Change Of The Orf Law

Original Language Title: Änderung des ORF-Gesetzes

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15 federal law that modifies the ORF Act

The National Council has decided:

Change of the ORF law

The Federal law on the Austrian Broadcasting (ORF-Gesetz, ORF-G), BGBl. No. 379/1984, as last amended by Federal Law Gazette I no. 50/2010 is amended as follows:

0a. in § 4b paragraph 5 receives the designation (6); the following paragraph 5 is inserted:

"(5) a sporting, which takes place in Austria or the Austrian athletes or teams are involved in anyway, then a wide space in the Austrian media coverage comes to when private broadcasters, especially after the ORF in a timely, non-discriminatory and transparent has offered this private broadcasters, acquire the right to market conditions might have and the ORF makes credible the existence of these conditions." This does not apply Z 1 through 5 of listed tournaments which in paragraph 4."

0 b. In section 4f para 2 Z 15 accounts for the word "Core mission" the word "and".

0 c. in section 4f para 2 No. 23, second sentence, be that Word with the word "is"are"" and replace the word sequence "Name and surname" by the phrase "First name and family name or surname".

0 d. in article 7, paragraph 1 the phrase "section 11" is replaced by the word sequence "of sections 11 and 12".

0E. in article 9, paragraph 3, the reference is "§ 14 ABS. 1, 2, 5 second and third sentences" the reference "article 14, paragraph 1, 2, 5 fourth and fifth sentence" replaced.

0f. In article 9 paragraph 4 does not apply and paragraph 5 receives the label (4).

g. in Article 9a, paragraph 1 0 eliminates the penultimate sentence.

0 h. replaces the word "Hautpanteil" in paragraph 12 the word "Majority".

0i. In article 18, paragraph 1, the phrase is inserted after the word "Event" "by Teletext".

1. in section 20 para 3 Z 6, § 26 para 2 Z 4 and § 28 para. 2 Z 5 replaced the word "Parliament staff act" by the words "Parliament staff and Parliament staff act".

1a. in article 21, paragraph 1 Z 6 (b) is the phrase "to the" replaced by the phrase "the resolution about the".

1B. In article 21, paragraph 1 Z 6 c are the phrase "to the" replaced by the word "Plans" by the phrase "the resolution about the" and the word "Plans".

1 c. in article 21, paragraph 1 Z 13 the phrase "para 7 and 8" by the phrase "paragraph 8 and 9" replaced.

1 d. section 30 k para 5 replaces the phrase "Representatives or representatives" by the phrase "Representatives or representatives".

1E. in article 32, paragraph 8, the abbreviation "BMVSG" is replaced by the acronym "BMSVG".

1F. In section 49, subsection 4, the abbreviation 'FMOD' is replaced by the acronym "BMSVG".

2. in paragraph 49, 11 the following paragraph shall beadded:

"(11) § 20 para 3, § 26 para 2 and § 28 para 2 as amended by Federal Law Gazette I no. 15/2012 into force on February 1, 2012."