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Change Of Tierkennzeichnungs - And Registration Regulation 2009

Original Language Title: Änderung der Tierkennzeichnungs- und Registrierungsverordnung 2009

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35. Ordinance of the Federal Minister of Health, amending the Animal Identification and Registration Ordinance 2009

On the basis of § § 1 (2) and (5), 2c, 7, 8, 8a and 8b of the Animal Health Act (TSG), RGBl. No 177/1909, as last amended by the Federal Law BGBl. I n ° 36/2008 and the Federal Ministries of Law BGBl. I No 3/2009, shall be ordered:

The Animal Labeling and Registration Ordinance 2009-TKZVO 2009, BGBl. II No 291, shall be amended as follows:

1. § 2 para. 1 Z 4 reads:

" 4.

Establishments: all facilities, installations or-in the case of free-range farming-places where pigs, sheep or goats are kept, raised, treated or stabled, with the exception of veterinary practices and veterinary clinics, as long as there is no superstition there is done. In any event, agricultural holdings, commercial establishments, slaughterhouses, collection centres, staging points and transporters shall be covered by pigs, sheep or goats; "

2. § 2 para. 1 Z 27 is given the name "28" , the following Z 27 shall be inserted:

" 27.

Re-labelling: affixing of identification marks with a different individual code than for the initial marking (for sheep or goats); "

3. § 2 (1) shall be added to the following Z 29:

" 29.

Breeding pigs: pigs that have already seperated, as well as jungians and female pigs from herdebuchholdings. "

4. § 4 (3) reads:

The keepers of equidae, camels, farmed game, rabbit and poultry within the meaning of this Regulation shall have particulars in accordance with Article 8 (3) (1) and (2) of the TSG, in particular the address, legal form of the holding and personal data of the keeper (including, where appropriate, , association registration number, company book number and communication data), as well as the data on animal husbandry after Annex 1 within seven days of receiving the animal husbandry at the competent district administrative authority. "

5. § 4 (5) the following sentence is added:

"The rate of change of average stocks in poultry holdings where the number of 350 animals is not exceeded, and in rabbits, are only necessary if the deviations from the reported average population are more than 100%."

6. Section 6 (1) first sentence reads:

" The keepers of pigs, ovine and caprine animals shall have the following information, either indirectly through a reporting body in accordance with paragraph 4, or directly online, in the case of movements or subject-subject slaughtering of pigs, sheep and goats; by means of forms and reporting channels provided for this purpose (fax) to the operator of the VIS. "

7. § 6 (2) reads:

" (2) Unless the animals have been transferred to the property and the property of such establishments, and transporters, unless they have been made known as the reporting office in accordance with paragraph 4, the reporting obligation referred to in paragraph 1 shall be deemed to be the collection point. further livestock farmers according to § 4 para. 1 third sentence. Also exempted from the obligation to notify in accordance with paragraph 1 are shipments between holdings of the same keeper within a municipality and the lift on intermediate pastures (for example, preseeding, maize buttocks, resows, branches) of the same animal keeper, or after a buoyant drive to an alpine pasture or pasture, if the pasture land is applied for in the "multiple application area" of the driver with the type of use "G"-premium status "FW". "

8. § 6 (3) reads:

"(3) The notification in accordance with paragraph 1 shall be made in the case of online or fax messages at the latest on the seventh calendar day after the event to be reported."

9. Section 9 (7) second sentence reads:

"Labelling by means of tattooed stamps according to paragraph 5 within a period of less than 30 days prior to the intended slaughter shall be permitted in breeding pigs, suckling and emergency and special slaughtering."

10. § 10 The second sentence reads:

" The shipment to a slaughterhouse shall be in accordance with Annex III, Section I, chap. IV, Z 3 of Regulation (EC) No 853/2004 of 29 April 2004 laying down specific hygiene rules for food of animal origin (OJ L 327, 30.12.2004, p. No. 22) and in compliance with the rules on information on the food chain referred to in Annex II, Section III of Regulation (EC) No 853/2004. '

Article 15 (4) reads as follows:

" (4) Sheep and goats, which are not marked in accordance with Article 14 (1) and are to be brought within the Community, may be re-marked under the following conditions:


in the context of the issue of the certificate for intra-Community trade, the re-labelling must be carried out under the official supervision of the district administrative authority;


Records relating to the assignment of the old individual code and the new code drawn up in the course of the re-labelling shall be drawn up under official supervision of the competent district administrative authority and shall be drawn up by the competent district administrative authority for a period of seven years. to keep,


a copy of the record in accordance with Z 2 shall be sent to the keeper responsible for issuing the remark by the competent district administrative authority, and the keeper shall attach the copy to the inventory register,


the new individual code must be identified both on the earmark and on the bondset and on the electronic mark, and


The earmark number to be newly assigned shall be assigned to the identifying operation in the VIS by the issuing earmark delivery point.

By way of derogation from Z 1 to 3, a re-identification of herd animals during the birth establishment may take place without official supervision, the records of the assignment being to be connected to the inventory register by the keeper of the keeper and a copy to the the competent district administrative authority which shall be kept for seven years. "

12. § 16 (1) reads:

" (1) Sheep and goats who have lost one of their marks, or where the inscription has become illegible, must be re-marked as soon as possible. In this case, immediately after identification of the loss, the corresponding marks shall be reordered and shall be affixed to the animal at the latest within one week after receipt of the new marks. Both marks have at least the ISO country code (AT for Austria) expressed in two letters-or, in the case of electronic identifiers, the three-digit country code in the form of numbers (040 for Austria)-and one Individual code from nine digits generated by the VIS at the time of the initial identification for this animal. In addition to the individual code from nine digits, the following electronic identifiers also have the following electronic identifiers in Annex 3 said information on the number of marks replaced. "

The following sentence shall be added to Section 17 (1):

" The shipment to a slaughterhouse shall be in accordance with Annex III, Section I, chap. IV, Z 3 of Regulation (EC) No 853/2004 and in compliance with the rules on information on the food chain referred to in Annex II, Section III of Regulation (EC) No 853/2004. "

14. § 28 (3) deleted.

15. § 30 (6) reads:

" (6) The authorized body shall have a given ear tag, a specified fixed and/or a fixed position. Transponders the labelling method used online in the VIS. "

16. Annex 1 is:

" Annex 1

Data on animal husbandry

Operating Types

(e.g. B: Agriculture/animal keepers/horse;


Agriculture/livestock keepers/sheep/Herdebuchbetrieb;

Budget or Private/animal keeper/poultry)

Date of inclusion or Completion of each type of operation

Livestock data:

Date of inclusion or the task of keeping the relevant notifiable animal species

Inventory data:

the date of the date;

number per category of notifiable animals or fish in kilograms held on the date of the notification (date of notification);

Number per category of average notifiable animals or average fish stock in kilograms. "

17. Annex 2, third figure, shall be labelled as follows:

"Figure 3: Design of the import-mark for pigs according to § § 9 and 23"