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Change Of The Ig-L - Emission Classes Labeling Regulations

Original Language Title: Änderung der IG-L – Abgasklassen-Kennzeichnungsverordnung

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272. Regulation of the Federal Minister for Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management, with which the IG-L-exhaust gas class labelling regulation is amended

On the basis of § 14a of the Immission Protection Act-Air (IG-L), BGBl. I n ° 115/1997, as last amended by the Federal Law BGBl. I No 77/2010, shall be arranged:

The Regulation of the Federal Minister for Agriculture, Forestry, the Environment and Water Management, laying down provisions for the implementation of the special marking of vehicles with regard to the allocation to the classes of exhaust gases (IG-L- Exhaust gas class labelling regulation-AbgClassic V), BGBl. II No 120/2012, as last amended by BGBl. II No 248/2012, shall be amended as follows:

1. § 1 (1) reads:

" (1) A marking according to § 14a (1) IG-L with an exhaust-gas class identification plate chain is for all multi-track motor vehicles of categories N and M which are admitted to the traffic within the meaning of § 3 (1) Z 2.1 and Z 2.2 of the Kraftfahrgesetz 1967 (KFG) 1967), BGBl. No 267, then necessary if these motor vehicles are


fall into an exhaust class for which the measures of a regulation in accordance with Article 14 (1) (1) of the IG-L do not apply or are laid down for the exceptions to these measures, and


be operated at the local scope of a regulation according to § 14 para. 1 Z 1 IG-L. "

2. According to Article 1 (1), the following paragraph 1a is inserted:

" (1a) A transitional period of no more than six months from the date of entry into force of the Regulation for the affixing of the labelling chain may be provided for in a regulation in accordance with Article 14 (1) of the IG-L if this is necessary in order to obtain the registration of the labelling. To enable a characterizing chain. "

3. § 2 (1) reads:

" § 2. (1) Where an identification and assignment of a motor vehicle is carried out with regard to the marking with an exhaust-gas class identification plate, it shall be checked which vehicle class in the sense of the KFG in 1967 and which of the vehicles is used for the identification and classification of a vehicle. An exhaust-gas class is assigned to a specific motor vehicle and the type of drive of the motor with which the respective motor vehicle is operated corresponds. For these findings, the corresponding entries in the documents submitted shall be drawn up in the following order:


the certificate of registration;


the relevant certificate of approval (EC certificate of conformity in accordance with Directive 2007 /46/EC, type certificate according to § 30 KFG 1967, individual approval certificate in accordance with § 31 or § 34 KFG 1967),


the data extract from the approval database according to § 28a or § 28b KFG 1967 or the data expression according to § 33 or § 39 KFG 1967, or


a CEMT, issued by an authorized body, of conformity with the technical requirements and safety requirements for a motor vehicle.

If no exhaust gas class is specified in these documents, the identification and allocation shall be in accordance with the provisions of the Appendix 1 "

4. In § 3 (1) to (6) and (4) (1), the term " " Annex " by the expression " Appendix 2 " replaced.

5. In Section 3 (2), the "KFG 1967" the phrase " and in the Appendix 1 " inserted.

6. In Section 3 (6), the word order shall be deleted "or higher" .

7. According to Article 3 (6), the following paragraphs 7 and 8 are inserted:

"(7) For the identification of vehicles falling within the" Euro 6 " or higher exhaust-gas class, the exhaust-gas class identification chain is shown in Figure 6 of the Appendix 2 to use.

(8) For the identification of vehicles with an alternative drive in accordance with Article 14 (2) (5), the exhaust-gas-class identification plate chain is shown in Figure 6 of the Appendix 2 and to punch the letter "A". "

8. The following paragraph 1a is inserted in accordance with Article 4 (1):

" (1a) If the last six digits of the vehicle identification number are subject to an extremely high level of expenditure for the powers within the meaning of § 5, in the case of exhaust-gas class identification plate chains according to § 3 (3) to (8) In the same place, the last six digits of the vehicle identification number shall also be affixed in hand by means of a black, permanent, water-resistant and light-resistant pen on the exhaust-gas class identification plate. "

9. In § 4 (2), after the word "Hole Marking" the phrase "or label" inserted.

10. In § 8, the following paragraph 2 is added:

" (2) § 1 para. 1 and 1a, § 2 para. 1, § 3, § 4 para. 1, 1a and 2, § 8 paragraph 2 as well as the Annexes 1 and 2 in the version of the BGBl Regulation. II No 272/2014 shall enter into force at the end of the day of the presentation of the said Regulation. "

11. In accordance with § 8, Appendix 1 and title shall be inserted:

see annex.

12. The previous " Annex " shall be " Appendix 2 " .

13. In Appendix 2, the first paragraph shall be replaced by the following phrase:

" The exhaust-gas class identification chain must be designed according to the patterns shown below and must consist of a light-weight, weatherproof, resistant film. It must be provided with a fixed protection mark (s) placed under the outer layers of the film. It shall have on its upper side a field into which the last six digits of the vehicle identification number shall be stamped or entered in accordance with Section 4 (1a). "

14. In Appendix 2, as shown in Figure 5, the following figure 6 is inserted:

Figure 6