2013 - Gas System Usage Fees Regulation Amendment To 2015, Gsne Vo 2013 - 2015 Amendment

Original Language Title: Gas-Systemnutzungsentgelte-Verordnung 2013 – Novelle 2015, GSNE-VO 2013 – Novelle 2015

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370 Commission of of regulation Regulation E-control, the fees for the gas system usage fees regulation 2013 modifies the (gas system usage fees regulation 2013 - amendment to 2015, GSNE VO 2013 - 2015 Amendment)

On reason of section 24 and section 70 gas Act 2011 - MLA 2011, Federal Law Gazette I no. 107/2011 in the version of Federal Law Gazette II No. 211/2014 in conjunction with § 12 ABS. 2 Z 1 Energy Control Act E-ControlG, Federal Law Gazette I no. 110/2010 in the version of Federal Law Gazette I is no. 174/2013, prescribed:

The Commission of of regulatory regulation of E-control will be used to determine the fees for the use of the system in the gas industry (gas system usage fees regulation 2013, 2013 GSNE-VO), BGBl. II No. 309/2012 in the version of 3. GSNE VO 2013 - 2014 amendment, Federal Law Gazette II No. 69/2014, is amended as follows:

1 § 2 para 1 No. 13 is:

"13"Verrechnungsbrennwert"the energy value consulted on resolution to end users to determine of the amount of energy in kWh / nm cc." "This is for the market area east of 11.26 kWh / nm M3, for the market area of Tyrol 11.23 kWh / nm ³ and for the market area Vorarlberg 11.25 kWh / nm ³. the average monthly value by more than 2% published by the respective distribution area manager differs from the prescribed Verrechnungsbrennwert, comes for this period of the published average monthly value to the application;"

2. § 3 para 8 first sentence reads:

"(8) the network license fee at network coupling points in the transmission system, where several crucial points in accordance with § 39 2011 meet GWG, is determined 2011 based on contractually agreed performance, as follows MLA for transportation on fixed base between these relevant points referred to in § 39 for contracts with a term of one year or longer for the following entry and exit points, (the exit point in brackets referred to those exit point , whose combined transport is offered):

1 überackern SUDAL (überackern-ABG): power supply: 0.14 Board: 0.14 of 2 überackern-ABG (überackern SUDAL): power supply: 0.14 Board: 0.14 "3. § 4 paragraph 5, first sentence, is:

"(5) in the case of limitations of transport services due to unplanned maintenance according to in accordance with § 32, MLA is 2011 approved policies for network access to transmission networks to grant a fee reduction the network user for the duration and the extent of the transport restriction."

4. in section 4, paragraph 9, no. 1 is deleted the phrase "Holds the nomination rights at the relevant points of memory".

5. paragraph 7 subsection 2:

"(2) the day GmbH is obliged to pay to gas connect Austria GmbH EUR 8.366.148,02 of compensation."

6. According to § 10 para 6, b para 6 c shall be inserted:

"(6c) at the request of plants that provide rule reserve power rule reserve markets days, are to settle to 6 ElWOG 2010 that gets offered rule energy, Z where the control area manager in accordance with section 23 paragraph 2 under by analogy with application of paragraph 6a." The measured highest hourly performance of the days on which control energy is obtained is not to take into account when determining the monthly measured performance after para 5. The performance compensation com. par. 5 is pro rata to reduce those days with control energy demand. The control area manager has the gas distribution system operator to whose network the system is connected to transmit the data necessary for billing."

7 paragraph 10 section 7:

"(7) the actual accounting period deviates from a period of 365 or 366 days, the zones referred to in paragraph 4 to passing through are to aliquot specifically on the corresponding payroll period in accordance with the load profile obtained from the load profile regulation. Whenever the network use charges is a Zonenaliquotierung and, if the counter is not known, to make a calculated usage limitations. The factoring of the zones, as well as the calculated usage limitations are to represent transparent and comprehensible in the clearing. The operator provides a model for setting out the methodology of calculation available, on the basis of the Zonenaliquotierung and the calculated usage limitations can be traced on the Internet. On customer's request the day and/or month consumption of the last accounting period on the basis of mathematical usage limitations are to the customer electronically or in paper form."

8 § 10 par. 8 Nos. 1 and 2 are:

"(8) for the network license fee to be paid by end users and network operators within network areas in the distribution system according to § 73 para 2 MLA 2011 following charges are determined:"

1. network usage charge for the level 2: a) area of Burgenland - network level 2:

b) area of Carinthia - network level 2:

(c) range of lower - level 2:

(d) range of upper - level 2:

(e) section Salzburg - network level 2:

(f) area Styria - network level 2:

(g) area Tirol - network level 2:

h) area Vorarlberg - network level 2:

(i) section Vienna - network level 2:

2. network usage charge for the level 3: a) area of Burgenland - level 3:

b) area of Carinthia - level 3:

(c) range of lower - level 3:

(d) range of upper - level 3:

(e) section Salzburg - level 3:

(f) area Styria - level 3:

(g) area Tirol - level 3:

h) area Vorarlberg - level 3:

"i) area Vienna - network level 3:"

9. in article 12, paragraph 2, the figure "0.33" by the number "0.49" in article 12, paragraph 4 is replaced the number "1.05" by the number "1.02".

10 paragraph 13 paragraph 2:

"(2) the network usage charge for the feeding into the distribution system from production or generation of biogenic gases, related contracts with a term of one year, is determined on the contractually agreed performance for standard capacities as follows:"

1 feeding into the distribution system from production in the lower power range: 0.29 2. feeding into the distribution system from production in the upper power range: 0.74 3. feeding into the distribution system from production to the power section of Salzburg: 0.62 4. feeding into the distribution system from production of biogenic gas in the areas of network Burgenland, Carinthia, lower Austria, Upper Austria, Salzburg, Styria, Tyrol, Vorarlberg and Vienna: 0.11 "11 § 14 paragraph 7 is :

"(7) the sharing of costs referred to in paragraph 1 to 6 to the individual network segments leads to following net payments in EUR thousand. The net payments are annual amounts and are charged in twelve equal part amounts each month.

1. Eastern market area:

2. market area Tirol: a) TIGAS gas Tirol GmbH pays in Austrian gas grid Management AG: 2.073,8 b) EVA gas supply Ausserfern GmbH pays in Austrian gas grid Management AG: 102.6 3. market Region Vorarlberg: Vorarlberger energy networks GmbH pays in Austrian gas grid Management AG: 3.133,3 "12 § 15 para 8 No. 3 is:

"3. by a competent testing laboratory for gas meter and smart meters to G 65 after removal of the meter: €90,00" 13 article 17 is:

"(1) the compensation payments are net payments in EUR, which represent annual amounts, laid down and are payable in 12 equal amounts of part monthly.

(2) for the network scope of Carinthia following compensation be set:

1. energy Klagenfurt GmbH pays KNG-Carinthia Netz GmbH: 110,5 (3) for the network scope of Upper Austria are set following compensation:


(4) following compensation be set for the network scope of Styria:

(5) for the network scope of Tyrol, following compensation be set:

1. Tiga gas Tirol GmbH pays EVA gas supply Ausserfern GmbH: 18.5 (6) for the network scope of Vorarlberg are set following compensation:

1. the Stadtwerke Bregenz GmbH pays Vorarlberger energy networks GmbH: 635,2 "14 § 19 is:

"article 19. The shares to be paid in the annual fee for the distribution area manager are determined as follows in THOUS. The payment of remuneration to the Distributor area manager takes place in twelve same monthly instalments:

1. distribution region East: a) for the network area of Upper Austria the OÖ. Gas network GmbH: 2.327,8;

(b) 1.515,8 for the power range lower the net lower Austria GmbH:;

(c) 1.222,7 for the network scope Styria Styria GmbH energy networks:;

(d) for the network scope of Burgenland network Burgenland Erdgas GmbH: 228,8;

(e) 218,4 for the network area of Carinthia KNG-Carinthia Netz GmbH:;

307,7 f) for the network scope of Salzburg the Salzburg Netz GmbH:;

(g) 1.984,0 for the network scope Vienna the Wiener networks GmbH:.

2. distribution area of Tyrol a) for the network scope of Tyrol the TIGAS gas Tirol GmbH 376,2.

(3. Verteilergebiet Vorarlberg a) for the network scope of Vorarlberg the Vorarlberger energy networks GmbH 264,3. "

15. According to § 21 para 7 para 8 is added:

"8. the article 2, par. 1 Z 13, § 3 para 8, § 4 paragraph 5, section 4, paragraph 9 Z 1, section 7 para 2, § 10 para 6c, § 10, section 7, section 10 para 8 No. 1 and no. 2, § 12 para 2, § 12 para 4, § 13 para 2, § 14 paragraph 7, § 15 para 8 Nos. 3, article 17 and article 19 in the version of the GSNE-VO 2013 - novel 2015 contact 1 January 2015" ", 6 o'clock in force."