Determination Of The Minimum Wage Rate For Home Besorgerin For Tirol

Original Language Title: Festsetzung des Mindestlohntarifs für Hausbesorger/innen für Tirol

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369 regulation of the Federal Agreement Office in the Federal Ministry of labour, Social Affairs and consumer protection, the minimum wage rate for home Besorgerin for Tyrol is set with the

The Federal Agreement official at the Federal Ministry of labour, Social Affairs and consumer protection is in accordance with section 22 paragraph 1 Labor Constitutional Act, BGBl. No. 22 / 1974, as amended by Federal Law Gazette I no. 58/2010 authorized to set the minimum wage at the request of a collective agreement-capable body, if no collective agreement is in effect for the sector concerned.

The Federal Agreement official at the Federal Ministry of labour, Social Affairs and consumer protection has set below minimum wage rate decision by November 23, 2010, after a Senate hearing:

Minimum wage rate for House Besorgerin - Tyrol


§ 1.

1. space: for the Federal State of Tyrol.

2. personally: for the caretaker, on which the caretaker law, BGBl. No. 16/1970, applies and their employer, - which are not members of a collective agreement enabled Corporation in its capacity as an employer of House besorgern or - if they acquire the ability of collective agreement after entry into force of the minimum wage tariff or join a collective agreement enabled Corporation, as long as they no collective agreement; completes

3. Professional: only for other activities of the persons referred to in no. 2 in the sense of § 12 para 1 of the caretaker law.

Services according to § 4 para 3 of the caretaker law

§ 2. Related to home work remuneration which composed this additional fee from the sum for the living space, other premises, pavements, other walk-in areas and wound care in addition to the remuneration, which is secured to him on the basis of sections 7 and 12 of the caretaker law, following a to the caretaker.

1 one more time per the simple charge: a) repair, attaching a heat or sound insulation of a courtyard facade (or rear) or alley facade (or front). A surcharge of 75% should be given in the presence of increased House Windows.

(b) in the case of coloring of the staircase House, where, if there are several stairwells and only one of them be painted out on this aliquot share goes to. A surcharge of 75% should be given in the presence of increased House Windows.

(c) in the case of repair, attaching a heat or sound insulation of the remaining facades in general renovation.

(d) in the case of laying a continuous riser under plaster (each crack), provided that this is not at the same time performed with the coloring of the staircase House. When laying a pipeline for individual floors or stairs to the aliquot part.

(e) in the case of installation of lifts (for any factoring analog as lit. b).

f) at window replacement or repair (for any factoring analog as lit. b).

(g) in the case of roof repair or removal (for any factoring analog as lit. b).

2. the payment of the fee has after no. 1 be apportioned immediately to take place when the caretaker service before completing all repair and cleaning work was terminated. The additional fee in accordance with Nos. 1 and 2 not to if the homeowners otherwise perform this additional cleaning work including the final cleaning.

3. for cleaning of garbage Bay rooms as well as for filling up and replacing the garbage cans, as well as for the cleaning of waste places deserve a monthly flat rate, is to calculate the amount according to the actual work performance and on the basis of the total specified in no. 4.

4 an hourly rate of €8 deserves for extraordinary other provided by the caretaker and proven to work. This fee is to settle, so in hindsight, that the work done in the previous month to disburse at least are 10th day of the following month. This hourly rate applies only insofar as not in the minimum wage tariff of the Federal Agreement Office for the care and operation of equipment and facilities on premises (houses with apartments and other premises), M 12/2010/XXVI/99/9, other fee rates are set.

5. for cleaning an Abortes used by the house parties, €19.81 monthly fees by any of these parties. For the cleaning of toilets in laundry rooms, €50.25 charges per month.

6 for an agreed cleaning of dirt-causing particular disgust (in particular blood, urine, feces, vomit), a lump sum of €54,22 is due to per removal.

7 according to Nos. 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6, the supplement applicable pursuant to section 8 of the caretaker law is then added the fee if it is cleaning.

8 have the extraordinary cleaning work is to be performed after Nos. 1, 3 and 4 on a Sunday or public holiday for special reasons, an additional charge of €8 per hour is due to for that purpose.

9 an hourly rate of €5.62 deserves for agreed on that in the section 4 para 4 caretaker law beyond compulsory attendance. On Sundays and public holidays, this wage is increased to €11.24.

10. for the care of a mechanical laundry room with up to four machines (washing machines, drying machines, Ironing machines and others) fees per laundry €45,41 per month; the same reward to mutatis mutandis for rooms where only drying or Ironing machines etc are installed. For the care of a mechanical laundry room with more than four machines to the double charge. A collection for the use of equipment is performed by the supervisor, a fee of 5% of the collected amount is also due.

Sidewalk cleaning

§ 3. For the cleaning of sidewalks and other walk-in areas, unless they are included not in the calculation of remuneration according to § 7 paragraph 5 of the caretaker law, the applicable remuneration fixed by the Governor are entitled to per square metre of pavement or surface.

Interest collection

§ 4 caretaker which are entrusted with the collection of interest, get 1% of the collected amount.

Holiday allowance and Weihnachtsremuneration

§ 5. The under § 1 Z 2 named persons fees each year also a holiday allowance in the amount of the remuneration due for the month of May and a Weihnachtsremuneration in the amount of the remuneration due for the month of November. but at least one-twelfth of the annual salary attributable to this activity.

The holiday allowance is at the start of the holiday, but at the latest until 30 June to pay the Weihnachtsremuneration no later than 30 November of each year.

Starts or ends the employment relationship during the calendar year, as holiday allowance and Weihnachtsremuneration fees according to the period of service in this calendar year proportionally.

Favoured-nation clause

More favourable agreements existing § 6 are not affected by these minimum wage rate.

Linguistic equal treatment

§ 7. As far as personal names only in the male form listed, these relate to women and men in the same way. When applied to certain persons, the respective gender-specific form is to use.

Validity date

§ 8. This minimum wage changes, the minimum wage rate of 2 December 2009 Zl. BEA/9-6/2009 (M 10/2009/XXVI/99/10) and comes into force on January 1, 2011.


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