Participation And Financial Controlling-Regulation

Original Language Title: Beteiligungs- und Finanzcontrolling--Verordnung

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511. Ordinance of the Federal Minister of Finance for the uniform establishment of a planning, information and reporting system of the Federal Government for the participation and financial controlling (participation and financial controlling-regulation)

On the basis of § 67 (2) of the Federal Law on the Leadership of the Federal Budget (Federal Budget Law 2013-BHG 2013), BGBl. I n ° 139/2009, as last amended by the Federal Law BGBl. No 62/2012, (in short: BHG 2013), the following Regulation shall be adopted:


§ 1. (1) In order to support the management and control of legal entities in accordance with Section 67 (1) of the BHG 2013 as well as other entities for which participation and financial controlling is regulated by law, the management of the shareholders ' rights and/or financial control shall be subject to the law. by the Federal Ministers responsible for supervision, to carry out a controlling interest in the participation of the Federal Minister of Finance or the Federal Minister of Finance or the Federal Minister of Finance. Participation controlling also includes risk controlling.

(2) This is intended to support the economic management of these entities from the point of view of the Ownership of the Federal Government.


§ 2. (1) Participation controlling includes business reporting on monetary and non-monetary measures based on target-actual comparisons.

(2) The financial controlling includes the federal payments to the respective companies and the Federal Government's deposits from the companies, as well as any loan and liability levels of the federal government.

Organisation and implementation

§ 3. (1) In the Federal Ministries, which are entrusted with the management of shareholders ' rights or with the supervision of companies according to § 1 para. 1, an equity controlling is to be carried out. The role of the controlling interest in these companies is to ensure the implementation and implementation of controlling reporting in these companies, in which the economic developments that have occurred on the basis of actual data compared with the planning process are taken into account. Presented in a timely manner, as well as previews on future developments are presented plausibly and comprehensibly. In this way it is to be made possible for the competent federal ministries to carry out an assessment with regard to content and reality reference in order to be able to intervene in a controlling manner if necessary.

(2) In the Federal Ministry of Finance, financial controlling shall be carried out for the companies referred to in paragraph 1. The task of financial control is to present the development of the cash flows between the federal government and these companies, which are relevant from a budgetary point of view.

Planning, information and reporting system

Participation and financial controlling

§ 4. (1) The information and reporting obligations of the companies in the area of participation controlling relate to number comparisons according to the report pattern in Appendix 1 (Company report). The company report is divided into two parts:


Report on monetary business measures,


Report on company-specific measures.

The company-specific figures to be reported shall be determined by the management of the company in coordination with the competent Federal Ministry.

(2) The information and reporting obligations of the companies in the area of risk controlling concern information in accordance with the report pattern in Appendix 2.

(3) The information and reporting obligations of the companies in the area of financial controlling relate to payment-stream-oriented comparisons in accordance with the reporting pattern in Appendix 3 (Financial Report).

(4) The reporting of the companies shall be carried out on the basis of the relevant statutory provisions on the accounting. The most important terms used and the determination of the key figures to be reported are included in Appendix 4 .

(5) The reports have, in addition to the numerical presentations, a short commentary on major target deviations (deviations of more than 5% compared to the quarterly approach) and, if necessary, remedial measures introduced, as well as Explanations for further development (current preview).

(6) obligations imposed on a company by statutory provisions which have an impact on the principles of economy, expediency and economy, as well as divestments of real estate assets above a sale price of 500 000 € or in which no public performance has taken place shall be disclosed separately.

(7) Each company is obliged to report quarterly reports to the German Federal Ministry of Finance and the Federal Ministry of Finance as regards both the company and the financial reports. The reports shall be reported within one month after the end of the quarter and shall be explained in addition upon request.

(8) The quarterly reports must be checked for completeness and plausibility by the Federal Ministry of Finance and the Federal Ministry of Finance; supplementary documents and explanations may be requested if necessary.

In-force pedals

§ 5. This Regulation shall enter into force 1. Jänner 2013 in force.