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Amendment Of The Regulation About The Pay Of The Costs Of The Schiffahrtspolizeilichen Traffic Control

Original Language Title: Änderung der Verordnung über die Tragung der Kosten der schiffahrtspolizeilichen Verkehrsregelung

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Regulation of the Federal Minister of Transport, Innovation and Technology, which amends the regulation of the Federal Minister of Science and Transport on the carrying of the costs of the shipping traffic control system.

On the basis of § § 18 (4), 19 (3), 39 (2), 66 (5) and 153 (2) of the Maritime Law, BGBl. I n ° 62/1997, as last amended by BGBl. I No 111/2010, shall be ordered:

The regulation of the Federal Minister of Science and Transport on the carrying of the costs of the shipping traffic control system, BGBl. II No 312/1997, shall be amended as follows:

1. In the whole of the Regulation, including the title, the expression shall be: "Shipping" or "Ship" both standing individually and in composite terms by the expression "Shipping" or "shipping" replaced.

2. In § 1 Z 2, the expression "the waters" by the expression "Waterways, other than in national enforcement, or in the course of events or special transports on waterways, other than to national enforcement," replaced.

3. In Section 2 (1) (2) (2), the word "and" .

4. In § 2 para. 1 Z 3 the period shall be deleted and the word shall be deleted "and" .

5. The following paragraph 4 is added to Article 2 (1):

" 4.

the cost of the amount of the costs incurred for the use of water or road vehicles used in the course of the transport traffic control system referred to in Article 1 (2). "

6. § 2 para. 2 reads:

" (2) The direct personnel costs in accordance with paragraph 1 (1) (1) are applicable to the shipping traffic control system


in accordance with § 1 (1) (1) for each calendar year, for each 5.5 man-years per tug-of-lock, 14-month-salary of an official of group A3, function group 2, salary level 10,


in accordance with § 1 (2) (2), for each hour at the time of each employee of the Shipping Supervisor, 0,875 vH, for a period between 15:00 and 07:00 and on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays 1.75 vH, the monthly reference of an official of the use group A3, Function Group 3, salary level 10.

The reference rates shall be used in each case for the measurement, which shall be 1. Jänner of the year to which the settlement relates. "

7. The following paragraph 5 is added to § 2:

" (5) The costs of the expenses incurred in accordance with paragraph 1 Z 4 are:


a start-up fee in the amount of:


50 Euro per motor vehicle used or per motor zille used,


EUR 100 per service boat used for the supervision of the shipping industry;


for every half hour started:


in each case of a motor vehicle, or in accordance with the Regulation of the Federal Minister of the Interior on the setting of fees and expenses for the performance of security executive services in accordance with the Security Policy Act, BGBl. No 389/1996, as amended, for the use of a service vehicle,


EUR 22.50 per service boat used for the inspection of the shipping industry. "

8. In Section 3 (2), after the word order "Completion of work" the phrase " or the holder of the event or special transport permit after the end of the event or after completion of the special transport " inserted.

9. The first sentence of § 9 becomes paragraph 1

10. In § 4, the following paragraph 2 is inserted after paragraph 1:

" (2) By way of derogation from paragraph 1, § 1 Z 2, § 2 para. 1 Z 2, 3 and 4, § 2 para. 2, § 2 para. 5 and § 3 para. 2 of this Regulation are in the version of the Ordination BGBl. II No 22/2011 with 1. Jänner 2011 in force. "