Implementation Of The Educational Documentation Act In Private Universities, Theological Colleges And Non-University Educational Institutions, The University Level Courses Are Offered

Original Language Title: Durchführung des Bildungsdokumentationsgesetzes an Privatuniversitäten, theologischen Lehranstalten und außeruniversitären Bildungseinrichtungen, die Lehrgänge universitären Charakters anbieten

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28 regulation of the Federal Minister for education, science and culture on the implementation of the training documentation Act at private universities, theological colleges and non-university educational institutions, the University level courses offer

On the basis of § 3 paragraph 6 and section 9 of the training documentation Act, Federal Law Gazette I no. 12/2002, as amended by Federal Law Gazette I no. 169/2002, as well as §§ 4 para 4 and 8 of the Federal Statistics Act 2000, Federal Law Gazette I no. 163/1999, last amended by Federal Law Gazette I no. 71/2003, is in agreement with the Chancellor prescribed:

General terms and conditions

1. (1) this Regulation applies to the following educational institutions:

1 private universities in accordance with the University Accreditation Act, Federal Law Gazette I no. 168/1999, 2 theological colleges in accordance with article V, section 1, paragraph 1, of the Concordat between the Holy chairs and the Republic of Austria, BGBl. II Nr. 2 / 1934, and 3 non-university educational institutions, I no. 48/1997, offering courses of University character in accordance with § 27 of the University Studies Act, Federal Law Gazette, namely in the scope of their activities for such courses.

(2) under this regulation name, address, legal nature and data processing register number of the holder of the educational institution are each data transmission, to precede the indication of the type of education, as well as the information about the content of these records and the registration date.

(3) to the encoding of the States, which are Appendix 1 Z 2, features no. 5 and 6, by the Minister or by the Federal Ministry of education to use known given scientific and cultural codes.

(4) the preserver and leaders or heads of educational institutions have to comply with the system and data requirements of the Federal "Statistics Austria" for the transmission of the data.

Students, studies and degrees

2. (1) has the head or the head of an educational institution to submit 15 November each year within two weeks of the Bundesanstalt "Statistics Austria" as of the date the data of students in accordance with Appendix 1. The date of 15 November with regard to the temporal distribution of the institution of an educational institution of the year proves to be unsuitable, a different date can be agreed with the Federal "Statistics Austria" October and November in the months.

(2) that the or announced the students social security number is to verify before you deploy after the known given the main Association of social insurance institutions method for validity.

(3) If an applicant or an applicant for admission to study at the educational institution on the occasion of the approval proves that no social security number has been assigned to him or her, the head or the head of the educational institution for the purpose of training a replacement label has to process the input characteristics (§ 3 par. 6 of the educational documentation Act) and to leave the spare indicator database established at the Federal Institute "Statistics Austria". Spare marking using the spare indicator database formed is to assign the concerned applicant or the relevant applicants.

(4) the replacement identification is maintained until the announcement of the social insurance number or the students. This also applies to other educational institutions visited by the or the concerned students.


§ 3. The head or the head of the educational institution or the legal entity, who shall exercise the function of employer at the educational institution, has to transmit data about that from him for carrying out courses or courses of University character in the past academic year at the latest on 15 November each year of the Federal "Statistics Austria" used personnel in accordance with Appendix 2.

Revenue and expenditure in the educational institution conservation

4. (1) the head or the head of the educational institution or the legal entity which has the operating and maintenance expenses carrying educational institution, to submit the Federal "Statistics Austria" the revenue and expenditure in the conservation of educational institution in the preceding calendar year, until 31 May every year as far as these on facilities in accordance with § 1 para 1 Z 1 and 2 and training courses in accordance with § 1 para 1 No. 3 involved. The holder's fiscal year differs from the calendar year, fiscal year received in the preceding calendar year to end is to be used.

(2) the revenue and expenditure shall be divided as follows:

1 took a 1.1 contributions of students 1.2 subsidies (grants) 1.2.1 1.2.2 federal countries 1.2.3 communities 1.2.4 other 1.3 other revenues 2. expenditures 2.1 human resources 2.2 investments 2.3 current operating expenditure (3) leads that educational institution or the legal entity which can the Federal "Statistics Austria" on the delivery of income the operating and maintenance expenses carrying educational institution, no revenue and expenditure account, and expenses in accordance with paragraph 2 , if the concerned institution or the legal entity, which carries the operating and maintenance costs of the educational institution, shall submit a suitable representation of expenses and income.

Transitional provision

§ 5. The data on students, studies and degrees (section 2) for the academic year 2003/04 are to transmit date 10 May 2004 within three weeks.


Appendix 1

to section 2

Students, studies and degrees

1. selection of records to pass are

1.1 records of all students to the balance sheet date (summary "Active student") as well as 1.2 records of all students who have completed the studies since the previous balance sheet date (summary "students finished").


2. characteristics

Item No. No.

Box content


Social security number (§ 2 para 2)


Spare marking (§ 2 para 3)


Date of birth (YYYYMMDD)


Gender (M, W)


Nationality (§ 1 para. 3)


State of the home address (§ 1 para. 3)


Postal code of home address


Place the home address


Type of the course according to 3.1


Name of the course


Date of recording of the student in the course (YYYYMMDD)


Admission as a freshman (1) or study Fort compositor language (2).


Completion date (YYYYMMDD)


Termination form in accordance with 3.2


3. box content allowed non-empty to passed the boxes 1 to 12; in the records in accordance with Z 1.2 also the data fields should be nonempty passed 13 and 14.

3.1 nature of the course of study or course

1 Bachelor or Bachelor's degree 2 degree 3 master, Magister - or Lizentiatsstudiengang 4 doctoral degree 5 other postgraduate degree 6 other post-secondary degree or course with a minimum duration of 4 semesters 7 other degree or course 3.2 termination form

1 successful completion of 2 completed non-degree 3 degree interruption

Appendix 2

to section 3


A separate data set of employment is to provide simultaneous existence of multiple service or employment.

By karenzierten people, a record employment level is to deliver "00.0%".


1. characteristics

Item No. No.

Box content


constant in the person record ID 2

Gender (M, W)


Year of birth


highest completed education according to Z 2.1


Employment type 1 according to Z 2.2


Employment type 2 in accordance with Z 2.2


Employment level in % of full-time employment


Use according to Z 2.3


According to Z 2.4


2. box contents 2.1 highest completed education

1 University degree doctorate (as a second - or third-degree) 2 University or college degree diploma or master's degree level, doctorate of Medicine (human and dental medicine), PhD on the basis of study regulations from the period before the entry into force of the General University Studies Act, BGBl. No. 177/1966, completion of a university course or a course of University character with a degree of master (§ 51 para 2 Z 23 University Act 2002 or § 26 para 1 and 28 para 1: transcultural subject communication) 3 University degree or university degree at the Bachelor's level, including short studies, 4 Diploma of a teacher training Academy , Academy for social work, Medical Academy and midwife Academy 5

other tertiary education (College, master exam, course, with no academic degree was connected) 6 matriculation examination of a general-education secondary school 7 Reifeprüfung and vet diploma examination of vocational or teacher - and education-educational secondary school 8 final apprenticeship examination, vocational middle school or comparable vocational training are 9 compulsory education foreign qualifications by analogy to associate.


2.2 employment type

Type of activity 1:

1 the Federal Government 2 employed employed by a different local authority 3 employed by the educational institution or their carrier 4 apprenticeship or training ratio of 5 other employment employment type 2:

1 permanent employment relationship 2 temporary employment 2.3 use

1 teaching 2 scientific collaboration in teaching and research 3 professional support of the students in learning and research 4 professional support of students in health and social matters 5 Management 6 Administrative 7 maintenance and operation 2.4 function

1 head of the educational institution 2 Deputy / r of the educational institution 3 Director of the postgraduate course or course 4 Deputy Chief / r Chief of the course or course 5 Chairperson of the Supreme collegiate body 6 Deputy / r Chairperson of the Supreme collegiate body 7 head (there) organizational unit of the educational institution