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Driving Test Regulation (9Th Amendment To The Fsg-Pv)

Original Language Title: Änderung der Fahrprüfungsverordnung (9. Novelle zur FSG-PV)

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41. Regulation of the Federal Minister of Transport, Innovation and Technology, with which the examination regulation is amended (9). Novelle to the FSG-PV)

On the basis of § 11 (7) of the German Code of Licences, BGBl. I n ° 120/1997, as amended by the BGBl version. I No 50/2012, shall be arranged:

The Examination Regulation, BGBl. II No 321/1997, as amended by the BGBl version. II No 244/2012 shall be amended as follows:

1. § 1 para. 2 second sentence reads:

"The questions are to be compiled randomly for each candidate on the basis of the questionnaire drawn up by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology."

2. § 1 (3) reads:

" (3) The questionnaire consists of the following modules: GW (basic knowledge; general questions), A, B, C, C1, D, D1, BE, E and F. The first applicant for one or more steering roles (excluding the AM class) has the GW and the or the class specific (s) module (s). Each of these modules (including the module GW) must be treated as an independent test and evaluated. If individual modules are passed and others fail, then only the modules that have not passed are to be completed in the case of repetition. For the deposition of a class-specific module, the completion of the module GW is not a prerequisite. The completion of a class-specific module for a steering role, for which the possession of another steering role is a prerequisite, shall be permissible even if the theory test for the latter steering authority class is has not yet been successfully completed. In the case of an extension of the steering authority to one or more other class (s), except for the extension of the AM class to other classes, only the class specific (s) module (s) of the respectively requested class (s) are to be added to the class (s). . If the theoretical driving test for one or more classes has to be re-filed according to § 11 (6) second sentence FSG, only the class specific module (s) or module (s) must be completed. This also applies in the event that one or more driving tests for other classes are stored. As a theory test for the classes A1, A2 and A, the module A must always be used. The module E is not a separate steering authority class, but only in connection with the acquisition of one of the classes CE (C1E) or DE (D1E). If the class BE is requested, the class-specific module BE must always be completed. If several of the classes CE, C1E, DE or D1E are requested, the module E is to be completed only once. If one (or more) of the classes CE, C1E, DE or D1E is requested and if the applicant is already in the possession of one or more of these classes, the module E does not have to be completed again. "

3. In § 1, the following paragraph 4 is added:

" (4) The examination of an examination module shall consist of at least 20 main questions in which one or more supplementary questions (s) can also be asked in each case. The examination time for each module is 30 minutes, with § 3 (6) and (8) remaining unaffected. "

4. § 2 para. 2 reads:

"(2) An examination module is positive if at least 80 per cent of the highest possible number of points has been reached."

5. In § 3 (1), second sentence, the word "Test Models" by the word "Audit Modules" replaced.

6. The title of § 4 reads "Content of the module GW".

7. In § 4 the entry rate shall be:

"The module GW of the theoretical driving test must in any case contain questions from the following subject areas:"

8. In § 4 Z 13 The word sequence is deleted "Trailer, towing,".

9. In § 5 (1), the entry rate shall be:

"With regard to categories A1, A2 and A, the issues to be addressed in addition to the following topics are:"

10. In § 5 (1), the point at the end of Z 6 shall be replaced by an accoration and the following Z 7 to 10 shall be added:

" 7.

Behaviour on motorways,


Driving speed and driving in sight,




Moving on the market. "

11. In § 5 (2), the point at the end of the Z 3 shall be replaced by a supplement and the following Z 4 to 8 shall be added:

" 4.

Behaviour on motorways,


Driving speed and driving in sight,




Moving on the market,


Trailers and towing. "

12. In Section 5 (3), the phrase shall be the order of the word "Class C and subclass C1" replaced by the phrase "Classes C1 and C" and in section 5 (3) (1) of the word "Class C and subclass C1" replaced by the phrase "Classes C1 and C".

13. In § 5 (4) the word order shall be in each case in the introduction sentence and in Z 1 "Class D" replaced by the phrase "Classes D1 and D".

14. In the introduction of Section 5 (5), the word order shall be "Classes B + E, C + E, D + E and subclass C1 + E" replaced by the phrase "Class BE on the one hand and classes C1E, CE, D1E and DE (test module E) on the other" .

15. In Article 6 (4), the following sentence shall be inserted after the third sentence:

"In the course of the examination procedure for category F, the participation of the teacher of the driving school or of the accompanying person or of the instructor may not be allowed."

16. In Section 11 (1), after the word "Landeshauptmann" the phrase "or the body appointed by him" inserted.

17. § 15 para. 1 Z 1 reads:

" 1.

for the theoretical driving test for each entry into a module ........................... 5,50 Euro "

18. § 15 para. 1a first sentence reads:

" From the examination fee referred to in section 1 (1) (1), fees of EUR 1.50 per module to the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology, which are intended for the provision of the test programme for the theoretical driving test as well as for the quality assurance of the Practical driving test (including audits) must be used in equal parts. "

19. In § 15 (1a), second sentence, the word "Federal Police Directorates" replaced by the word "State Police Directorates" .

20. In § 15 para. 2, third sentence, the quote shall be "or D" replaced by the citation "or D (D1)" .

21. In § 18, the following paragraph 12 is added:

" (12) § 1 (2) to (4), § 2 (2), § 3 (1), § 4, § 5 (1) to (5) and § 15 (1), (1a) and (2) in the version of BGBl. II No 41/2013 will take place on 19 November 2013. Jänner 2013 in force. "