Single Payment Regulation 2011 - Een-V 2011

Original Language Title: Einzelentgeltnachweisverordnung 2011 – EEN-V 2011

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414 regulation of Rundfunk und Telekom Regulierungs-GmbH, with the level of detail and the form of the provision of the proof of payment are set (single payment regulation 2011 - EEN-V 2011)

On the basis of § 100 para 2 TKG 2003, Federal Law Gazette I no. 70/2003 idF BGBl I no. 102/2011, is prescribed:

1 section

General information

§ 1. An itemised in the meaning of this regulation is the chronological display of all connections that are denominated in a contract for the provision of a publicly available electronic communications service in a period where there is telephone, Internet access and SMS/MMS services. These are all links to lead, who will be charged either separately or included in a specific amount in a lump sum.

2. (1) operators of publicly available communication services have to represent the subscriber fees in the form of a single remuneration statement as long as the participant does not. Is the itemised in the case of an accounting not which is attached, to specify how provided the itemised on the invoice.

(2) the individual remuneration statement in electronic form will be made available, is to choose a data format that allows the display, storage and further processing by means of common programs.

(3) representations that go beyond the itemised according to this regulation, fees can be agreed.

The affiliate charges of a prepaid subscriber in an itemised are § 3 (1) to provide at least a month.

(2) in a given representation period no sales obtained in a prepaid connection, the corresponding information that no credit was deducted, may be only in electronic form to the user.

§ 4. The itemised is to provide TKG 2003 for past accounting periods in accordance with the deadlines in accordance with § 99 paragraph 2.

2. section

Itemised for public telephone and SMS services

5. (1) in the itemised for public telephone and SMS/MMS services is to implement at least the following for each connection: 1 date and second time of commencement of the rating, 2 second duration in hours, minutes and seconds, with leading zeros can, 3. value-added SMS incoming tariff zone, 4. passive participants number 5 when paid the phone number of the sender, and that premiums for the connection 6 remuneration , where visible must be, whether there is a net or gross.

(2) that correctness of the tariff classification of a single connection must be from all this information can be derived. For connections where the power not because of the duration of the connection is determined, the indication of the duration of the connection can be omitted.

(3) learn more about combining relevant fee, this must be indicated.

The three last consecutive digits of the passive participant number are § 6 (1) in the itemised obscure. Public short numbers, as far as it is not telephone numbers free of charge, and phone numbers for free to calculate value added services are however fully specify.

(2) has the participant declares in writing that he has informed all existing users of the port in and will inform future co-users, the passive subscriber numbers in the itemised fully specify are for future billing periods.

3. section

Itemised for Internet access services

7. (1) as far as the Internet access service will be charged based on time is to do at least the following in the itemised for each connection: 1 starting date and second time of the charges, 2 second duration in hours, minutes and seconds, where leading zeros can be omitted, and 3. that the connection charged fee, which must be visible, whether it is a net or gross.

(2) more information about the connection are pay relevant, this must be indicated.

8. (1) as far as the Internet access service will be charged after transfer volume, is to capture the data volume for each built connection. If the connecting or disconnecting for technical reasons cannot be identified, the volume of traffic in time periods is to capture, the length of which does not exceed 24 hours.

(2) in the itemised for Internet access services is to implement at least the following for each connection and each time section: 1 date and second time of start and end, and also the second duration can be specified instead of the end, 2nd overall lengths of data packets in bytes separated by amount of data sent and received, and 3. that for this link or this period of allocated fee, which must be visible , whether it is a net or a gross amount.

(3) the tariff classification is day time-dependent, transfer volume must para 1 and 2 according to the time frames set out in the respective tariff conditions by way of derogation are recorded and reported in the itemised. The accuracy of the billing must be visible from the itemised.

(4) data packets are not tarifiert to or from specific addresses, these do not represent 2 to Z are in the total lengths of pipe in accordance with paragraph 2.

(5) learn more about combining relevant fee, this must be indicated.

4. section except force of legislation

§ 9. With this Regulation comes into force, the Rundfunk und Telekom Regulierungs-GmbH, the level of detail and the form of the provision of the proof of payment (single payment regulation - EEN-V) are set with the occurs 4. Regulation of 1.12.2003, published by Edition of RTR GmbH amended Federal Law Gazette II No. 85/2006, except force.