Change Of The Bathroom Hygiene Act

Original Language Title: Änderung des Bäderhygienegesetzes

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42. Federal law that modifies the bathing hygiene law

The National Council has decided:

The bathing hygiene law (BHygG), Federal Law Gazette No. 254/1976, as last amended by Federal Law Gazette I no. 64/2009, is amended as follows:

1. paragraph 1 para 3:

"(3) warm Jacuzzi tubs (whirlpool baths) are tubs with a body rolling around water and/or air in operation have a water volume of more than 30 litres and intended to part - or full body application."

2. paragraph 3 para 3:

"(3) the application for a permit referred to in paragraph 1 are necessary for the assessment of the project documents, such as a detailed description of the system, focusing on the nature of determine the basin fill water, equipment for water treatment and information on the intended capacity, to join together with plans and listing of considered ÖNORM and rulebooks in triplicate."

3. Article 9a paragraph 6 reads:

"(6) the Governor has no later than at the beginning of the bathing season 2012 to ensure that during the bathing season to the public certain information in accordance with a regulation be provided according to § 15a in an easily accessible place in the immediate vicinity of each bathing water. For this purpose, the bodies consulted by the Governor the country authorities subordinate to him are and/or she authorized by those consulted experts to enter the land underlying the bathing water and usable by everyone under the same conditions for bathing and to carry out the measures necessary for the public, such as setting up and maintaining information boards including the poster and the updating of information. It is to be possible in consultation with the designated. The possessor of this land putting up the information boards have to tolerate their maintenance as well as the posting and updating information and may this not remove nor change or interfere in any other way of informing the public. The Governor has also no later than at the beginning of the bathing season 2012 to ensure that certain further information according to a regulation pursuant to section 15a are immediately published by means of appropriate media and technologies, including the Internet for the public."

4. § 14 para 3 sentence is:

"(3) as expert of hygiene, which have special technical knowledge and skills in the areas of bad water, bad water chemistry, hygiene and microbiology, to assess the hygiene-relevant technical equipment of a bad business and bad hygiene law to have, are to be used:"

5. § 14 para 3 subpara 1 lit. a and b is: ' a) Institute of the Austrian Agency for health and food security GmbH (AGES) in the fields of public health and food safety and investigation authorities of the countries referred to in section 72 of the food safety and Consumer Protection Act (LMSVG)(, BGBl. I Nr. 13/2006, oder b) who are entitled in accordance with section 73 to the investigation and assessment of drinking water in terms of chemical and microbiological LMSVG and testing accredited for the required scan settings through a and inspection body have " ", or" 6 § 14 para 3 Z 2 lit b is: "b) Institute of AGES in the field of public health or" 7 § 15 para  3 and 4 is:

"(3) the Federal Minister of health has, if that is consistent with the protection of the health of bathers, to impose on the current state of scientific knowledge and technology, to allow on request means the regulation referred to in paragraph 1 not included (such as Flocculating agents, disinfectants, oxidizing agents or Ph adjuster), components of a treatment procedure, process combinations and procedures with notice for checking operation, certain appropriate conditions, taking into consideration , To specify conditions for the use of, to set, where appropriate, the permitted maximum residue limits or residual amounts and to determine the minimum duration of the verification operation.

(4) with the request for approval review must has the applicant to submit all documents allowing an assessment of the application in accordance with paragraph 3, in particular documents relating to 1 the bathroom in which to perform the validation operation (such as permit any change notices, investigation results of the last three years, opening and operating times, total number of visitors in the year cut, information to existing bathroom water treatment, pool circuit, filter system, measurement equipment, chemicals and dosing procedures , Fill water addition, water management, Wasserprobenahmestellen, combination of existing processes, installation diagram, filling water origin and texture), 2nd the technical description and specification of a component into the verification operation to use, combination of processes or proceedings, of expiry of review operation, the parameters relevant for the verification operation, readings, measurement intervals, operating parameters including data acquisition and control, 3. the chemical physical description of new used coming means, 4. the safety of using components of a treatment procedure ", a combination of processes or proceedings with regard to health, 5. the effect of agent and/or the effectiveness of components of a treatment, a combination of processes or a procedure within the meaning of the request and to achieve the water quality (E.g. inactivation speed with disinfectants) determined by regulation, 6 perfect measurability of the concentration of the used or its reaction products as well as 7 a procedure for the assessment and control based on the parameters defined by regulation or newly acquired facts."

8 § 15 ABS.  8 and 9 is:

"(8) the verification operation may be recorded only, if in the bathrooms, in which it is carried, bathers are advised by the holder of the authorization in an appropriate manner the verification operation. The note must be applied for the duration of the verification operation. It removes the note, the verification operation must be set.

(9) has proved the harmlessness in terms of health, ensuring the quality of the water determined by regulation, and the effect specified in the application and/or effectiveness of verification operating in accordance with paragraph 3 to 7 and, if necessary, are 1 the perfect measurability and be Urteilbarkeit of the concentration of the compound and/or its impact within the framework of the internal control, 2. the perfect measurability and be Urteilbarkeit of reaction products ", 3. the proper loading Urteilbarkeit of a previously unapproved technology based on common specifications and 4. a procedure for the assessment and control based on the parameters defined by regulation or newly acquired facts & figures are given, the means to specify the component of a treatment procedure, to take the combination of processes or the procedure in the regulation referred to in paragraph 1 and specific appropriate conditions of use and establishing, where appropriate, the permitted maximum quantities and amounts of rest."

9 § 16 para  5 is as follows:

"(5) who as about a lying a bathing site of having through acts or omissions, para 1 contravenes the provisions of § 9a, section 6 or section 9 c, an administrative offence are guilty and to punish up to 3 600 euro fine."