Agreement In Accordance With Article 15A B-Vg On The Strengthening Of The All-Day School Forms

Original Language Title: Vereinbarung gemäß Artikel 15a B-VG über den Ausbau der ganztägigen Schulformen

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Agreement in accordance with article 15a B-VG on the strengthening of the all-day school forms

The Federal Government - represented by the Federal Government--and the signatory countries, each represented by the Governor or the Governor - the following "Parties" called, have agreed to conclude the following agreement 15a of the Federal Constitution Act pursuant to article:

Article 1

Aims and objectives

(1) the objective of the agreement is to offer of the all-day school forms (hereafter referred to as "education day") to expand on public secondary compulsory schools in the demand form in terms of the number of childcare as well as with regard to the support for students. This measure should

-a demand-oriented offer for the parent/guardian present and equal opportunities of pupils / students in terms of pathways contribute to a better reconciliation of family and career, - students offer a high-quality education and support in their performance and social development, - promoting and improving the school infrastructure through support services of the Federal Government to bring.

(2) in the spare time on all-day school forms also educators and education for leisure on all-day school forms (hereafter referred to as "leisure educators and teachers") should be used, whose training at universities of teacher education will be established.

Article 2

Principles for the Organization of school day care

The day care on public secondary compulsory schools operating as whole-day school, to

-are offered on school days at least until 16:00 clock, if necessary through cross-school or cross-school leadership to ensure and - run (if necessary) in the folded form.

Article 3

Measures to expand of the school day care

(1) the Contracting Parties agree also to take appropriate measures, to the expansion of childcare in cooperation between countries in the areas of competence and to ensure communities.

(2) the Federal Government has to take care in its field of competence for that

1 necessary for expanding the school day care schulgesetzlichen conditions, 2. training of teachers and educators courses for leisure education at the Pedagogical University by law provided for leisure on all-day school forms, set up and as necessary will, 3. the necessary for the use of leisure educators and educators education conditions and 4 the Schuler holder (without prejudice to a possible financing of infrastructural measures) for the use of the service personnel in the recreational part of the school day care through until 16:00 a start-up funding are supported in the form of an annual grant of purpose.

(3) the countries have to ensure, in their jurisdiction for that

1 anyway, until 16:00 and if necessary also from 15 pupils and students (or other non of school day care in cross-school management at least 12 registered students) offered an education 2, checks the demand notifications of Schuler holder or of the schools on the education day on plausibility are, 3. the Anschubfinanzierungsmittel of the Federal Government according to be used by the holder of Schuler and the information necessary for controlling is provided through the Schuler holders available , 4. Schuler holder due to the financial relief pursuant to par. 2 make Z 4 investments in the infrastructure required for the school day care, 5. any granted the Schuler holders for the establishment or operation of school day care subsidies of countries of this Agreement remain unaffected, 6 in addition to the settlement in accordance with article 6 paragraph 1 annually a report on the measure of "Expanding the school day care" according to requirements of the Federal Government available is provided and for the increase of educational care necessary at most 7 State conditions and also for this to occur, that

8 is in school and school times (with the exception of Sundays and holidays) needs-based after-school care services are provided and will be informed accordingly about the guardians and restricted 9 the existing after-school care only in exceptional cases (E.g. in introduction the folded form of the school day care) for the benefit of the school day care, or set.

Article 4

Financing and payment for the leisure time during the school day care until 16:00

(1) the Federal Government is to cover the overhead of the countries and communities for the leisure time of the school day care, which takes place on school days until 16:00, in the years 2011/12 to 2014/15 a purpose subsidy within the meaning of § § 12 and 13 F-VG 1948 amounting to EUR 200,15 million as follows to provide:






70.00 million euro

49,45 million euro

43,10 million euro

37,60 million euro