Wife Promotion Plan Of The Federal Ministry For Science And Research

Original Language Title: Frauenförderungsplan des Bundesministeriums für Wissenschaft und Forschung

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49. Regulation of the Federal Minister for science and research concerning the woman promotion plan for the Federal Ministry for science and research

On the basis of section 11a of the federal equal treatment Act (B-GlBG), Federal Law Gazette No. 100/1993, as last amended by Federal Law Gazette I no. 140/2011, is prescribed:


1 section - objectives and measures article 1 objectives § 2 preferred recording in accordance with section 11 b B GlBG § 3 preference for promotion in accordance with § 11 c B GlBG § 4 tenders section 5 selection procedure section 6 measures to the career planning section 7 measures relating to the education and training section 8 measures to promote the reconciliation of work and family/support obligations § 9 childcare article 10 composition of committees § 11 support the compliance officer, the women's representative and the Working Group on equality issues § 12 protection of dignity in the workplace § 13 linguistic equality § 14 information of staff § 15 information about relevant legislation 2. section - implementation of the affirmative action section 16 powers article 17 duties 3. section - final provisions article 18 entry into force and expiry of plants 1 section - goals and measures


§ 1. Implementation of woman promotion plan of the Federal Ministry for science and research, you want track and reached in particular the following objectives:

1. equality of opportunity: promoting the participation of women at all levels in all functions and activities.

2. personnel planning and development: Increased integration of women's empowerment in the personnel planning and development of the Department to promote the potential of women and thus to ensure an equitable partaking of women in education and training, remuneration and promotion.

3. awareness raising: promoting the professional identity and self-awareness of women in order to increase their willingness, to influence, to shape, to make decisions and to take responsibility.

4. compensation of existing burdens: boost the reconciliation of professional and private - particularly family - responsibilities for women and men. Creating a discrimination-free work environment through the pursuit of reconciliation of work and family responsibilities for women and men.

5. parental leave: promotion of the acceptance of the use of parental leave and part-time equally by women and men in the Department.

6 increase the percentage of women: taking into account any subsequent appointments increase the proportion of women in accordance with the provisions of §§ 11 ff B GlBG in use and remuneration groups, where women represented are (less than 50%). The urgent need for the advancement of women determines itself according to the degree of under-representation (from the as attachments the cases of an existing under-representation of women in accordance with § 11 paragraph 2 are A and statistics connected to B (as of December 31, 2011) to this Regulation B GlBG in the resort area of the Federal Ministry for science and research recognizable). An already reached women in areas with a proportion of women under 50 per cent must be true. All measures which directly or indirectly have an influence on the rate of women, are to align with this goal.

Preferred recording in accordance with section 11b B GlBG

§ 2. If an under-representation of women in accordance with § 11 b paragraph 1 Z 1 and Z 2 B GlBG who are equally suitable for the desired position as the best competitors, primarily to record b B GlBG in accordance with § 11.

Preference for promotion in accordance with § 11 c B GlBG

§ 3. In an under-representation of women in accordance with § 11 c Z 1 and Z 2 B GlBG are applicants that are equally suitable for the aspired highlighted use (function) as the best competitors, to order 11 c B GlBG priority pursuant to section.

Invitations to tender

All tender documents pursuant to the Competition Act 1989 (ED), BGBl. No. 85, and internal tenders must § 4 (1) in female and male, or gender-neutral form to it.

(2) in tenders of positions of a certain use (classification) or certain functions, the proportion of women in the sphere of which the service authority is less than 50%, the note to record that the respective service Authority aims to increase the proportion of women in posts and in management positions and women strongly to the application to invite are is in these.

(3) as long as the requirements of article 11 are not met b and 11 c B GlBG and the proportion of women at a particular use (classification) or a particular function is at least 50%, is for all tenders of posts and functions in the specification text expressly to point out, that same suitability according to the requirements of § 11 b B GlBG primarily recorded at applicants, and at equal fitness according to the requirements of § 11 c B GlBG, primarily ordered applicants.

(4) prior to the occupation of all functions in the Central Office of the Federal Ministry of science and research are to bring the Presidents / Chairman of the Working Group for equal treatment issues the following information (documents) with the possibility to comment:

1. the planned occupation or tender 2. the Act on the any tender before clearance 3. the names of applicants and applicants 4. the composition of the Evaluation Commission 5. the ranking of applicants and applicants 6 the selection decision.

Before the occupation of functions in the area of the subordinate offices, which are subject to the competition law of 1989 (ED), the Act of appointment is to present the Presidents / Chairman of the Working Group for equality issues to comment on, as well as to bring to the attention after the occupation.

Selection procedure

5. (1) the selection criteria in accordance with § 5 are B GlBG note.

(2) in assessing the suitability of candidates no selection and evaluation criteria may be used, based on a discriminatory, role-stereotyped understanding of equality.

(3) applications from women are during a prescribed form of absence of the place of employment or service to include in the selection process and to take into account equal footing with other applications.

Measures for career planning

6. (1) the respective superiors have to encourage within their funding obligation by appropriate employee discussions service workers to attend training and educational events.

(2) women are to participate in education and training, which qualify to take of higher-quality uses, primarily to allow.

(3) no assessment criteria may be included in service descriptions and suitability assessments, from which arises a disadvantage for the female staff or based on a discriminatory, role-stereotyped understanding of equality.

(4) in determining the duties not discriminatory, a role-stereotyped understanding of gender-oriented, career-inhibiting task assignments may occur. The same applies to the description of jobs.

Measures in the field of education and training

7. (1) service managers have to make sure that all service workers, including part-time workers, are informed as possible about events of the in-service training and educational sessions for executives. It is pointed out that applications are particularly appreciated by women. Each Department has to be regularly published an updated list of events for all employees.

(2) the planning of training seminars is to be taken into account (E.g. possibility of child care) in accordance with the budgetary resources on a family-friendly organization.

(3) the superiors have service women to desire to participate in appropriate training and training seminars. These are service time changes are necessary, to participate in training and continuing education events from the Service Manager to grant, as far as non-mandatory corporate interests are opposed.

(4) to training, in particular to those who qualify for import into higher-value uses and functions, women are primarily to achieve a rate of 50% women to admit. An already reached 50% women must be true. This also applies to training and continuing education courses with limited participation.

(5) the approval to the basic training course, as well as seminars and training courses is also partially employed servants.

(6) managers and staff in superior function are required to inform themselves about the B-GlBG and related issues of the advancement of women and equal treatment. Qualification measures by superiors, caution is to take on topics such as women's empowerment, the federal equal treatment Act, dealing with employees and learning management and personnel management.

Measures to promote the reconciliation of work and family/care

§ 8 (1) task of the supervisor is to meet that the tasks of individual employees and employees to deal with are usually in the normal working hours within the work planning of an organizational unit for this provision. When a switch to part-time work is particularly pay attention to the corresponding reduction of task panes.

(2) in determining meetings, consideration is to take on the working hours of part-time workers and persons with caring responsibilities. Sessions are to be possible within the block time and possible in the long term plan.

(3) the arrangement of official appointments - especially in overtime and overtime - is on the temporal requirements arising from (child) care responsibilities, to take into account. It may arise no disadvantage for the staff.

(4) for the servants no disadvantage may arise from part-time employment.

(5) jobs and managerial positions are such to make that their takeover accepts the responsibility for care-requiring persons, including flexible working time models.

(6) in the personnel planning and development, the possibility of a family break in the career planning of both sexes is taken into account.


§ 9. The Dienststellenleiterinnen or heads of service have regular needs surveys, in particular in accordance with the special policies for the granting of aid for operating kindergartens of the Federal Government, perform and to take all appropriate measures to meet the needs of child care for the children of employees of the respective departments.

Composition of committees

§ 10 (1) in the composition of commissions in the meaning of § 10 para 1 B GlBG has of the members to be ordered by the employer at least one Member female and to be a member of the male. Or the Chairman of the Working Group for equal treatment issues or a servant designated made by him or her or a staff member designated by him or her has the right to all negotiations and meetings of the Commission or of the Senate of the collegial organ or Advisory Board - except at the meetings of the disciplinary commissions - Advisory to participate.

(2) in the case of the composition of other commissions, advisory boards, working groups or similar Fed's decision-making or advisory bodies, the employer when ordering the members on a gender balance has to work. In particular caution is to take that women as Chairperson and ordinary members be ordered also.

Support the compliance officer, the women's representative and the Working Group for equal treatment issues

§ 11 (1) transfer of tasks of the workplace and the establishment of official duties is the additional burden from activities as equal treatment or women's representative. The tasks of the compliance officer or women's representative is as an important contribution to the performance of official duties in the field to see the administration. A professional disadvantage may accrue from their function during the exercise of their function, nor after leaving this function the compliance officer and the women's representative.

(2) which have leaders or heads of service authorities and departments to provide for the administrative support of the compliance officer and for providing the necessary resources (personnel, space and administrative expenses).

(3) the compliance officer shall be entitled to perform their duties relating to equal treatment at work and for that purpose to use the facilities available to the workplace available.

(4) the Working Group on equality issues is a separate to make adequate budget available to carry out their tasks.

(5) the activity of a compliance officer or contact Ms. requires a travel movement, is to pay travel movement like a business trip within the meaning of the travel fees provision in 1955.

(6) in the context of section 31 B GlBG are the compliance officer and to provide information to their representatives and deputies and to provide all requested information, such as logs, personal data or statistical evaluations on request, taking into note § 1 section 2 DSG.

Protection of the dignity at work

§ 12. The dignity of women and men in the workplace is to protect. Behaviors which violate human dignity or aimed at this, especially derogatory or insulting statements and representations, bullying and sexual harassment, must be avoided and should not be tolerated by superiors. The employer has to take appropriate measures to raise awareness.

Linguistic equality

§ 13. In all internal and external documents, publications and publications of the Department are to use references both in female as well as male or unisex form.

Information of staff

§ 14. The woman promotion plan by the employer in an appropriate manner to the knowledge is all employees and employees to bring (such as intranet).

Information about relevant legislation

§ 15 (1) the Federal Ministry for science and research has to submit each Akgün and each head of all for equal and women's development issues relevant and current legislation and detailed information.

(2) the Akgün or the head of unit has all her or him publicly to impose legislation prior to and information referred to in paragraph 1 to the Department, as well as to provide the compliance officer and the women's representative in copy.

(3) in the respective business divisions and telephone directories of the central leadership and all departments are the names of the compliance officer and their representatives and their deputies the woman officer at quotes their function to record.

2 section - implementation of the affirmative action


§ 16. The implementation of affirmative action specified in this regulation is whether the institutions that have decisions or proposals with regard to the personnel to meet financial, organisational or concerning the education and training issues or refund according to the regulations of the organization.

Official duties

§ 17. The implementation of the measures referred to in this regulation is one of the duties of this competent organ Walterinnen and officials. The violation of the provisions contained in this regulation is to be punished according to the staff regulations.

3 section - final provision

Entry into force and expiry

18. (1) this regulation with expiration of the day of release to the query in the Federal legal information system enter into force.

(2) the regulation of the Federal Minister for science and research concerning measures for the advancement of women in the sphere of the Federal Ministry for science and research (Frauenförderungsplan within the sphere of the Federal Ministry for science and research), Federal Law Gazette II No. 97/2008, occurs with entry into force of regulation Federal Law Gazette II No. 49/2012 override.