Acquisition, Use, And Use Of Motor Vehicles Of The Federal

Original Language Title: Anschaffung, Verwendung und Einsatz von Kraftfahrzeugen des Bundes

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524th regulation of the Federal Minister for finance on the acquisition, use and the use of motor vehicles of the Federal

On the basis of § 69 5 of the Federal Budget Act 2013 (BHG 2013), Federal Law Gazette I No 139/2009, as last amended by Federal Law Gazette I no. 62/2012, is prescribed:

Subject matter and scope

1. (1) this regulation lays down the detailed procedure 1 with the purchase of vehicles by household leading bodies (§ 7 BHG 2013), if not the Federal law on the establishment of a federal procurement GmbH (BB Act), Federal Law Gazette I no., is to use 39/2001, and 2. in the use and deployment be used by vehicles, which are the property of the Federal Government or by bodies of financial management , hereafter referred to as service vehicles.

(2) service vehicles are passenger cars, station wagons, buses and heavy goods vehicles according to § 2 para 1 Nos. 5, 6, 7 and 8 of the force driving Act 1967 (KFG 1967), Federal Law Gazette No. 267/1967.

(3) this regulation does not apply to 1 those Supreme bodies which I no. 64/1997, a service car is due pursuant to section 9 of the Federal reference Act (BBezG), BGBl. 2. the President or the President of the Constitutional Court, the Administrative Court and Supreme Court Chief Justice, and 3 the Federal Army.

General information

2. (1) the domestic governing bodies have to ensure that the use and the use of service cars in compliance with the objectives of financial management (§ 2 BHG 2013), in particular the criteria of the impact orientation, transparency and efficiency, is carried out.

(2) the domestic governing bodies have to ensure that the available through the use of service cars will be transferred authorities (designated bodies). These bodies have to keep records, all of which contain the data relating to service cars in technically, financially and moderate use, and, where possible and appropriate, electronic systems are to use.

(3) the budget governing bodies can issue directives for their respective sphere on the basis of the provisions of this regulation. You have according to the provisions of this regulation and, where appropriate, adopted guidelines to monitor.

(4) in respect of the financial statements of insurance companies of service cars applies to BHG pursuant to section 70 para 5 2013 to be issued regulation of the Federal Minister of finance or the Minister of Federal Finance.

Service trips

3. (1) service vehicles may be used for service trips, including a servant or a servant is charged or behavior on the basis of her or his service obligations, only be used, if the use of a service car in the interests of and complies with the budgetary principles of impact orientation and efficiency.

(2) the foreign service people on duty travel is permitted only in exceptional circumstances with the permission of the designated place (§ 2 para. 2). People who are used to the official act, are not regarded as third-party service.

(3) after the close of the service and on reimbursing days the use of service cars with professionally ordered bars to a minimum is to restrict and to ensure necessary promotion possibilities for business trips in other appropriate ways.

(4) the provision of the service of automobiles has in accordance with the urgency and importance of the individual service trips, to be in the order of their registration. In the provision of service cars is also important to ensure that rides of several staff who have the same destination or the same direction of travel, if possible jointly carried out.

(5) the exclusive assignment of a service car for the service runs of an or a staff is not permitted. In those cases where the competent domestic governing body, staff admits preferably use of a certain service car, this service cars in case of need for business trips necessary to other staff available. The provisions of section 5 apply for other trips (not service and not in the interest of the service rides) with preferably assigned to service automobiles.

Trips in the interest of the service

4. (1) the use of a service car may be allowed for following trips, which are not regarded as service trips within the meaning of § 3,: 1 trips, which are in the interest of the service authority and represent a resource saving or 2 rides in special emergency situations where the use of public transport or a taxi not possible or cannot reasonably be is.

(2) service life during the use of service cars are for the purpose of more efficient use of service cars for business trips (article 3) should be avoided. For trips pursuant to par. 1 Z 1 applies Article 3 par. 1, 2 and 2, 3 and 4 you receive.

Other rides

§ 5 (1) provided for in § 3 and § 4 other trips with service vehicles can be granted separately in writing to which exceptional cases by the Director or by the head of the respective budget leading positions in each, after written request, if the service vehicles is not required for duty travel (section 3), or in the interest of the service trips (§ 4). Applications of the head or the head of the household-leading unit itself is to obtain organ household conducting the approval of the Director or head of the parent leading budget authority or the respective. The use of service cars for such journeys is permitted only during the motor pool for service vehicles and in accordance with the available motor vehicles. A general permit of such trips may not derive from it. Other journeys on service vehicles abroad are permitted only with the consent of the competent financial executive organ.

(2) to guarantee of an indemnity of the Federal Government in the event of damage, appropriate measures shall be taken as in particular 1 the Declaration of the or of the servants, to indemnify and hold the budget-leading authority in the event of damage or 2. additional insurance with shifting the insurance premium on the staff or the staff within the meaning of section 70, paragraph 2 Z 2 BHG 2013.

(3) durability while the use of service cars must be avoided in order to more efficient use of service cars for business trips (article 3). The use of service cars for trips pursuant to paragraph 1 by family members of the staff alone is prohibited.

(4) for other trips in accordance with paragraph 1 with service cars the car user or users of the car has a use fee in the amount which pursuant to § 10 par. 3 No. 2 of the travel fees regulation 1955 (RGV), Federal Law Gazette No. 133/1955, established special compensation to pay. The double compensation of use of shall be payable for the use of buses. The compensation of use of is to make, which is been driven by the use of the service car for a these ride of this for the whole route (including empty). The compensation of use of is to make regardless of the number of car users in the individual case.

(5) the use of remuneration payable for other trips in accordance with paragraph 1 with service vehicles are to charge 813 "ancillary revenues" of each estimate places in the federal budget for the accounts.

Points of service cars

§ 6 service vehicles are secured in the prescribed or in exceptional cases in the area approved by the domestic leading position and blocking to turn off. Exceptions are allowed only if as a result, a disproportionate number of runnings can be avoided or the ride home of the cars extricated or cars handlebar with a public transport can no longer be contacted.

Steering of service cars

7. (1) the domestic governing bodies have to ensure that only appropriate staff for the management of a service car are authorised. The determination of the manner of this suitability is determined in particular by presenting a valid driver's license, proof of practice, aptitude tests or a driving reliability testing, is left to the respective budget governing bodies.

(2) the changer or the driver must be familiar with the handling of the service car and its technical facilities. He or she has strictly followed the operating instructions.

Travel jobs, travel books and tank card systems

§ 8 (1) for each service automobiles is a logbook to lead, which has to contain at least the particulars provided for in the pattern according to the plant. The drivers and bar service car may perform trips with service vehicles only on the basis of an order of ride and have to enter all rides in the logbook. If the drive order is given only orally, he is from the designated place (§ 2 para 2) noted above. Written travel orders and electronically created records are the same drive books, unless they contain the information provided for travel books.

(2) the competent fiscal-governing body has to decide whether a logbook is also for employees own motor vehicles, for which a lump sum salary is paid.

(3) the designated authority (§ 2 para 2) must convince adherence to the provisions of paragraphs 1 and 2 on the basis of the travel books.

(4) the leading budget places have in accordance with the provisions of the BB-GmbH from contracts of Federal procurement GmbH to use the tank card systems available.

Acquisition, facilities, periodic review and disposal of service cars

The BB GmbH act to apply are § 9 (1) to ensure of the principle of efficiency with the purchase of service automobiles. For the purchase of service cars also apply the due to § 16 para 2, § 58 para 1 and 2, § 60 paragraph 6, § 61 para 2, § 69 paragraph 4 and article 71, paragraph 1 No. 3 lit. b BHG 2013 of the Federal Minister of finance or to be issued by the Federal Minister of finance regulation (projects). On the part of the services be provided to ensure needs and expediency.

(2) the value of which is over the basic equipment as defined respectively by the Federal procurement GmbH, excess or additional equipment in General not exceed 5% of the acquisition costs of the service car. On this limit those do not count additional or optional equipment which are required for the particular official use of the service car.

(3) service cars are basically in 1967 to undergo an inspection pursuant to § 57a KFG. Service vehicles are excluded in the Federal Ministry for defence and sports and the Federal Police, provided that the vehicles are reviewed by these services by sufficiently suitable personnel. § 57a KFG 1967 shall apply mutatis mutandis.

(4) the leadership of desire indicator in accordance with Article 48a of the KFG 1967 is not allowed.

(5) the sale of service cars shall be subject to the regulation of the Federal Minister or the Federal Minister of finance to the Federal internal payment thing good transfer of movable federal property, Federal Law Gazette II No. 26 / 2011. With regard to determining whether it is economically viable and appropriate perform repairs, last sentence applies paragraph 1.

Rental of motor vehicles

§ 10 (1) for the hire of service cars the provisions are due to § 16 para 2, § 58 para 1 and 2, § 60 para 6, § 61 para 2, § 69 paragraph 4 and article 71, paragraph 1 No. 3 lit. b BHG 2013 of the Federal Minister of finance or by the Federal Minister of finance to adopt Regulation (projects) to be observed.

(2) the rent of employees private vehicles is not permitted.


§ 11. The provisions of paragraphs 2 to 10 shall apply mutatis mutandis for the use of single and multi-lane motorcycles.

Entry into force

§ 12. This Regulation shall enter into force 1 January 2013. At the same time are the guidelines for the acquisition, use, and the use of motor vehicles of the Federal Government of 29 January 2003 (GZ 01 1103/03-II/1/03) override.