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State-Sponsored Retirement Provision-Zusatzrückstellungs-Verordnung-Pzv Zrv

Original Language Title: Prämienbegünstigte Zukunftsvorsorge-Zusatzrückstellungs-Verordnung – PZV-ZRV

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297. Regulation of the Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FMA) on the provision of capital investment risks in the case of premium-benefit provisions for the future, which go beyond the capital investment risks of life assurance (premium beneficiaries) Forward-looking precaution-supplementary provision-PZV-ZRV)

On the basis of § 152 (2) of the Insurance Supervision Act 2016-VAG 2016, BGBl. I n ° 34/2015, as last amended by the Federal Act BGBl. I No 112/2015, shall be arranged:


§ 1. In accordance with § § 108g to 108i of the Income Tax Act 1988-EStG 1988, BGBl. N ° 400/1988, as amended by the Federal Law BGBl. No 118/2015 (PZV), an additional provision shall be made at least in the amount referred to in § 5, in so far as the assets allocated to the prepayment beneficiary for the future of the future include an unsecured share of the share.


§ 2. (1) Contract duration expired K up to the current balance sheet date on which the calculations provided for in this Regulation are to be carried out, shall: T K .

(2) The minimum binding period of the contract K shall be N K . At the end of the minimum binding period and the continued existence of the contract, N K = T K + 1.

(3) The market value of the entire portfolio of the premium-beneficiary future provision at the balance sheet date, to which the additional provision should be made, shall be: W .

(4) The market value of the non-hedged share of the entire portfolio of the premium-beneficiary future provision at the balance sheet date at which the additional provision is to be made shall be: .

(5) In order to determine the rate of interest, an interest rate of maximum I = 1.75% allowed.

(6) The Y -te premium deposit on contract K shall be P j, k .

(7) Sigma means the year-volatility (in percent) of a recognised stock index of that stock exchange, in which the largest part of the portfolio is invested in the annual average of the financial year, at the end of which the additional reserve is to be formed. For the determination of the annual average, the time values of the assets are to be taken up at the monthly ends of the financial year.

Calculation of the maximum loss

§ 3. The maximum loss L at the balance sheet date is the minimum, that is, the smaller value of and

Calculation of the amount of the guarantee

§ 4. (1) The Guarantee Amount G on the balance sheet date on which the additional provision is to be made, the sum of the previous premium deposits shall be determined in each case from the date on which the premium is paid; Y K the number of previous premium payments of contract K and C specify the total number of contracts awarded to the beneficiaries of the future pension scheme:

(2) Additional guarantee amounts or the amount of the shares allocated during the period shall be added to the amount of the guarantee referred to in paragraph 1, taking into account the date on which the entitlement to the performance of the claim is based.

Calculation of the additional reserve

§ 5. The minimum amount of additional provision V S is the result of the maximum of the loss L in accordance with § 3, plus the amount of the guarantee G in accordance with § 4 minus the market value of the entire portfolio W pursuant to § 2 (3) and (zero):

Cover of additional provision

§ 6. The additional provision according to § 5 is to be covered in the cover stock pursuant to § 300 paragraph 1 Z 1 VAG 2016.

entry into force

§ 7. This Regulation shall enter into force 1. Jänner 2016 in force.

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