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Determination Of The Minimum Wage Rate For Home Besorgerin For Upper Austria

Original Language Title: Festsetzung des Mindestlohntarifs für Hausbesorger/innen für Oberösterreich

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378. Ordinance of the Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection at the Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection, with which the minimum wage rate for domestic carers for Upper Austria is fixed

The Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection is the Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection in accordance with Section 22 (1) of the German Labour Constitution Act, BGBl. No. 22/1974, in the version of the Federal Law BGBl. I N ° 58/2010 authorises the minimum wage rate to be fixed at the request of a collective contractual body if no collective contract is effective for the sector concerned.

The Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection has fixed the following minimum wage rate with a decision of 24 November 2010 following the implementation of a senate negotiation:

Minimum wage rate

for careerers-Upper Austria


§ 1.


Spatial: for the province of Upper Austria;


Personal: for home-care workers, to which the home-care law, BGBl. No 16/1970, and its employer,


who, in their capacity as employers, are not members of a collectivelyable body, or


if, after the entry into force of the minimum wage, they acquire collective contractual capacity or accede to a collective contractual body, as long as no collective agreement is concluded for them;


Technical: only for other services of persons referred to under Z 2 within the meaning of Section 12 (1) of the Hausanxigergesetz (Hausanxigergesetz).

Services according to § 4 para. 3 of the Hausanxigergesetz

§ 2. In addition to the remuneration, which is guaranteed to him by virtue of § § 7 (1) and (12) of the House Concerned Law, the House concerned shall be entitled to the following remuneration in the case of the following work carried out at a house, this additional fee being taken from the sum of the sum of the total amount of the fee. for the residential areas, other premises, sidewalks, other accessible areas and the supervision of the elevator.


Once again, the simple payment:


in the case of repair, installation of a heat or sound insulation of a Hoffassade (or Rear side) or gas façade (or Front). If you have Stiegenhausfenstern or Staircases made of glass are to be awarded a surcharge of 75%.


in the case of the painting of the staircase, where there are several staircases and only some of them are to be painted, the proportion of the aliquot being due to the same amount. If you have Stiegenhausfenstern or Staircases made of glass are to be awarded a surcharge of 75%.


in the case of alloying of a continuous riser under plaster (per knight), provided that this is not carried out at the same time as the painting of the staircase. The aliquot part is due to the laying of a line for individual floors or increased.


for the installation of elevators (if aliquoting is possible, analogous to lit. c).


for window exchange or Repair (in case of possible aliquoting analogue lit. c).


in the case of roof repair or Expansion (in the case of possible aliquots analogous to lit. c).



If the work is completed within a period of two months, if the work is completed within a period of two months, the payment of the fee for work after Z 1 will have to be carried out in an akeontowise manner monthly in the other case.


The payment of the fee for work in accordance with Z 1 shall be effected in part immediately if the house-care service is terminated before completion of all repair and cleaning work.


For the cleaning of refuse boxes as well as for the filling and replacement of refuse bins as well as for the cleaning of the trash disposal sites, a monthly flat rate is due, the amount of which is based on the actual work performance and under On the basis of the hourly wage defined under Z 4, it is to be calculated.


For other services provided by the house concerned, an hourly wage of € 8.86 is due. This fee is to be calculated in retrospect in such a way that the work performed in the previous month at the latest by up to 10. of the following month.

This hourly wage is valid only in so far as the minimum wage rate for the care and operation of facilities and facilities on the premises of the Federal Office of the Federal Republic of Germany, M 18/2010/XXVI/99/13, other rates of pay is fixed.


For the cleaning of a toilet used by the house parties, a monthly fee of 19.84 € is due from each of these parties.

For the cleaning of a toilet, which is used by an unspecified group of persons, a monthly fee of € 39.68 is due. For an agreed cleaning of particularly disgusting soiling (in particular blood, urine, feces, vomit) Per disposal a lump sum of 53.23 €.


The supplement to Z 1, 3, 4 and 5 shall be added to the surcharge in force in accordance with § 8 of the Hausanxigergesetz (Hausanxigergesetz).


An hourly wage of € 6.50 is due for a duty of attendance agreed in accordance with § 4 (3) of the Hausanxigergesetz (Hausanxigergesetz). On Sundays and public holidays, this hourly wage increases
13, -- €.


If other cleaning activities according to Z 1, 3 and 4 are to be carried out on a Sunday and public holiday for special reasons, a surcharge of 100% is to be paid.


For the supervision of a washing machine and any additional equipment in a communal laundry room, a fee of 19.25 € per month is due.

If the maintainer is to carry out a collection for the use of these facilities, a fee of 5% of the amount collected will also be charged. For the billing of washing money (Münzzähler and the like) an amount of 8.86 € per month per laundry room is due.


§ 3. For the cleaning of sidewalks and other accessible areas, provided that they are not already included in the calculation of the remuneration in accordance with § 7 para. 5 of the Hausanxigergesetz (Hausanxigergesetz), per square meter of walking distance or The area shall be the applicable remuneration laid down by the regional governor.


§ 4. In-house procurers who are charged with the deposit of the interest rate receive 1% of the amount collected.

Holiday grant and Christmas Remuneration

§ 5. In addition, the persons referred to in § 1 Z 2 shall be charged each year with a holiday grant equal to the remuneration due for the month of May and a Christmas remuneration in the amount of the remuneration due for the month of November; at least however, a holiday grant and a Christmas allowance equal to at least one twelfth of the annual reference to that activity shall be charged.

The holiday grant is to be paid at the time of the arrival of the holiday, but no later than 30 June, to pay the Christmas Remuneration by 30 November of each year at the latest.

If the service begins or ends during the calendar year, the amount of the holiday grant and the Christmas Remuneration shall be pro rata in accordance with the period of service completed in that calendar year.

Beneficiary clause

§ 6. Existing more favourable agreements will not be affected by this minimum wage.

Linguistic equality

§ 7. To the extent that personal names are only mentioned in male form, these refer to women and men in the same way. In the case of a particular person, the gender-specific form must be used.

Gelling Date

§ 8. This minimum wage rate changes the minimum wage rate of 3 December 2009, Zl. BEA/9 -4/2009 (M 14/2009/XXVI/99/14) and enters into force 1. Jänner 2011 in force.