Change The Driver's License Law Implementation Regulation (10 Amendment To The Fsg-Dv)

Original Language Title: Änderung der Führerscheingesetz-Durchführungsverordnung (10. Novelle zur FSG-DV)

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472. Regulation of the Federal Minister for transport, innovation and technology, with the driver's license law implementation regulation is changed (10 amendment to the FSG-DV)

On the basis of § 2 para 5, § 4 b para 4, § 13 para 8, § 18 sec. 6, § 24 para 6 and § 41 para 4 of the driver's license law, Federal Law Gazette I no. 120/1997, in the amended Federal Law Gazette I is no. 50/2012, prescribed:

The driver's license law implementation regulation, Federal Law Gazette II No. 320/1997 in the version BGBl. No. 274/2009 II is as follows altered:

1 § 2 para 1 subpara 1 lit. e is: "e. the expiration of driver's license," 2. § 2 para 3 code 05.01 is: "05.01 limited to journeys during the day (one hour after sunrise to one hour before sunset)" 3. In article 2, para. 3, 45 the following code 46 is inserted after code: "46.
Only three-wheeled motor vehicles"4. In § 2 para 3 eliminates the code 72 and 74 to 77.

5. § 2 para 3 code 73 is: '73.
Only four-wheeled motor vehicles of the class B1 "6 § 2 para 3 code 79 is: 79 (...) Only vehicles which comply with the specifications indicated in brackets in the context of the application of article 13 of Directive 2006/126/EC"7. In § 2 para. 3 79 following codes 79.01 up 79.06, 80, 81 and 90 be inserted after code: "79.01 restriction on two-wheeled motor vehicles with or without sidecar 79.02 restriction on tricycles or quadricycles of the class to the tricycles 79.04 79.03 limitation limitation on three-wheeled motor vehicles with a trailer with a maximum authorised mass of 750 kg 79.05 motorcycles of class A1 with a power/weight ratio exceeding 0.1 kW/kg 79.06 vehicles of category BE" ", where the maximum authorised mass of the trailer 3500 kg exceeds 80. restriction on owners of a driver's license, which is entitled and has not reached the age of 24 to the driving of three-wheeled motor vehicles of the class A 81. restriction on owners of a driver's license, which is entitled A and age has not completed the 21 to the steering of two-wheeled motor vehicles of the class 90. codes for use in combination with codes to define customizations of the vehicle" 8. § 2 para 3 95 following code 96 and 97 shall be added after code: "96. vehicles of class B with a trailer with a maximum authorised mass of over 750 kg, where the maximum permissible total mass of this vehicle combination exceeding 3 500 kg, but not more than 4 250 kg is 97. that within the scope of Regulation (EEC) does not entitle to the steering of a vehicle of Class C1, no. 3821/85 of the Council of 20 December 1985 on recording equipment in the" Road traffic falls"9. "§ 2 para 1 subpara 2 lit. in § 2 para 4 of the reference is in code 111 c"replaced by the reference"section 2 para 1 No. 5 lit. (c)".

10. in § 2 para 4 are the following codes 114 to 118 are attached: "114. permission to the driving of three-wheeled motor vehicles with a driving permission on the class B before the age of 21 years 115. permission to steer by (all) motorcycles with a power not exceeding 25 kW and a power/weight ratio of not more than 0, 16kW/kg with a driving permission on the class A2 116. permission to steer four-wheeled motor vehicles with a mass of no longer" "as 400 kg with a driving permission on the class of A 117 steering permission on the class most 118. Steering permission on the class entitled to steer by motor bikes most entitled to steer by four-wheeled light motor vehicle" 11 § 3 par. 2 and 3 are:

"(2) in the case of the granting of class most is 117 or 118, where appropriate, the scope of permission on the driver's license with the number codes to restrict." The issuance of class A1, A2 and A, respectively the class on the, as well as the motorcycle classes with a lesser degree of permission must be entered. Similarly, the class is most to enter at the time of the classes B or F. The period provided for in Article 17a, paragraph 1, FSG is on page 1 of the driver's license under point 4B. At the same time in Article 17a, paragraph 1 FSG period provided to calculate and enter is on the occasion of each new issuance of a driver's license.

(3) for the purposes of the practical driving test for the class C(CE) or D(de) before reaching the minimum age laid down for these classes (§ 20 para 1 last sentence FSG) to enter the date of issue of the driving permission on page 2 of driver's license in the class C1(C1E) or D1(D1E) in the column of 10 and when the class C(CE) the date of 21 or 24 birthday of the license owner. In column 11 on page 2 of the driver's license C1(C1E) or D1(D1E) the end of the validity of this driving permission is expected to enter C(CE) or D(de) the same date as the driving permission for the class C1(C1E) or D1(D1E) and the class is granted at the class. On the occasion of the first repeat examination for the class C(CE), the validity period for the class C(CE), D(de) on the one hand, and C1(C1E) are D(de), right D1(D1E) on the other hand."

12 paragraph 4 deleted § 3.

13. in article 3, paragraph 5, the reference is "§ 2 para 1 subpara 2 lit. c"replaced by the reference"section 2 para 1 No. 5 lit. (c)".

14 paragraph 4:

㤠4. "In the case of the extension of the driving permission for the classes C(C1), CE(C1E), D(D1) and DE (D1E) pursuant to section 17a, paragraph 2, FSG has to pay a fee in the amount of $11 to the authority the licence owner."

15. in section 5 the following sentence is added:

"The granting or extending a driving permission is a request to the Central proof of your driving privileges (section 78 para 2 KFG 1967) pursuant to § 41 para 4 last sentence FSG no longer to make."

16. in article 6, paragraph 1, first sentence, the phrase "The classes A, B, C, F and G, as well as the subclass C1" replaced with the phrase "all classes with the exception of the classes most and D(de)".

17 § 6 par. 2 No. 2 is: "2. worker Samaritans Federal of in Austria," 18. In § 6 paragraph 6, the wording "of the order of St. John" Z 13 is replaced by the wording "the Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe in Austria".

19. According to § 6 the following section 6a together with heading shall be inserted:

"Practical training to acquire of the Steering permission class A2 and A gradual access (article 18a, paragraph 1 and 2)"

§ 6a. (1) practical training in accordance with section 18a para 1 No. 2 and § 18a, paragraph 2, Z has 2 FSG from all in the audit log for the practical driving test for the classes A1, A2 and A listed topics and exercises, and includes seven lessons of 50 minutes each. Three teaching units accounted for exercises in the traffic-free area and four lessons on driving in traffic, with the shift from a lesson in one direction or the other. The exercises in the traffic-free area in groups of up to ten people have held the rides in traffic in groups of a maximum of two people. Each participant throughout the duration of the practical training must have a motorcycle of driving permission class that he would like to purchase and not entitled to its steering the Steering right of the lower class.

(2) the practical training referred to in paragraph 1 has to take place in driving schools and is carried out by a driving instructor. After completion of the practical training is by driving school. a confirmation to exhibit"

20. in article 7, paragraph 1, first sentence is replaced by the word "Lessons" the word "Hours".

21 paragraph 8 section 1:

"(1) the scope of permission of driver's licenses issued in the EEA, the not Directive 2006/126/EC on driving licences, OJ" No L 403 of 30 12 2006 p. 18, last amended by the directive of 2012/36/EC, OJ No. L 321 of the 20.11.2012 p. 54 correspond to, depends on the scope of permission which would be issued in the issuing State on the occasion of a paraphrase. Is the permission level of the foreign driver's license limited to the Steering permission for class B1, so to restrict the driving permission with numerical code 73. The code number is entered, 72, 74, 75, 76 or 77 in a foreign EEA driving licence the class is A1, C1, D1, C1E or D1E enter on the occasion of the description of this driver's license."

22 para 2 and 3 are eliminated § 8.

23. in article 8, paragraph 4, first sentence, eliminates respectively the phrase 'and subclasses' as well as the phrase "with the authority of the place of residence" and the following second sentence is inserted:

"The periods calculated pursuant to § 15 para 3 is second set FSG note."

24. in § 8 para 4 is the third sentence:

"Steering permissions of the classes C(C1), CE(C1E), D(D1) and DE(D1E) are however on five years, to be only more two years, calculated from the date of issuance, from 60 years of age."

25. in article 9, paragraph 1, no. 2 is inserted after the phrase "Bosnia and Herzegovina," the phrase "Hong Kong".

26. the heading IV section is as follows:

"Steering permission on the class most"

27 § 10 is eliminated.

28. in the heading of section 11, the phrase "the moped card" is replaced by the phrase "the driving permission on the class most" and in article 11, paragraph 1, the phrase "A moped card may be issued only" is replaced by the phrase "a driving permission on the class most may only be issued".

29 § 11 par. 4 Z 1 and 2 are: "1.

Expert in accordance with § 34a FSG, 2. owner of a lecturer's permission,"30. In article 11 the following paragraph 5 is added:

"(5) the training agency has the records of the training and testing of applicants to a driving permission on the class most be kept for three years and to submit at the request of the authority for inspection."

31 § 12 and 13 together with the heading accounts for §.

32. According to section 13a, paragraph 3, the following paragraph 3a is inserted:

"(3a) the perfection ride during training in accordance with § 4 b paragraph 3 FSG as well as the discussion in accordance with Article 4a, paragraph 5 FSG have to consist of the following content in the period by a total of two lessons: 1 economical driving, 2. driving of tunnels, if this is possible, 3 driving predominantly outdoors, if possible, 4. driving in fast traffic, if possible driving on acceleration and delay strips on freeways or highways" , 5. driving on complex transverse spots, 6 overtaking, 7 apply of second training and the technology of view of, 8 risk prevention training, 9 Dynomentraining and 3A-Training.

The journey of perfection and the conversation are making possible in groups, whose Größe may amount to no more than two participants. The extent of perfection ride and talk has to be a lesson, where the conversation to split is possible on the breaks between the exercises. During the journey of perfection, a radio connection must exist by the trainer to the participants by means of which instructions and warnings can be given. The participants have to complete the perfect ride on a motorbike, whose steering without prejudice to Article 4a, paragraph 5 the last sentence of FSG has permissions to. In a vehicle of the highest steering permission class should be used whenever possible, taking into account the capabilities of the Subscriber, that the person concerned has."

33. paragraph 13 b paragraph 3:

"(3) (driving safety training for classes A1, A2 and A, consists of a theoretical part in the period of not more than one teaching unit and a practical part in the span of five teaching units and shall include the following content: 1. theoretical part: a) basic driving physics, b) views technology, c) ««brake technology, including the benefits of anti-lock, d) curves driving styles, e) safety tips, including driving with a passenger" , Visibility and cons of high speed, f) correct distance keeping;

2. practical part: a) views technology, is this at all exercises take into account b) Steering technology, c) braking exercises, including a demonstration or exercise the benefits of anti-lock, d) brake off soft exercise, e) cornering, f) handling training, g) demonstration or exercise to correct distance keeping.

Each participant must have during the duration of the practical part for sole use a motorcycle, he is entitled to his driving because of his driving privilege. In a vehicle of the highest steering permission class should be used whenever possible, taking into account the capabilities of the Subscriber, that the person concerned has."

34. the heading of § 13c is as follows:

"Traffic-psychological group conversation and hazard perception training"

35. in sec. 13c para 1 first sentence after the word "Novice" the word "class-specific" inserted.

36. section 13c para 2 is as follows:

"(2) the traffic psychological group conversation is carried out in groups of at least six and no more than twelve participants and owners a driving permission of class B two has to cover one and a half lessons owners a driving permission of classes A1, A2, or A."

37. section 13c shall be added following paragraph 5 and 6:

"(5) psychologists, who perform traffic-psychological group discussions for the classes A1, A2 and A, must also have permission to steering of the class A1, A2 or A or have entered the code 111 on their driving licence.

(6) the hazard perception training has to take place after the traffic-psychological group conversation and to consist of the following content in the span of one and a half lessons: 1. training of timely visual perception of risk in specific, potentially dangerous situations, such as appropriate film clips, with the active cooperation of participants. To develop are particularly correct observing the situation, focusing the attention on relevant features of the situation and the assessment of how the situation could develop

2. the participants are to instruct, to become aware of the extent of the risk inherent in the situation.

3. elaboration of coordinated on the potentially dangerous situation, accident preventive Behavioral responses, where generally the need for a defensive driving style in the consciousness of the participants is to be moved;

4. mental strengthening and practice of situational accident preventive Behavioral responses in the hazard perception training.

For the size of the Group and the persons entitled to carry out the conditions pursuant to clause 13 apply c para 2 to 5."

38. in article 15, par. 5, second sentence replaces the phrase "as well as to contain the signature of all instructor-led" the phrase "as well as the name of the teacher and their signature, or the signature of a responsible for the corporate management".

39. in article 16 the following paragraph 9 is added:

"(9) article 2, paragraph 1, 3 and 4, § 3 para 2, 3 and 5, § 4, § 6 para 1, § 6a, § 8 para. 1 and 4, the heading of IV section, article 11, para. 1, 4 and 5, § 13a paragraph 3a, § 13 b of paragraph 3, the heading of § 13c, § 13c para 1, 2, 5 and 6 and the facilities of 1 to 3 with 19 January 2013 into force." § 8 par. 2 and 3, § 13, § 10, section 12 and Appendix 4 contact 19 January 2013 out of power."

40. plant 4 is not necessary, and appendices 1 are up to 3 (see attachments):