Concerning Statistics On The Horticulture And Field Vegetables Cultivation

Original Language Title: Verordnung betreffend die Statistik über den Gartenbau und den Feldgemüseanbau

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228. the Federal Minister of agriculture and forestry, environment and water management and regulation of the Federal Minister for Economics and labour concerning the statistics on horticultural and field vegetables cultivation

On the basis of § 4 para 3, §§ 5, 6 para 1, 2 and 3, article 8, paragraph 1, articles 9, 19, 30, and 32 para 4 No. 1 of the Federal Statistics Act 2000, Federal Law Gazette I no. 163/1999, I is last amended by Federal Law Gazette No. 71/2003, in consultation with the Federal Chancellor, in terms of section 11 in agreement with the Minister of finance and in terms of § 10 due to article 3 of the LFBIS Act , Federal Law Gazette No. 448/1980, amended by BGBl. No. 505/1994, prescribed:

Arrangement for the compilation of statistics

§ 1. The Federal Agency has carried out surveys in accordance with this Ordinance and each based on collected data by 30 June 2005 to create statistics about horticulture and field vegetables cultivation Statistics Austria (Federal Agency).

Statistical units

2. (1) statistical units are natural and legal persons and partnerships, the

1 after crops maintain farms with at least 10 ar field vegetables cultivation surfaces including surfaces in the second growing horticulture and nurseries with at least 10 ar of landscaping working outdoor area or a greenhouse (high-glass or plastic) or 2.

(2) statistical units are Z 1, covered by the sector regulations, referred to in paragraph 1 unless they mentioned the in para 1 subpara 1 satisfy conditions - to include in the survey.

(3) from the survey, companies with exclusive forest planting or forest seed production and farms that produce only for their own needs, are excluded.

Date, reference period

3. (1) date of survey characteristics in accordance with section A-Z 1, AnlageI 2, 6, 7, 9 to 13 and in accordance with section A-Z AnlageII 1, 2, 6 is 1 July 2004.

(2) that I is Appendix section B characteristics in accordance with to rise above the calendar year 2003 (reference period).

(3) the characteristics referred to in annex I section A Z are 3 to 5, 8, and section C Z 1 to 3 and annex II section A to Z 3 through 5 and section B to rise above the calendar year 2004.

Survey characteristics

4. the following section characteristics are:

1. for statistical units in accordance with article 2, paragraph 1 Z 1 in annex I and 2. statistical units referred to in section 2 paragraph 1 Z 2 the characteristics listed in annex II.

Type of survey

§ 5. The data collection characteristics are to collect personal data in the way of the Census through questioning of statistical units.

Carrying out the survey

Section 6 (1) has the survey referred to in article 5 to be made in writing. The Federal Agency has to launch the survey documents (questionnaire with explanatory notes) uniformly for the Federal territory and to ensure the delivery to the respondents.

(2) the Federal Agency has carried out the survey from July 1 to September 30, 2004. She can serve to carry out the collection of appropriate third-party (§ 27 Federal Statistics Act 2000).

Information disclosure

§ 7 (1) in the surveys is information disclosure in accordance with § 9 Federal Statistics Act 2000 of the data collection characteristics.

(2) to exchange the information that natural and legal persons, as well as partnerships of under commercial law are committed, operate a statistical unit in its own name.

Duty of the respondents

8. (1) the respondents pursuant to § 7 are obliged to return within a period laid down therein to the stated address and fully and to the best of our knowledge to fill out the survey forms submitted by the Federal.

(2) to the extent that the data of the characteristics in accordance with article 3 par. 3 year 2004 not yet fully available the respondents at the time of the survey, he has to make an estimate to the best of our knowledge.

Information on disclosure requirements

§ 9. The Federal Agency has the respondents about the consequences in accordance with section 66 of the Federal Statistics Act 2000 denial of information and knowingly incomplete or not the best knowledge to instruct relevant information.

Transmission of data in the LFBIS

§ 10. The Federal Agency has collected individual data to the Federal Minister of agriculture and forestry, to provide environmental and water management for inclusion in the agricultural and forestry business information system (LFBIS).

Reimbursement of costs

§ 11 (1) of the Federal Ministry of agriculture and forestry, environment and water management provides a reimbursement of costs of a total 342 €778,-minus the support promised by the European Union within the framework of the technical action plan for improving agricultural statistics (TAPAS) the Federal the Federal Agency. The Federal Agency has a promotion request to make to the European Union.

(2) refunding paid as a lump sum by the end of 2004.

Except force

§ 12. This regulation occurs after the expiry of the 31 December 2005 except force.

Pröll Bartenstein

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