Amendment Of The Measurement Law

Original Language Title: Änderung des Vermessungsgesetzes

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31 federal law that modifies the measurement law

The National Council has decided:

The measurement law, BGBl. No. 306/1968, amended by Federal Law Gazette I no. 100/2008, is amended as follows:

1 in section 3 para 2 is after the phrase "in the cases of § §" the paragraph designation "12," added.

The following paragraph 4 is added to § 2. 3:

"(4) in the cases of § 25 paragraph 2 the Federal Agency decides für Eich - und Vermessungswesen definitively. Against these decisions is not allowed. an ordinary appeal"

3. in section 9a, subsection 2, no. 7, a comma and the word sequence "the delivery" is inserted after the phrase "postal code".

3A. is section 9a (4)

"(4) the detailed provisions about the technical equipment of the Adressregisters, about the possibilities of addressing legal and on the content and structure of the information, taking into consideration the objective possible completeness and accuracy of collected addresses and taking into account the requirement of economic viability and the respective level of science and technology of the Federal Ministry of economy, family and youth issues by regulation. "This connection is in terms of para 3 Z 4 the agreement with the Chancellor and in terms of para 2 Z 8 and subsection 3 Nos. 8 and 9 to make the agreement with the Federal Minister of the Interior."

4. § 18a para 2 is as follows:

"No objections to the boundary (2) is collected within four weeks, so considered recognized the limits shown in the schedule and is the conversion to perform."

5. paragraph 37 para 3:

"(3) the rules of closer which pursuant to par. 1 Z 3 to 6 particulars, the acceptable formats and technical requirements for the introduction of plans, as well as the content of the Protocol on the delimitation in accordance with article 43, paragraph 6 shall adopt according to the current state of science and technology, as well as the needs of the economy in terms of land value and technical realities of the Federal Minister for economic ", Family and youth through regulation."

6 paragraph 39 para 5:

"(5) the plans and the certificates are to record in the register of business and to provide the land register in the automation-supported data processing after legal effect of certificate together with the cut-off piece table. A confirmation of the legal force of the plan certificate notification is not required."

7 paragraph 43 section 4:

"(4) measurements for the in the § § 5 stated purposes are 34, 35 and 52 Z performed in accordance with section 36."

8. in article 43, paragraph 6, second sentence is replaced by the phrase "the log" the phrase 'the plan'.

9 the following paragraph 5 is added to § the 47:

"(5) the Special Administrative charges referred to in paragraph 2 and the court fees for transcripts from the land register referred to in paragraph 3 are to impose automatically by the Bundesamt für Eich - und Vermessungswesen."

10 be added following paragraph 9 and 10 the article 57:

"(9) with the transcription of the register pursuant to § 2a para 1 GUG all rewritten plots in the official journal for the surveying are each Katastralgemeinde published. Six months after this announcement, the affected owner remedies or legal remedies with regard to the accuracy of the border land property of rewritten land surveying Office can charge. No remedies or legal remedies against the incorporation of a plot in the border land may be brought after the expiration of six months after publication in the official journal for the surveying.

"(10) § 3 par. 2 and para 4, § 9a, para 2, no. 7, article 18a, paragraph 2, article 37, para. 3, § 39 para 5, § 43 para. 4 and para. 6, § 47 para. 5, section 57 paragraph 9 as amended by Federal Law Gazette I no. 31/2012 7 may 2012 into force."

11. in article 4, paragraph 1, and article 43, paragraph 1, the word order is "as well as the federal laws on military closures, BGBl. No. 204/1963, and military ammunition, Federal Law Gazette No. 197/1967" by the phrase "restricted Act 2002, Federal Law Gazette I no. 38/2002, as well as of the munitions Act 2003, Federal Law Gazette I no. 9/2003" replaced.

12. in article 2, paragraph 1, the phrase "Federal Ministry of constructions and engineering" is replaced by the phrase "Federal Ministry for economy, family and youth".

13. in § 2 para 4, § 36 para 3, the phrase "Federal Minister for construction and technology" is replaced by the phrase "Federal Ministry of economy, family and youth".

14. in § 9 para 4, § 9a, para. 3, Z 5 and para 4, § 10 para 2, § 46, § 47 para 1, § 57 para. 5 and article 59, paragraph 1 is replaced by the phrase "Federal Ministry of economy, family and youth" the phrase "Federal Minister for Economics and labour".

15. in article 14, paragraph 5, the phrase "Federal Minister for Economic Affairs" is replaced by the phrase "Federal Ministry of economy, family and youth".

16. in article 57, paragraph 6, the phrase "of the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and labour" is replaced by the phrase "of the Federal Ministry for economy, family and youth".

17. in article 59, paragraph 1, the phrase "Minister of defence" is replaced by the phrase "Federal Minister for national defence and sports".