Print Prepress Technology Training Regulations

Original Language Title: Druckvorstufentechnik-Ausbildungsordnung

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278. Regulation of the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and labour on the professional training for the teaching profession print prepress technology (printing prepress technology training regulations)

On the basis of articles 8 and 24 of the vocational training Act, Federal Law Gazette No. 142/1969, as last amended by the Federal Act Federal Law Gazette I no. 79/2003, is prescribed:

Teaching printing prepress technology

The teaching profession print prepress technology § 1 (1) is decorated with an apprenticeship of three and a half years.

(2) in the apprenticeship contracts, teaching certificates, apprenticeship completion certificates and pretty is the teaching profession in the form of the corresponding to the gender of the apprentice (printing prepress technician or printing prepress technician).

Professional profile

§ 2. Vocational training in teaching and in the vocational school trained apprentice to acquire general knowledge of print prepress technology and be enabled independently, professionally and independently carry out the following activities:

1. review of original artwork for the reproduction, the prescribed materials and set of steps, 2. manufacture of stroke, and dot productions with electronic devices, 3 manufacture of volume and design-oriented set, 4 manufacture of printing forms for offset printing with the help of photographic and electronic equipment, 5 performing pages - and Bogenmontagen, 6 measuring and test of separations (reproductions), products of set of and printing forms, 7 bearings and make sure the finished product for its possible reuse , 8 cleaning, care and maintenance of technical equipment and perform simple repairs, 9 collect of technical data and results.

Professional image

§ 3 (1) for the training in the teaching profession print prepress technology sets the following profession. The specified skills and knowledge are starting to give graduates the apprentice to carry out qualified activities on behalf of the career profile that includes in particular independent planning, performing, check and optimize at the latest in the specified year.


1st year of training

2. year of apprenticeship

3rd year of training

4. year of apprenticeship


Knowledge about the tasks and the organizational structure and operational procedures


Knowledge and application of the operational facilities and the necessary tools


Knowledge of the ergonomic design of the workplace


Read and apply technical documentation


Knowledge and application of English technical terms


Manage and maintain the to use tools, machines, equipment and systems


Knowledge of materials and auxiliary materials, their properties, uses and processing possibilities


Knowledge of the structure, the structure and the Organization of the institution


Knowledge of the essential work processes in the production of a print product


Customer-oriented behaviour in connection with the technical processing of orders


Knowledge of the planning of the project taking into account the individual steps and their coordination


Understanding and applying the correction sign


Knowledge of the Scriptures and the typographic basics


Profession-specific use of fonts


Knowledge of the product market and development trends


Knowledge and application of the relevant formats and dimensions (standards)


Knowledge of the profession-specific hardware and software


Assess using and editing of digital and analogue templates


Perform data entry, data processing, and data output

Assessment of data types; Digitize templates

Accept, edit, and output data


Basic knowledge of color extract technology

Determine the color after color scales

Image retouching, color correction in a different color space model


Knowledge of optical concepts and theory of colours


Creating simple documents with text and graphics programs

Control of composition, layout, drawing and imaging systems

Creating unilateral and multilateral Composingarbeiten, taking into account their further use


Knowledge of photographic materials and on the photo chemistry


Knowledge of the production and application of pressure moulds for the printing process


Manufacture of printing plates


Determine, inserting and managing font, graphics, color, and image in the form of design and technical


Prepare the work steps (encoding, image calculation, command chains, archiving and management of data) in accordance with business requirements


Basic knowledge of operation and economic contexts


Planning, organizing and conducting the detailed preparation for the production in the My Workspace pane


Basic knowledge of the foreign language typesetting


Assessing and correcting data, films, plates


Knowledge of the software for the text and image editing


Knowledge of computer and its application in text - and image processing, as well as when converting from internal and external data


Wrapping and Assembly


Knowledge and application of densitometry


Basics of reproduction technology


Knowledge of the substrates

Knowledge of the interrelationships of paper quality and grid choice for pressure (pressure curve)


Manufacture of one - and multi-colour work in typographic layout technique


Creating pages - and Bogenmontagen, taking into account the requirements for further processing


Knowledge of the multiple use of data

Use data multiple times


Knowledge of digital photography


Knowledge about the merging of data for different end-products (E.g. brochures, CD-ROMs, slide shows)

Merge data to different end-products (E.g. brochures, CD-ROMs, slide shows)


Knowledge of the essential information techniques as well as the operational network techniques and databases

Applying of different information technologies, as well as company-specific network techniques


Performing corrections

Assess and test work results on compliance (quality management)


Knowledge of the most important printing processes


Planning for data organization and data archiving

Knowledge of data compression and data conversion

Data take over, transfer, convert, save and archive


Knowledge content and aim of the training as well as significant relevant training opportunities


Knowledge of the relevant safety regulations and standards, as well as the relevant provisions for the protection of life and health


The teaching profession-relevant measures and regulations to protect of the environment: basic knowledge of operational measures for the sensible use of energy in terms of profession-related work; Basic knowledge of the residues covered work relating to job-related and their separation, recycling and disposal of waste


Knowledge of the obligations arising from the apprenticeship contract

(articles 9 and 10 of the vocational training Act)


Basic knowledge of the notice requiring labour legislation

(2) for the training in the professional knowledge and skills (with particular attention to the operational needs and requirements (on the personality education of the apprentice to make sure to give him the key qualifications required for a specialist with regard to self-competence (such as self-assessment, self-confidence, self-reliance, resilience), social skills (such as openness, teamwork, conflict resolution skills), methodological competence (such as presentation skills, rhetoric in the German language, communication ability in the fundamentals of the English language) and competence for self-directed learning (such as standby)) , Knowledge of methods, ability to choose of appropriate media and materials) to mediate.

Final apprenticeship examination


4. (1) divided the final apprenticeship examination in a practical and a theoretical exam.

(2) the practical examination includes the items of inspection work and consultation.

(3) the theoretical exam items includes expertise and applied mathematics.

(4) the theoretical test is omitted if the candidate has demonstrated the goal of teaching the last class of technical vocational school or the successful completion of a vocational middle or higher school replacement of the apprenticeship.

Practical exam

Audit work

5. (1) the examination has three tasks, including measures for the safety and health protection at work, to include any required environmental protection measures and measures for quality control from the following areas according to the requirements of the examination Board (only two tasks with the following combinations: Nos. 1 and 3, Nos. 1 and 4 as well as Nos. 1 and 6):

1 design and manufacture a multicolored (two-colour) printed, 2. composing text, graphics and picture, with the data on the disk are provided, 3. manufacture of assemblies for layout and printing plate copy, 4 manufacture of documents with text and graphics programs, 5 establish of a color extract, taking into consideration a predetermined pressure characteristic make a test pressure and its evaluation (measurement of the result), 6 tone value correction and retouching a multi color set , 7 create of a workflow in the prepress work instructions for manufacturing a final product based on a supplied layouts as well as the preparation form a (job bag), 8 proofreading after binding of the manuscript, as well as drawing the error correction characters according to Duden.

The steps of the task are manualy or computer-based document. The Audit Commission can make available relevant documentation the DUT on the occasion of the task in hand.

(2) the examination Board has under consideration on the purpose of the final apprenticeship examination and the requirements of professional practice to put a task each test specimen which can be executed in six hours.

(3) the examination is to end after eight hours.

(4) for the assessment, the following criteria are decisive:

1 fitting accuracy, 2 dimensional accuracy, 3 Professional version, 4 optical impression of the work result, 5. comply with the composition and Assembly rules, 6 proper use of machinery, equipment and materials.

Technical discussion

Section 6 (1) is the technical discussion to place before the entire Commission.

(2) the consultation is to develop practical activities out. This practical knowledge of the DUT using technical terms should be noted. The DUT has represent subject-related problems and their solutions, provide information on the professional backgrounds relevant to the job and to establish the procedure for the execution of the order. The test is in the form of a possible living conversation with conversation default by portrayal of situations and problems.

(3) the topic has to correspond to the purpose of the final apprenticeship examination and the needs of the professional practice of the test specimen. Here are samples, tools, to attract demonstration objects or boards. Questions about protective measures, relevant safety regulations and accident prevention are to be included.

(4) the consultation should last at least 15 minutes for each candidate. It is to stop after 20 minutes. An extension to a maximum of ten minutes shall be made if otherwise a doubtless assess of the performance of the test specimen is not possible the examination Board in individual cases.

Theory test

General terms and conditions

7. (1) has the theoretical exam in writing. She can be performed together for a large number of specimens, if this is possible without affecting the course of the examination. The theoretical exam can be in computerised form, but all essential steps for the examination Board must be comprehensible.

(2) the theory test is basically before the practical test to hold.

(3) the tasks have the purpose of the final apprenticeship examination and the requirements of professional practice to meet scope and level. You are to explain the specimens on the occasion of the tasks separately.

(4) the written works of the sample are to be marked accordingly.

Vocational skills

Section 8 (1) has the test to include the brief answer of depending on a task from the following areas:

1 printing form production, 2nd printing, 3. typography, 4 mounting, 5 color extract production, tone value correction and retouching, 6 image processing, 7 fundamentals of EDP in terms of image and text processing.

(2) the test can be checked in the programmed form with questionnaires. In this case, eight tasks to make are from each area.

(3) the duties are to provide that they can be performed usually in 90 minutes.

(4) the examination is to end after 120 minutes.

Applied mathematics

§ 9 (1) has the test to include the answer of depending on a task from the following areas:

1 length, area, volume - and mass calculation, 2. material costs and directed by calculation, 3. color - and paper calculation, 4. benefit calculation, paper consumption calculation, grant calculation and classification sheet calculation.

(2) the use of computer AIDS, tables and policies is allowed.

(3) the duties are to provide that they can be performed usually in 60 minutes.

(4) the examination is to finish after 80 minutes.

Repeat test

10. (1) the final apprenticeship examination can be repeated.

(2) if evaluated up to two items with "Not enough", the repeat testing on the items rated "Insufficient" is to limit.

(3) If more than two items with "Not enough" have been assessed, is the entire test to repeat.

Limited additional testing

§ 11. After successfully final apprenticeship examination in teaching media specialist - media design or in teaching media specialist - media technology can be placed to an additional check in the teaching profession print prepress technology restricted in comparison to article 27 paragraph 2 of the vocational training Act. Covering technical discussion on the subject. § 6 shall apply mutatis mutandis for these additional checks.

In force

§ 12. This Regulation shall enter into force July 1, 2005.

Final provisions

13. (1) the training requirements for the teaching profession print prepress technicians, Federal Law Gazette No. 1088/1994, as amended the regulation Federal Law Gazette II No. 177/2005, occur without prejudice to paragraph 3 at the end of June 30, 2005 override.

(2) the examination regulations for the teaching profession print prepress technicians, Federal Law Gazette No. 1088/1994, as amended the regulation Federal Law Gazette II No. 177/2005, occurs without prejudice to paragraph 3 at the end of June 30, 2005 override.

(3) apprentices, who are trained in the teaching profession print prepress technicians on June 30, 2005, can be trained in accordance with the training provisions listed in paragraph 1 to the end of the agreed upon apprenticeship continue and able to face up to one year after the expiry of the agreed upon apprenticeship to the final apprenticeship examination in accordance with the examination regulations listed in paragraph 2.

(4) the lumberyards were placed back in the teaching profession print prepress technician in accordance with the training provisions listed in paragraph 1 are fully to offset printing prepress technology on the apprenticeship in the teaching profession.


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