Change Of The Mother-Child Pass Regulation 2002 (Mukipassv-Novelle 2013)

Original Language Title: Änderung der Mutter-Kind-Pass-Verordnung 2002 (MuKiPassV-Novelle 2013)

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420th Ordinance of the Federal Minister of health, of the mother-child pass Regulation 2002 change (MuKiPassV-Novelle 2013)

On the basis of article 7, paragraph 1 child care money law (KBGG), Federal Law Gazette I no. 103/2001, I no. 197/2013, is last amended by Federal Law Gazette in agreement with the Federal Minister of economic, family and youth:

The mother-child pass Regulation 2002 - MuKiPassV, Federal Law Gazette II No. 470/2001, as last amended by the regulation Federal Law Gazette II No. 448/2009, is amended as follows:

1. in the table of contents is following the line "§ 5... Ultrasound examinations of pregnant women"the row"section 5a... Midwife consulting"added.

2. According to § 5, 5a the following paragraph with heading shall be inserted:

"Midwife consulting

§ 5a. (1) within the 18th to 22nd week of pregnancy, there is a one-hour consultation with a midwife. The midwife Consulting has in particular

1. information about the course of pregnancy, childbirth, puerperium and breast-feeding, 2. advice on health-promoting and preventive behavior during pregnancy, in childbirth and during lactation, as well as 3 responding to the psychosocial environment of the pregnant women and, if necessary, to include information on related support facilities.

(2) the midwife consulting is not a precondition for the continuation of the childcare allowance in full."

3. in article 6, paragraph 1, the second sentence is omitted.

4. paragraph 8:

„§ 8. "Excessive in the § 7 paragraph 2 to 6 set examination appointments has to stay, if it is done for a reason of the claimant not to be the continuation of the childcare allowance in full out of consideration (§ 7 para 4 KBGG)."

5 the following sentence is added to the section 12, paragraph 1:

"The essential content and special findings of midwifery consultation document are also in the mother-child pass."

6 paragraph 12 paragraph 2:

"(2) the mother-child pass is set up by the Federal Ministry of health."

7. in article 12, paragraph 4, 2a is inserted after the Z 2 following Z:

"2a. conduct of the midwife in accordance with § 5a," 8. In article 13, paragraph 1, the phrase "and advising the midwife midwife" is inserted after the phrase "under consideration doctor".

9 the following paragraph 4 is added to the article 15:

"(4) the table of contents, § 5a along with heading, § 6 para 1, § 8, § 12 ABS. 1, 2 and 4 Z 2a, as well as § 13 para 1 as amended the regulation Federal Law Gazette II No. 420/2013 with November 1, 2013 into force."