Calibration Fees Regulation 2013 - 2013 Egvo

Original Language Title: Eichgebührenverordnung 2013 – EGVO 2013

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311. Regulation of the Federal Minister for economy, family and youth on the calibration charges (verification fees regulation 2013 - EGVO 2013)

On the basis of § 57 para 1 of the dimensional and calibration Act (MEG), Federal Law Gazette No 152/1950, as last amended by Federal Law Gazette I no. 28/2012, is in agreement with the Federal Minister of finance prescribed:

Authorisation, conformity assessment procedures and equivalence of products

§ 1 (1) in the proceeding concerning the approval of a type of measuring instruments or instrument parts for calibration (sections 38 to 41 MEG) or in the implementation of a conformity assessment procedure (§ 18 Z 4 MEG) fees in accordance with A tariff shall be paid 1.

(2) in the proceeding concerning the admission of clearance points (§ 33 para 2 MEG) as well as public Wägeanstalten (section 62a MEG) are fees according to the payable rate A paragraph 2.

(3) in the proceeding concerning the approval of manufacturer's sign for level containers (§ 29 par. 1 MEG) fees in accordance with A tariff are payable para. 3.

(4) in the proceeding concerning the applied for recognition of equivalence between products (section 38 paragraph 9 MEG) fees in accordance with A tariff will be charged para 4.

(5) in proceedings for the, a publication of the results in the official journal for the essence of the calibration is intended, fees under the tariff A paragraph 5 are payable.

(6) the fees under the tariff No. 1 A par. 1 to 4 as well as paragraph 5 are payable even if the request was rejected, rejected or withdrawn by the applicant.


§ 2. For the calibration of measuring equipment (calibration technical inspection and stamping, § 36 para 1 MEG) fees in accordance with tariff B are payable.


3. (1) arises the need of the refoulement in the calibration technical examination (section 2) a meter or meter part, 50 per cent of the fee according to tariff B shall be so payable.

(2) for the rejection of a meter or meter part in the calibration technical examination, for which the time fee has to apply, fees under the tariff F shall be payable.

Finding exam

§ 4. For the inspection of measuring instruments or instrument parts on their marketability (diagnostic testing, § 47 para 1 MEG) application fees in accordance with tariff B are payable.

Lift a ban of the use

§ 5. For the lifting of a use lock, which is been created MEG pursuant to § 52 items in the calibration or subject to monitoring traffic, fees under the tariff C shall be payable.

Metrological control

§ 6. For the metrological control of dosimeters (§ 12 b MEG) as well as activity measuring devices (§ 12 c MEG) fee according to tariff D are to be paid.

Failure fees

7. (1) a failure fee according to tariff E is paragraph l to pay that for a specific time agreed official act on the manufacturing or site or in a where

1. don't start, 2 must be canceled or 3. only late can be started or 4 must be disconnected because the applicant inadequate or not in a timely manner has met the prescribed preparations (such as providing the cleaned meter or meter part, providing calibration means and work help) due to his fault.

(2) a failure fee according to tariff E para 2 is payable when an application to perform an official act was withdrawn after; begun with this When foreign acts, however, after the travel movement of responsible Organwalters has begun.

Time fee

Section 8 (1) time fees are stipulated the fees according to the time spent. They are under the tariff payable F for official acts, for which no fixed fees are set in the tariffs.

(2) in the case of foreign acts is time until leaving the Office the time from entering, at which the Act takes place, as well as travel time 1 ½ the cost of a flat-rate hours per Act.

(3) abroad, the duration of stay abroad is under time to understand where are per day at most 12 hours to calculate.

(4) travel costs abroad are charged according to the actual expense.

Fee for acts outside normal service hours

§ 9. The fees set out in the tariffs of A to M are for official acts, which carried on weekdays from Monday to Friday between 6 and 18: 00. For official acts performed at the express request outside these hours are in addition

1. on weekdays from Monday to Friday from 18 to 10: 00 and on Saturdays from 6 to 22, 50 per cent;

2. on weekdays from 22 to 6 hours and on Sundays and public holidays up to a maximum of 8 hours, 100 per cent;

3. exceeding on Sundays and public holidays for the 8 hour part of the AMT Act 200 per cent;

the tariff payable F.

Fare types

§ 10 (1) according to the place of official action following fare types are distinguished:

1. tariff type 1 for official acts on the production or site of the instruments domestically in accordance with article 33, paragraph 1 Z 3 MEG or for other acts which are not performed in the Bundesamt für Eich - und Vermessungswesen, or in the Eichämtern

2. fare type 2 for official acts in handling bodies in accordance with article 33, paragraph 1 Z 2 MEG, if the applicant provides all to carry out the deed necessary auxiliary persons and AIDS itself.

3. fare type 3 for official acts in Eichämtern or the Bundesamt für Eich - und Vermessungswesen pursuant to § 33 paragraph 1 Z 1 MEG.

(2) the fees prescribed in the tariff B and D is payable:

1. in tariff type l the l-fold;

2. in tariff type 2 the 0,5-fache;

3. in the case of fare type 3 the 0,6-fache.

The remaining fees apply regardless of the location of the official act.

Examination fee for Wäger

§ 11. A fee according to tariff G is payable for inspecting a Wägers through the out (section 62a para 5 MEG).

Photocopies and calibration certificates

§ 12. Official for the manufacture of copies calibration certificates (including file components and notices) as well as for the issuing of calibration certificates will be charged tariff H fees in accordance with.

Control of prepackages, dimension containers and dispensing containers

§ 13. For monitoring in accordance with article 19 MEG are fees according to payable rate I, if the monitoring is carried out at the request of the manufacturer or importer or if the controls carried out a violation of the provisions of the MEG or the finished Pack regulations, BGBl. No. 867/1993, as amended by regulation BGBl. II Nr 115/2009, result.

Fee for the monitoring of calibration points through the out

Section 14 (1) for the monitoring of authorized calibration points (§ 35 MEG) are to pay fees according to rate J Z 1 to 4 per year.

(2) the fees are from the first audit according to the respective number of calibrated measuring instruments to measure and to prescribe.

(3) in the ongoing monitoring, or at the end of the year a change of category of the calibration point determined, the difference to the higher category is to prescribe.

(4) for any additional review, a fee according to tariff J is payable Z 5.

(5) for listeners abroad, fees under the tariff J will be charged no. 6.

Fee for the statistical test to the extension of the Nacheichfrist

§ 15. For statistical testing, fees according to tariff K are payable per lot to be inspected.

Fee for issuance or amendment the authorisation of backup characters

Section 16 (1) for the grant or change the authorization for the installation of backup characters are fees according to pay fare L.

(2) the fee is also payable if the authorization is not granted.

Fee for the verification on the basis of a statistical examination of measuring instruments

§ 17. When a statistical test is provided on the basis of the calibration regulations, fees under the tariff M are to be paid.

Entry into force

§ 18. This Regulation shall enter into force 1 January 2014. At the same time the EGVO 1999, BGBl. No. 467/1998, as amended by the EGVO 2002, Federal Law Gazette II No. 10 / 2002, override.