Educational Documentation Regulation Colleges - Bidokvfh

Original Language Title: Bildungsdokumentationsverordnung-Fachhochschulen - BiDokVFH

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29 regulation of the Federal Minister for education, science and culture on the implementation of the education documentation Act on higher vocational courses and universities of applied sciences (education documentation regulation universities of applied sciences - BiDokVFH)

On the basis of § 3 par. 6, § 4, § 5, para 3, § 7 and § 9 of the Federal Act on the documentation in the education (training documentation Act), Federal Law Gazette I no. 12/2002, in the version of Federal Law Gazette I is no. 169/2002, in agreement with the Chancellor ordered:

General terms and conditions

1. (1) the right to information of the Fachhochschule Council compared to the receive of FH degree programmes and Fachhochschulen pursuant to § 6 ABS. 3 University of applied sciences studies Act, BGBl. No. 340/1993, is not affected by this regulation.

(2) any data deployment name, address, are to precede legal nature and data processing register number of the holder of the degree course or University of applied sciences, as well as the information about the content of subsequent records.

(3) to the encoding of the States (features 6 and 7 of Appendix 1) they are by the Federal Minister or the Federal Minister for education, to use known given to science and culture in the ways of the Fachhochschule Council codes.

(4) the holder have the system and data requirements of the Fachhochschule Council to comply with the transmission of data.

Students, studies and degrees

Section 2 (1) of a college degree holder has to the dates 15 April and 15 November each year within two weeks of the Minister or the Federal Minister for education, to disclose the information of students in accordance with Annex 1 science and culture in the ways of the Fachhochschule Council, stating the filing date.

(2) that the or announced the students social security number is to check before you deploy after the known given the main Association of social insurance institutions method for validity.

(3) If an applicant or an applicant on the occasion of the recording proves that no social security number has been assigned to him or her, name, date of birth and address at the place of the applicant or the applicant's has known the holder of the course of the Federal "Statistics Austria" on the appropriate way to give. Spare marking is to make Statistics Austria then according to the result of the query the spare indicator database of the Federal Institute and document against which or the students in an appropriate manner.

(4) the replacement identification is maintained until the announcement of the social insurance number or the students. This also applies to other educational institutions visited by the or the concerned students.


§ 3.

The preserver of a Polytechnic degree or a University of applied sciences has between 15 and 30 November of each year the Minister or the Federal Minister for education, science and culture in the way of the Fachhochschule Council to disclose information about him in the past academic year for carrying out higher vocational courses used personnel in accordance with Appendix 2.

Data for purposes of Federal statistics

§ 4 (1) who has College Council to submit the Federal "Statistics Austria":

1. to the deadlines referred to in article 2, paragraph 1 and reporting dates the data referred to in annex 1;

2. to the date of the report referred to in section 3 the data in annex 2.

(2) any transfer of data to the Federal Agency "Statistics Austria" shall contain the information referred to in section 1, paragraph 2. The data format must be coordinated between the Federal Agency and the respective data suppliers.


Appendix 1

§ 2 and § 4 para 1 subpara 1

Students, studies and degrees

1 features


Box content


Personal identifiers


Date of birth (DDMMYYYY) 3

Gender (M, W)


Social security number (§ 2 para 2)


Spare marking (§ 2 para 3)


Nationality (§ 1 para 4)


State of the home address (§ 1 para 4)


Postal code of home address according to the Codex table PLZ of Council of University of applied sciences


Place the home address


The entrance requirement according to Z 2.1


Date of obtaining the access condition (DDMMYYYY)


Date of recording of the student in the course (DDMMYYYY)


Completion date (DDMMYYYY)


Education semester according to the coding standard of the Fachhochschule Council


Status according to Z 2.2

2 field contents 2.1 requirement 2.1.1 FH Bachelor's degree program or forming FH degree 9 General higher school (long form) forming 10 Oberstufenrealgymnasium 11 General secondary schools (a type) 12 technical and commercial institution of higher education 13 trading Academy 14 institution of higher education for economic professions 15 higher agriculture and forestry College 16 high school of teachers and educators education 17 College Graduate 4 recognised university entrance examination 18 vocational matriculation examination 19 domestic post secondary educational institution 5 foreign university entrance qualification 6 audit certificate of a relevant vocational middle school 7 teaching certificate with any additional qualifications 8 foreman school 99 other 2.1.2
FH master's degree 1 FH degree Bachelor (domestic) 2 FH degree Bachelor's (foreign) 3 final post-secondary studies (domestic) 4 conclusion post-secondary studies (International) 5 degree Bachelor (domestic) 6 University degree Bachelor's (foreign) 7 FH degree Dipl.-Ing./Mag. (Domestic) 8 FH degree Dipl.-Ing./Mag./Master (Overseas) 9 University degree Dipl.-Ing./Mag./Master/Dr. (domestic) 10 University degree Dipl.-Ing./Mag./Master/Dr./PhD (Overseas) 11 other 2.2 status 1 active/r student 2 Unterbrecher/in 3 Wu 4 eliminated without completing 5 transfer to a Bachelor's degree

Appendix 2

§ 3 and § 4 par. 1 Z 2


1 features

Item No. No.

Box content


constant in the person record ID 2

Gender (M, W)


Year of birth


highest completed education according to Z 2.1


Employment type 1 according to Z 2.2


Employment type 2 in accordance with Z 2.2


Employment level in the holder for the University of applied sciences operation in % of full-time employment


Use according to Z 2.3


According to Z 2.4


Polytechnic course, (only for uses 1, 2 and 5 and 1 and 2 functions)

2 field contents 2.1 highest completed education 1 University degree doctorate (as a second - or third-degree) 2 University or college degree diploma or master's degree level, doctorate of Medicine (human and dental medicine), PhD on the basis of study regulations from the time before the entry into force of the General University Studies Act, BGBl. No. 177/1966, or completion of a university course or course University character with a degree of master (§ 51 para 2 Z 23 University Act 2002 or § 26 para 1 and 28 para 1UniStG) 3 University degree or university degree at the Bachelor level (including short studies) 4
Diploma of a teacher training Academy, Academy for social work, Medical Academy and midwife Academy of 5 other tertiary education (College, master exam, course, with no academic degree was connected) 6 General education secondary school examination 7 Reifeprüfung and vet diploma examination of vocational or teacher - and education-educational secondary school 8 final apprenticeship examination, vocational middle school or comparable vocational training are 9 compulsory education foreign qualifications by analogy to associate.

2.2. employment type of type of employment 1:

1 the Federal Government 2 employed employed by a different local authority 3 employed by the educational institution or their carrier 4 apprenticeship or training ratio of 5 other employment employment type 2:

B temporary employment

U unlimited employment

2.3 use 1 teaching 2 cooperation in teaching 3 research 4 scientific collaboration in research 5 professional support of the students in learning and research 6 professional support of students in health and social matters 7 management 8 management 9 maintenance and operation 2.4 function 1 member of the development team (§ 12 ABS. 3 FHStG) with additional indication of the course of 2 head of the postgraduate course (Faculty) with additional indication of the course 3 Chief of the University of Applied Sciences College