Control Of The Marketing Of Fishery And Aquaculture Products

Original Language Title: Kontrolle der Vermarktung von Erzeugnissen der Fischerei und der Aquakultur

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49. Regulation of the Federal Minister for agriculture and forestry, environment and water management on control of the marketing of fishery and aquaculture products

On the basis of § 4 para 1 Z 1, § 5 para 1 and 2, § 8, subsection 5 Z 3, § 14 para 2 and § 21 para 2 of the marketing standards Act - VNG, Federal Law Gazette I no. 68/2007, last amended by the Federal Act, Federal Law Gazette I no. 189/2013, is - in terms of § 4 para 1 Z 1, article 5, paragraph 1 and article 14 par. 2 in agreement with the Federal Minister of health and the Federal Minister for science , Research and industry as well as in terms of § 8 5 No. 3 in agreement with the Federal Minister of finance - prescribed:

1 section


§ 1. The provisions of this regulation are the implementation of the following legal acts of the European Union:

1. Regulation (EU) No. 1380 / 2013 on the common fisheries policy and amending regulations (EC) No 1954/2003 and (EC) no 1224/2009 of the Council and repealing Regulations (EC) No 2371/2002 and (EC) No. 639/2004 of the Board and of decision 2004/585/EC, OJ No. L 354 of the 28.12.2013 S. 22;

2. Regulation (EU) No. 1379/2013 on the common organisation of the market for products of fishing and aquaculture, amending regulations (EC) no 1184/2006 and (EC) no 1224/2009 of the Council and repealing Regulation (EC) No. 104/2000 of the Council, OJ No. L 354 of the 28.12.2013 p. 1;

3. Regulation (EC) no 1224/2009 establishing a community control system for ensuring compliance with the rules of the common fisheries policy and amending regulations (EC) no 847/96, (EC) No 2371/2002, (EC) No. 811/2004, (EC) No. 768/2005, (EC) No 2115/2005, (EC) no 2166/2005, (EC) No. 388/2006, (EC) No. 509/2007, (EC) No. 676/2007 , (EC) No 1098/2007, (EC) no 1300/2008, (EC) No. 1342 / 2008 and repealing Regulations (EEC) No 2847/93, (EC) no 1627/94 and (EC) No 1966/2006, OJ No L 343 of December 22, 2009 p. 1, last amended by Regulation (EC) No. 1385/2013, OJ No. L 354 of the 28.12.2013 p. 86;

4. Regulation (EC) no 2406/96 on common marketing standards for certain fishery products, OJ No L 334 of 23.12.1996, p. 1, last amended by Regulation (EC) No. 790/2005, OJ No. L 132 of the 26.05.2005 S. 15;

5. Regulation (EEC) no 1536/92 on common marketing standards for tuna and bonito canned, OJ No. L 163 of the 17.06.1992 p. 1;

6 Council Regulation (EEC) no 2136/89 on common marketing standards to sardine cans, as well as the trade name for canned sardines and sardine-type products in cans, OJ No. L 212 of the 22.07.1989 S. 79, as last amended by Regulation (EC) no 1345/2008, OJ No. L 348 of December 24, 2008 p. 76;

7 Regulation (EU) No. 404/2011 laying down detailed rules for the application of Regulation (EC) no 1224/2009 establishing a community control system for ensuring compliance with the rules of the common fisheries policy, OJ No. L 112 of the 30.04.2011 p. 1;

8 Regulation (EEC) no 3703/85 laying down detailed rules for the common marketing standards for certain fresh or chilled fish, OJ No. L 351 of the 28.12.1985 S. 63, as last amended by Regulation (EC) no 1115/2006, OJ No. L 199 of the 21.07.2006 S. 6;

2. section

Marketing standards and permissible minimum sizes

Control operation

Fishery and aquaculture, for which common marketing standards referred to in article 33 of Regulation (EU) section 10 of the Regulation (EU) No. 1380/2013 set are inserted No. 1379/2013 or minimum reference levels referred to in article 15, so can be 2. (1) the control already take place while these products are still under customs supervision.

(2) the recipient within the meaning of the customs legislation has the Federal Agency for food security (BAES) no later than 24 hours before the customs registration for the entry into free circulation thereof in writing, by fax or by electronic means to make two-way communications.

(3) in the case of products of fishing and aquaculture, for which marketing standards or minimum reference levels are set within the meaning of paragraph 1, the control in the intra-Community movement of goods and the import from third countries can be exercised both during transport and storage and sale within the Federal territory. Controlled during transport, are organs of the federal police or the Customs Administration for the purpose of the detention of the means of transport to take.

(4) any dealer or processor has to prompt deliveries of goods from the Union fully to inform the BAES, control the marketing standards and minimum sizes within the meaning of paragraph 1 for transport to enable storage and sale of products of the fishery or aquaculture.

Invoices, delivery notes or other accompanying transport documents

§ 3. Invoices, delivery notes or other transport documents on fisheries and aquaculture, except in such securities of the retail products are, if there are common marketing standards or minimum reference levels are set to present the following information:

1. the trade name of the type and the area in which the product has been caught or won, 2. amount and CN code, 3. the freshness and size classes and 4. where appropriate, the relevant minimum benchmark.

3. section

Consumer information

Trade name

§ 4. The designations listed in the annex for the fishery and aquaculture products are considered trade name within the meaning of article 37 paragraph 1 of the Regulation (EU) No. 1379/2013.

Small quantities

§ 5. The requirements of article 35 § 1 of the Regulation (EU) No. 1379/2013 through the compulsory particulars in the marking and labelling of fishery and aquaculture products are small quantities which are sold directly by fishing vessels to the consumer, if this the article 58 paragraph 8 of Regulation (EC) no of 1224/2009 value referred to not exceed, except.

4 section


Annual control reports

§ 6. The supervisory authorities in accordance with article 11, par. 1 and par. 2 of the marketing standards Act, (VNG) share the Federal Ministry of agriculture and forestry, environment and water management, using one of this form each exposed per year until 31 January of the following year the number in the area of marketing standards (section 2) and consumer information (section 3) checks carried out and the results in electronic form with.

5. section

Criminal and final provisions, force

Penal provisions

7. (1) an administrative offence within the meaning of § 21 para 2 commits VNG, who

1. violates section 2 paragraph 2 the BAES not or only after the expiration of 24 hours makes communication;

2. contrary to § 2 para 4 No, incomplete or untrue information given;

3. contrary to article 3 in invoices, delivery notes or other accompanying transport documents the information not, presents incomplete or untrue.

(2) an administrative offence within the meaning of § 21 para 2 VNG commits also, who

1 to Regulation (EC) No. 1224/2009 violates by he a) contrary to article 56 para 2 the geographic area of origin of fishery products, for which a certain minimum size has been fixed, not used, b) contrary to article 57 paragraph 3 the minimum marketing standards can prove c) contrary to article 58 paragraph 5 that for lots of fishery and aquaculture products in information required under the labelling available does not , d) contrary to article 58, paragraph 6 which in paragraph 5 lit. g and h information listed no or incomplete information makes available;

2. against the Regulation (EC) No. 2406/96 is, by he a) para 1 - also in conjunction with article 11 para. 2 - marketed products of article 3 contrary to article 2, or contrary to article 11, par. 1 - also in conjunction with article 11 marketed para 2 -, aa) whose Los contrary to article 5 para 1 first sentence in respect of the degree of freshness or article 8 para 2 first sentence in terms of size classes is not uniform , bb) where contrary to article 4 and article 5 para. 2 the fresh class, or contrary to article 7 and article 8 para 3 the size class is not or is incorrectly specified, or the presentation is not the prescribed way, b) marketed products of article 3 contrary to article 11 para 1 - also in conjunction with article 11 para. 2 -; not available in packaging with the information required

3. against regulation (EEC) No. 2136/89 is contrary, transported products as sardine preserves or canned sardine-type products, stores or brings in traffic, a) a requirement of Article 1a or of article 2 on the used species, their treatments or the container do not meet, b) where contrary to article 3 the mentioned parts of fish are not properly removed , c) whose infusion contrary to article 5 half-last sentence of the second movement consists of a mixture of olive oil and other oil, d) which contrary to article 6 par. 1 lit. c are not the typical smell and taste, have an unpleasant odor or taste and especially bitter, oxidized or rancid taste, s) which contrary to article 6 par. 1 lit. d contain foreign bodies, f)

its name lit not the requirements of article 7. a to d or of Article 7a corresponds to;

4. for Regulation (EEC) No. 1536/92 violates, transported products as tuna or bonito preserves, stores or brings in traffic, a) a request of by article 2 para 1 of the used species do not meet, b) the contrary to article 2 para 2 first sentence contain a mixture of different species of fish, c) whose name contrary to article 5 paragraph 1 contains not the particulars , d) whose name contrary to article 5 paragraph 2 the words 'Tuna' and 'Bonito' together appear in e) contrary to the provisions of article 5 paragraph 4 the term "in their own juice" wear, f) where the ratio between the weight of the fish and the net weight not article 6 corresponds to;

5. the Regulation (EU) No. 1379/2013 violates by he a) contrary to article 35, paragraph 1 at the stage of the retail trade within the meaning of article 5 lit. g of the regulation the end user or a provider of catering aa) offers products of fishing and aquaculture for sale or sold in their marking and labelling contain not the prescribed information or presents this information incorrectly, bb) unpackaged products of fishing and aquaculture for sale offered or sold, without having to provide the information required by trading information known or presents this information incorrect , b) with the indication of the catch or production area (article 35 par. 1 lit. c) is not in accordance with article 38.

Personal names

§ 8. The personal names used in this regulation, the selected form applies to both sexes.

Expiry of

§ 9. Following regulations of the Federal Minister for agriculture and forestry, environment and water management override connect with entry into force of this Regulation:

1. Regulation on the control of the consumer information products of fishing and aquaculture, Federal Law Gazette II No. 221/2008, as last amended by Federal Law Gazette II No. 4 / 2014;

2. Regulation on the control of marketing standards for fishery products and allowable minimum sizes for fish, Federal Law Gazette II No. 263/2008.


Annex to section 4

Directory of German trade names in alphabetical order

Trade name

Scientific name


Anguilla anguilla australis Anguilla, Anguilla dieffenbachii

Anguilla rostrata

Eel mother

Zoarces viviparus


Lota lota

Eel Rutte

Lota lota

Abalone 1)

Haliotis spp.

Axillary seabream

Pagellus acarne

Eagle fish

Argyrosomus spp., Micropogonias undulatus

Pseudotolithus spp., Sciaena spp., Umbrina spp.

African Red Snapper

Lutjanus agennes

African catfish

Clarias gariepinus

African Welshybrid

Heterobranchus longifilis X Clarias gariepinus

Ear fish 2)



Leuciscus cephalus, Squalius cephalus


Leuciscus idus

Alaska halibut

Atheresthes stomias

Alaska scallop

Chlamys hastata hericia

Alaska King crab

Paralithodes camtschaticus

Alaska Pollack

Theragra chalcogramma

Alaska plaice

Pleuronectes quadrituberculatus

Alaska Pollack

Theragra chalcogramma


Alosa alosa, Alosa fallax

American oyster

Crassostrea virginica

American cold water shrimp

Pandalus jordani

American plaice

Glyptocephalus zachirus

American sword shell

ENSIS directus

American eel

Anguilla rostrata

American butt

Paralichthys spp.

American crayfish

Crayfish limosus

American lobster

Homarus americanus

American round herring

Etrumeus teres

American hake

Merluccius bilinearis

American sturgeon

Acipenser transmontanus

American catfish

Ictalurus spp.

American Pike

Sander vitreus, Stizostedion vitreum


Ctenopharyngodon idella


Lophius spp.

Antarctic black fish

Hyperoglyphe antarctica


Arapaima gigas

Noah's Ark

Arca noae

Ark Noah shell

Arca noae

Ark Shell 1)

Anadara spp., Arca spp.

Argentine red shrimp

Pleoticus muelleri

Argentine hake

Merluccius hubbsi


Thymallus spp.

Asian Red gurnard

Lepidotrigla microptera

Asian Red-fin catfish

Hemibagrus wyckioides

Atka Greenfinch

Pleurogrammus monopterygius

Atlantic sole

Limanda ferruginea

Atlantic now

Crepidula fornicata

Atlantic trough shell

Mactra fragilis

Atlantic salmon

Salmo salar

Atlantic Star rays

Amblyraja radiata, Raja radiata

Eyespot spiny eel

Macrognathus aculeatus

(Oyster 1) 6)

Ostrea spp.

Australian eel

Anguilla australis

Australian crayfish 1)

Cherax spp.

Brook trout

Salmo trutta fario

Brook trout

Salvelinus fontinalis

Band bream

Diplodus cervinus


Barbus barbus

Bear cancer

Squammosus Ibacus spp., Scyllarides latus, Scyllarides, Scyllarus arctus, Thenus spp.


Sphyraena spp.


Lates calcarifer


Perca fluviatilis

Beluga Sturgeon

Huso huso


Seriola spp.

Bulb Auger

Busycon spp.

Black dory

Allocyttus spp.

Black pomfret

Parastromateus niger

Black tiger shrimp

Penaeus monodon

Black tiger shrimp

Penaeus monodon

Blue perch

Pomatomus Saltator, Pomatomus saltatrix

Blue shrimp

Litopenaeus stylirostris

Blue hake 1)

Macruronus spp.


Anarhichas denticulatus

Blue whiting

Micromesistius australis, Micromesistius poutassou

Blue tile fish

Lopholatilus chamaeleonticeps


Coregonus lavaretus

Blue fish

Pomatomus Saltator, Pomatomus saltatrix

Bluefin tuna

Thunnus maccoyii

Blue shark

Prionace glauca

Blue Crab

Callinectes SPP, Charybdis spp., Neptunus spp., Portunus spp., Scylla spp.

Blue Ling

Molva dypterygia

Blue line snapper

Lutjanus coeruleolineatus

Blue mouth

Helicolenus dactylopterus


Abramis brama


Blicca bjoerkna

Blood snapper

Lutjanus sanguineus

ARC crab 2)



Auxis spp., Euthynnus spp., Gymnosarda spp., Orcynopsis unicolor, SARDA spp.


Abramis brama

Ray's bream

Brama spp.

Fire sea bream

Oblada melanura

Sea bream

Abramis brama

1 bream)

Nemipterus spp.

Brown clam

Callista chione

Brown Ray

Raja miraletus


Sprattus sprattus


Sprattus sprattus

Bronze spring back

Notopterus featherback


Brosme brosme


Brotula barbata

Humpback salmon

Oncorhynchus gorbuscha


Lutjanus gibbus


Harpadon nehereus


Oreochromis spp., Tilapia spp.

Colorful scallop

Chlamys varia, Mimachlamys varia


Platichthys flesus

Butter fish

Peprilus spp., Poronotus spp., Psenopsis spp.

Butter mackerel

Gempylus spp., Lepidocybium spp., Ruvettus spp., Thyrsites spp.

Camarones 6)

Heterocarpus spp.


Time Lotus villosus

Chile shrimp

Haliporoides diomedeae

Chilean shrimp

Haliporoides diomedeae

Chilean King crab

Paralomis granulosa

Chilean sword shell


Chilean trough shell

Mesodesma donacium

Chilean clam

Ameghinomya antiqua

Chile hake

Merluccius gayi

Chile shrimp

Haliporoides diomedeae

Chinese pomfret

Pampus chinensis

Chinese punctata 1)

Rhopilema spp.

Chinese cancer

Procambarus clarkii

Chinese Pampel

Pampus chinensis


Mother spp.

Coho salmon

Oncorhynchus kisutch


Cilus gilberti

Lady fish

Albula vulpes

Scabbard fish

Trichiurus lepturus

German crayfish

Astacus walchensee

Fathead Dentex

Dentex gibbosus

Thick ribbed-cockle

Acanthocardia tuberculata

Thick-skinned trough Shell 1)

Spisula spp.


Leuciscus cephalus, Squalius cephalus

Dogger Cormorant

Hippoglossoides platessoides

Jackdaw cancer

Austropotamobius pallipes

Doctor fish

Acanthurus spp.

Danube sturgeon

Acipenser gueldenstaedtii

Double spot snapper

Lutjanus bohar

Sea bream

Lithognathus mormyrus, Pagrus spp., Spondyliosoma cantharus

Dorado 1)

Dentex spp., Diplodus spp., Pagellus spp., Sparus spp.

Dorade Royal

Sparus aurata

Dogfish 1)

Squalus spp.

Spiny cockle

Acanthocardia echinata


Gadus morhua

Dragon's head

Scorpaena spp.

Triangle shell

Donax spp.


Aluterus spp., Balistes capriscus, Balistes carolinensis

True lemon sole

Microstomus kitt

Real velvet shell

Glycymeris pilosa


Katsuwonus pelamis


Astacus walchensee

Noble Pen shell

Pinna nobilis

Edwards lobster

Jasus edwardsii


Perca fluviatilis


Somniosus microcephalus

Arctic Ocean crab

Chionoecetes spp.

Arctic Ocean shrimp 6)

Pandalus borealis

Eismeershrimp 6)

Pandalus borealis

Elephant fish

Callorhinchus spp.


Phoxinus phoxinus

Alsatian char

Salvelinus alpinus X fontinalis

Angel shark

Squatina spp.


Pollicipes polynurus


Cephalopholis miniata

Ostrea edulis

Ostrea edulis

European Navaga

Eleginus nawaga

European eel

Anguilla anguilla

European lobster

Homarus gammarus

European hake

Merluccius merluccius


Makaira spp., Tetrapturus spp.

Fan shell

Patinopecten spp.

Fan Shell 1)

Placopecten spp.

Fadenflossige ALSE

Dorosoma cepedianum


Opisthonema oglinum

Whitefish 1)

Coregonus spp.

Oyster 1)

Crassostrea spp.

Far eastern Navaga

Eleginus gracilis

Finger fish

Galeoides decadactylus, Polydactylus quadrifilis, Polynemus spp.


Alosa fallax

Flat head goby

Glossogobius giuris

Flame snapper

Etelis coruscans


Etelis coruscans

Spotted Ray

Raja montagui

Flying fish

Cheilopogon spp., Cypselurus spp, Exocoetus spp.


Lepidorhombus whiffiagonis


Exocoetus spp.


Platichthys flesus

River eel

Anguilla anguilla


Perca fluviatilis


Astacus walchensee

River lamprey

Lampetra fluviatilis


Oncorhynchus mykiss, Salmo trutta fario, Salmo trutta lacustris

Largemouth bass

Micropterus salmoides

French cod

Trisopterus luscus

Mrs fish

Albula vulpes, Elops saurus, Megalops atlanticus, Tarpon atlanticus


Auxis spp.


Alopias spp.


Phycis spp.

Fork mackerel

Trachinotus ovatus

Galician crayfish

Astacus leptodactylus

Galician cancer

Astacus leptodactylus

Course fish

Coregonus lavaretus

(Shrimp 1) 6)

Penaeus spp.

Shrimp 2)


(Shrimp 2) 6)


Shrimp 6)

Heterocarpus spp., Litopenaeus vannamei, Metapenaeus spp., Pandalus borealis, Parapenaeopsis spp., Parapenaeus spp., Penaeus vannamei, Plesiopenaeus edwardsianus, Xiphopenaeus kroyeri

Spotted rock bass

Plectropomus laevis

Spotted gurnard

Lepidotrigla picta

Spotted Seabass

Dicentrarchus punctatus

Spotted croaker

Cynoscion nebulosus

Spotted Seabass

Dicentrarchus punctatus

Winged trough shell

Mactra alata, Mactrellona alata

Horned turban snail

Turbo cornutus

2 guitarfish)


Scourge shrimp 6)

Parapenaeopsis spp.

Yellow fish

Larimichthys polyactis

Yellowfin seabream

Acanthopagrus latus

Yellowfin tuna

Thunnus albacares

Yellowtail rock bass

Sebastes flavidus

Yellow tail rock fish

Sebastes flavidus


Seriola lalandi

Yellowtail snapper

Ocyurus chrysurus

Yellow tail sting mackerel

Atule mate


Balsillie boops

Common razor

Solen marginatus

Mean trough shell

Mactra corallina, Mactra stultorum

Common squid

Loligo vulgaris

Common Octopus

Sepia spp.


Thunnus alalunga

Striped Pacific trough shell

Mactra hians

Striped trough shell

Leptospisula nivea, Mactra striatella

Cropped Klaffmuschel

Mya truncata

Resemble spotted carpet shell

Venerupis pullastra

Ribbed carpet shell

Paphia undulata


Carassius gibelio

Gillgie cancer

Cherax plebejus

Glass eye

Argentina spp.


Scophthalmus rhombus


Acipenser nudiventris

Smooth clam

Callista chione

Smooth abalone

Haliotis laevigata


Mustelus spp.

Smooth head

Alepocephalus bairdii

Common Skate

Dipturus batis, Raja batis

Goldband Fusilier

Caesio chrysozona, Blueback chrysozona

Gold band Selar

Selaroides leptolepis

Gold perch

Sebastes marinus, Sebastes norvegicus

Gilthead seabream

Sparus aurata


Pleuronectes platessa

Golden ticket gate

Nemipterus virgatus

Gold trout

Oncorhynchus aguabonita

Gold salmon

Argentina spp.


Coryphaena hippurus

Gold stripe Fusilier

Caesio chrysozona, Blueback chrysozona

Gold striped seabream

Nemipterus virgatus

Gold stripes

Sarpa salpa

Gulf flounder

Paralichthys spp.

God salmon

Lampris guttatus


Crangon crangon

Orange roughy

Orange roughy atlanticus

Grass carp

Ctenopharyngodon idella

Bone fish

Albula vulpes

Grey bass

Pagellus bogaraveo

Grey triggerfish

Balistes capriscus, Balistes carolinensis

Grey gurnard

Eutrigla gurnardus

Grey shark

Hexanchus griseus


Coelorinchus spp., Coryphaenoides rupestris, Macrourus mountain-lax

Roundnose grenadier

Coelorinchus spp., Coryphaenoides rupestris, Macrourus mountain-lax

Greenland shrimp 7)

Pandalus borealis

Greenland cod

Gadus ogac

Grönlandshrimp 7)

Pandalus borealis

Large eye

Argentina spp.


Priacanthus spp.

Large-eye bream

Lethrinus spp.

Bigeye Morwong

Nemadactylus macropterus

Bigeye tuna

Thunnus obesus

Large eye bream

Dentex macrophthalmus

Large owls limpets

Lottia gigantea

Big fork mackerel

Lichia amia

Big goat bream

Diplodus sargus

Large Japanese razor

Solen grandis

Broad whitefish

Coregonus lavaretus

Great Pacific velvet shell

Glycymeris gigantea

Great Pacific clam

Callista lilacina

Large scallop

Pecten maximus

Big Sandy Klaffmuschel

Mya arenaria

Great sword shell

ENSIS siliqua

Great Pen shell

Pinna nobilis

Big lizard fish

Saurida tumbil

Big yellow fish

Larimichthys crocea

Great Pacific squid

Berryteuthis magister

Big snake-head fish

Channa micropeltes

Great Wolf herring

Chirocentrus dorab

Large head catfish

Clarias macrocephalus

Large shed lizard fish

Saurida undosquamis

Large scale mackerel

Gasterochisma melampus

Large scaly flounder

Linguatula Citharus


Gobio gobio

Ground shark

Somniosus microcephalus


Gobio gobio

Green snapper

Aprion virescens

Green Sea Urchin 1)

Strongylocentrotus spp.

Green Sea ear

Haliotis fulgens

Green shell Mussel

Perna spp.

Grunting bass

Brachydeuterus auritus, Parapristipoma spp., Plectorhinchus mediterraneus Pomadasys spp.

Grunt fish

Brachydeuterus auritus, Parapristipoma spp., Plectorhinchus mediterraneus Pomadasys spp.

Silver bream

Blicca bjoerkna

Hair tail 1)

Trichiurus spp.

Half cockle

Corculum cardissa

Hammerhead shark

Sphyrna spp.


Leuciscus leuciscus


Huso huso


Esox lucius

Pike's Moray

Muraenesox cinereus


Hippoglossus hippoglossus

Halibut flounder

Hippoglossoides elassodon

Light salmon

Pollachius pollachius


Hemibagrus wyckioides


Clupea harengus

Porbeagle shark

Lamna nasus


Zeus faber

Hercules Club

Bolinus brandaris, murex brandaris


Cardium spp., Cerastoderma spp.

Cockle 1)

Acanthocardia spp.

Duke jacket

Chlamys pallium, Gloripallium pallium

Mantis shrimp

Stomatopoda spp.

Sky Watcher 2)



Paralichthys olivaceus

Hōki 1)

Macruronus spp.


Mactromeris polynyma

Horn fish

Belone belone


Belone belone

Horn snail

Euthria cornea

Danube salmon

Hucho hucho


Homarus americanus, Homarus gammarus


Galeorhinus spp.

Dog toothed croaker

Otolithes ruber

Imperator fish

Gymnocranius grandoculis

Indian River sprat

Corica soborna

Indian king mackerel

Scomberomorus commerson

Indian mackerel

Rastrelliger spp.

Catfish sting

Mystus cavasius

Part blue mackerel

Scomber australasicus

Icelandic scallop

Chlamys islandica

Island shell

Arctica islandica

Jacobs Shell 1)

Pecten spp.

Scallop 1)

Pecten spp.


Lates japonicus

Japanese Ark shell

Anadara subcrenata

Japanese oyster

Crassostrea gigas

Japanese Amberjack

Seriola quinqueradiata

Japanese fan shell

Amusium japonicum

Japanese flounder

Paralichthys olivaceus

Japanese scallop

Mizuhopecten yessoensis, Patinopecten yessoensis

Japanese carpet shell

Tapes philippinarum, venerupis philippinarum

Japanese eel

Anguilla japonica

Japanese sea bass

Lateolabrax japonicus

Japanese Halfbeak

Hyporhamphus sajori

Japanese deep-sea cod

Laemonema longipes

Japanese whiting

Sillago japonica

Japan anchovy

Engraulis japonicus


Cancer borealis

Jewels grouper

Cephalopholis miniata

COD 1)

Gadus spp.


Arripis trutta

Imperial perch

Beryx spp.

Emperor bream

Lethrinus spp.


Metanephrops spp., Nephrops norvegicus

Emperor snapper

Lutjanus sebae

California plaice

Eopsetta jordani

California crab

Cancer magister

California squid

Loligo opalescens


Illex spp., Ommastrephes spp.

(Kalmar 1) 6)

Loligo spp.

Kalmar 6)

Uroteuthis chinensis

Cold water shrimp 6)

Pandalus borealis

Kaltwassershrimp 6)

Pandalus borealis


Crayfish limosus


Patinopecten spp.

Scallop 1)

Chlamys spp., Placopecten spp.

Kamchatka crab

Paralithodes camtschaticus

Kamchatka abalone

Haliotis kamtschatkana

Canadian walleye

Sander canadensis, Stizostedion canadense

Rabbit fish

Siganus spp.

Captain fish

Polydactylus quadrifilis

Cape St. John Dory

Zeus capensis

Cape hake

Merluccius capensis, Merluccius paradoxus

Crucian carp

Carassius carassius


Apogon spp., Epigonus spp.

Caribbean jewel bass

Cephalopholis fulva

Caribbean scallop

Argopecten irradians

Caribbean: Sild

Opisthonema oglinum


Cyprinus carpio

Katfisch 1)

Anarhichas spp.


Scyliorhinus spp.


Gymnocephalus cernua

CHUM salmon

Oncorhynchus keta


Coregonus lavaretus


Clupeonella spp.

King crab

Lithodes antarcticus, Lithodes centolla, Lithodes maja, Lithodes santolla, Lopholithodes mandtii, Paralithodes brevipes, Paralithodes platypus

Kingklip 1)

Genypterus spp.

Klaffmuschel 1)

Mya spp.

Small Gienmuschel

Tridacna elongata

Small Japanese razor

Solen strictus


Coregonus albula

Small Pacific clam

Antigona lamellaris, Venus lamellaris

Small scallop

Aequipecten opercularis, Chlamys opercularis

Small sword shell

ENSIS ensis

Small Sprutte

Sepiola spp.


Scophthalmus rhombus


Anabas testudineus


Limanda limanda

Nodular scallop

Nodipecten nodosus


Chelidonichthys lucerna, Eutrigla gurnardus, Trigla lucerna

Case shell

Donax spp.

Coal fish

Anoplopoma fimbria

Köhler 1)

Pollachius spp.

Congo Dentex

Dentex congoensis

King crab

Lithodes antarcticus, Lithodes centolla, Lithodes maja, Lithodes santolla, Lopholithodes mandtii, Paralithodes brevipes, Paralithodes platypus

King Salmon

Oncorhynchus tshawytscha

King mackerel 1)

Scomberomorus spp.

King coat

Chlamys nobilis

Coral Sea bass

Plectropomus leopardus


Plectorhinchus pictus


Callinectes SPP, Charybdis spp., Crangon crangon, Erimacrus spp., Eriphia spinifrons, Geryon quinquedens, Lithodes antarcticus, Lithodes centolla, Lithodes maja, Lithodes santolla, Lopholithodes mandtii, Menippe mother, Neptunus spp., Palaemon adspersus, Palaemon squilla, Paralithodes brevipes, Paralithodes platypus, Portunus spp., Scylla spp., Telemessus spp..

Crab 1)

Cancer spp.


Octopus spp.

Octopus 1)

Eledone spp.


Perca fluviatilis

Cross pattern carpet shell

Venerupis decussata

Cross WELS

Arius spp.


Euphausia superba

Cuckoo gurnard

Aspitrigla cuculus, cuculus Chelidonichthys

Puffer fish

Sphoeroides maculatus

Short fin squid

Illex spp.

Short spiny purple sea urchin

Arbacia punctulata


Salmo salar

Salmon 1) 4)

Oncorhynchus spp.

Salmon trout 3)

Oncorhynchus mykiss, Salmo trutta fario, Salmo trutta lacustris, Salmo trutta trutta

Lamb tongue

Arnoglossus laterna


Petromyzon marinus

(Long fin Kalmar 1) 6)

Loligo spp.

Long fin Kalmar 6)

Uroteuthis chinensis

Long raft, sea bass

Caprodon longimanus

Langostinos 6)

Cervimunida spp., Pleuroncodes spp.

Langschwanz-Seehecht 1)

Macruronus spp.


Thunnus tonggol

Long prickly purple Urchin

Strongylocentrotus purpuratus

Spiny lobster

Palinurus spp., Panulirus spp., Puerulus spp.

Lobster 1)

Jasus spp.


Pseudapocryptes elongatus


Alburnus alburnus


Spicara spp.

Leather jacket

Navodon modestus, Thamnaconus modestus


Molva molva

Ling cod

Ophiodon elongatus


Molva molva

Lemon sole

Microstomus kitt

2 wrasse)


Hole screw

Diodora spp.


Time Lotus villosus

Spoon interference

Polyodon spat Hula


Lophius spp.

Louisiana crayfish

Procambarus clarkii


Brosme brosme

Madagascar Cancer

Astacoides madagascariensis

Mahi Mahi

Coryphaena hippurus


Alosa alosa

May Renke

Alburnus chalcoides, Chalcalburnus chalcoides

Mako shark

Isurus paucus


Scomber japonicus, Scomber scombrus

Mackerel shark

Isurus oxyrinchus

Mackerel Pike

Scomberesox spp.

Whitefish 1)

Coregonus spp.


Makaira spp., Tetrapturus spp.

Marble sea bream

Lithognathus mormyrus

Marble goby

Oxyeleotris marmorata

Marble carp

Hypophthalmichthys nobilis

Moroccan Dentex

Dentex maroccanus

Masu salmon

Oncorhynchus masou


Also spp.

Sea Lamprey

Petromyzon marinus

Conger eel

Conger SPP.


Chelon labrosus, Liza spp., Mugil spp..

Mullet 2)


Sea bream

Lithognathus mormyrus, Pagrus spp., Spondyliosoma cantharus

1 sea bream)

Dentex spp., Diplodus spp., Pagellus spp., Sparus spp.


Squatina spp.

Sea trout

Salmo trutta trutta

Sea almond

Glycymeris glycymeris

Sea ear 1)

Haliotis spp.

Meerschaum 2)


Sea vagina

Microcosmus otiorrhynchus

Sea catfish

Arius spp.


Brevoortia spp.


Merlangius merlangus

Knife Sheath

Solen marginatus

Mussel 1)

Mytilus spp.

Milk fish

Chanos chanos

Mediterranean deep-sea wave Horn

Buccinum humphreysianum

Mediterranean Sea-Ling

Molva macrophthalma

Mediterranean snail

Bolinus brandaris, murex brandaris

Mediterranean sturgeon

Acipenser naccarii

Musky Octopus

Eledone moschata

Most Elle

Brotula barbata

Moray eel

Gymnothorax spp., Muraena spp.


Mytilus edulis

Nail rays

Raja clavata


Acmaea spp., patella spp.


Chondrostoma nasus

Noses anchovy

Anchoa nasus


Leuciscus idus

New Zealand flounder 1)

Rhombosolea spp.

New Zealand lemon sole

Pelotretis flavilatus

New Zealand sole

Peltorhamphus novaezeelandiae

New Zealand barbed mackerel

Pseudocaranx dentex

New Zealand clam

Austrovenus stutchburyi

New Zealand eel

Australis Anguilla, Anguilla dieffenbachii

New Zealand Brill

Colistium guntheri

New Zealand hoki

Macruronus novaezelandiae

New Zealand tailed hake

Macruronus novaezelandiae

New Zealand John Dory

Allocyttus spp., Pseudocyttus maculatus

New Zealand Red cod

Pseudophycis bachus

New Zealand Red gurnard

Chelidonichthys annually

New Zealand St. John Dory

Allocyttus spp., Pseudocyttus maculatus

New Zealand turbot

Colistium nudipinnis

New Zealand deep sea cod

Pseudophycis bachus

New Zealand grouper

Polyprion oxygeneios

New Zealand cancer

Paranephrops spp.

New Zealand lobster

Jasus edwardsii

New Zealand hake

Macruronus novaezelandiae

Nile perch

Lates niloticus

North American Entenmuschel

Raeta plicatella

North American Kalmar

Doryteuthis pealeii, Loligo pealeii

North Pacific spiny Dogfish

Squalus suckleyi

North Sea shrimp

Crangon crangon

North Sea crab

Crangon crangon

Norwegian Kalmar

Todarodes sagittatus

Norwegian deep-sea lobster

Nephrops norvegicus

Nufar sea bream

Cheimerius nufar

Ochsenaugen Selar

Selar boops


Octopus spp.

Officer bass

Rachycentron canadum

Oil fish

Ruvettus spp.

Oreo dory

Pseudocyttus maculatus


Leuciscus idus


Acipenser gueldenstaedtii


Acipenser gueldenstaedtii

Eastern American clam

Mother spp.

Asian rough shed flounder

Oligodon pseudo Rhombus

East Asian mangrove crab

Episesarma mederi

Asian Moon perch

Mene maculata

East Asian paddlers crab

Varuna litterata

Asian Gill slit eel

Fluta alba, Monopterus albus

East Pacific anchovy

Anchoa nasus

Baltic sea shrimp

Palaemon adspersus, Palaemon squilla

Baltic Sea crab

Palaemon adspersus, Palaemon squilla

Baltic sturgeon

Acipenser sturio

Otter shell

Lutraria spp.


Pangasius spp.


Bolbometopon muricatum, Scarus spp., Sparisoma spp.

Patagonian scallop

Psychrochlamys patagonica

Patagonian ice fish

Patagonotothen ramsayi

Patagonian deep-sea cod

Salilota australis

Patagonian toothfish

Eleginops maclovinus

Pacific anchovy

Stolephorus spp.

Pacific oyster

Crassostrea gigas

Yellowfin sole

Limanda aspera

Pacific Cormorant

Eopsetta jordani

Pacific flounder

Lepidopsetta bilineata, Lepidopsetta polyxystra

Pacific clam

Venerupis literatus

Pacific halibut

Hippoglossus stenolepis

Pacific herring

Clupea pallasii

Pacific cod

Gadus macrocephalus

Pacific squid

Todarodes pacificus pacificus

Pacific Kurzschnabelmarkrelenhecht

Cololabis saira

Pacific salmon 1) 4)

Oncorhynchus spp.

Pacific Pollack

Theragra chalcogramma

Alaska Pollack

Theragra chalcogramma

Pacific snapper

Sebastes alutus

Pacific hake

Merluccius productus

Pacific Seewolf

Anarhichas ocellatus, Anarrhichthys ocellatus

Pacific stone Loach

Anarhichas ocellatus, Anarrhichthys ocellatus

Pacific turbot

Psettodes erumei

Pacific tongue butt

Glyptocephalus zachirus

Atlantic bonito

Gymnosarda spp., SARDA spp.


Coregonus peled

Peru anchovy

Engraulis ringens

Peru hake

Merluccius gayi


Trachinus draco

John Dory

Zeus faber


Mytilus edulis, Perna spp.

Pepper shell

Scrobicularia spp.

Arrow Pike

Sphyraena spp.

Arrow squid

Nototodarus gouldi, Nototodarus sloanii, Ommastrephes spp.


Sardina pilchardus

Pilchard 5)

Sardinops spp.

Scallop 1)

Pecten spp.

Flat shell

Tellina spp.


Abramis ballerus, Ballerus ballerus


Rutilus rutilus

Polar cod

Boreogadus saida


Pollachius pollachius

Pompano 1)

Trachinotus spp.

Portuguese oyster

Crassostrea angulata


Octopus spp.

Purple scallop

Argopecten purpuratus

Crimson snapper

Lutjanus erythropterus

Snail 1)

Murex spp.


Lota lota

Striated SNAKEHEAD fish

Channa striata, Ophiocephalus striatus

ASP (fish)

Freshwater Aspius

Rough DAB

Limanda aspera

Rugged clam

Venus verrucosa

Rough cow nose rays

Rhinoptera adspersa

Red drum

Sciaenops ocellatus

Red Snapper

Lutjanus malabaricus

Rainbow Trout

Oncorhynchus mykiss

Rainbow barbed mackerel

Elagatis bipinnulata

Whitefish 1)

Coregonus spp.

Rafique 1)

Coregonus spp.

Giant Ark shell

Anadara grandis

Giant sea bass

Lates calcarifer


Eleutheronema tetradactylum

Basking shark

Cetorhinus maximus

Giant Jew fish

Stereolepis gigas

Giant squid

Dosidicus gigas

Giant clam 1)

Tridacna spp.

Giant spiny eel

Mastacembelus armatus

Giant trough shell

Spisula solos DIS Sima

Giant clam

Callista gigantea

Robinson sea bream

Gymnocranius grandoculis

Rays 1)

Raja spp.


Haliotis roei

Pink Monocle bream

Parascolopsis eriomma

Pink razor

Solen rosaceus, Solen rostriformis

Pink sea ear

Haliotis corrugata

Rosenberg freshwater shrimp

Macrobrachium rosenbergii


Rossia spp.


Rutilus rutilus

Redfish 1)

Sebastes spp.

Sea bream

Pagellus erythrinus

Red snub-nosed monkey

Chrysoblephus gibbiceps

Red deep sea crab

Geryon quinquedens

Red hake

Urophycis shot

Red job fish snapper

Pristipomoides filamentosus

Sapphirine gurnard

Chelidonichthys lucerna, Trigla lucerna

Red King fish

Sargocentron cornutum

Red New Zealand Emperor bass

Centroberyx affinis

Red damsel

Epinephelus diacanthus

Red Snapper

Lutjanus malabaricus

Red Swamp cancer

Procambarus clarkii

Bluefin tuna

Thunnus thynnus

Red drum

Sciaenops ocellatus

Red croaker

Sciaenops ocellatus

Red Sea ear

Haliotis rufescens


Scardinius erythrophthalmus

Red fleshy Ark shell

Anadara granosa, Tegillarca granosa

Red fin mullet

Barbonymus altus

Red Salmon

Oncorhynchus nerka

Lemon sole

Glyptocephalus cynoglossus

Lemon sole 6)

Cynoglossus spp.

Circular crab

Erimacrus spp., Telemessus spp.

Russian sturgeon

Acipenser gueldenstaedtii


Lota lota

Bag bream

Pagrus pagrus, Sparus pagrus


Serranus spp.

Char 1)

Salvelinus spp.


Salmo salar

Velvet Shell 1)

Glycymeris spp.

Sand perch

Diplectrum formosum, parapercis colias, Prolatilus jugularis

Sandy whitefish

Coregonus lavaretus

Sand flounder

Rhombosolea leporina

Sand shell

Mya arenaria

Sandy tongue

Pegusa lascaris

Saint John Dory

Zeus faber


Engraulis encrasicolus


Sardina pilchardus


Amblygaster clupeoides

Sardin Elle

Sardinella spp.

Sardinian whelk

Euthria cornea

Sardinops 5)

Sardinops spp.


Scomberesox spp.


Metanephrops spp., Nephrops norvegicus

Sheep head

Archosargus probatocephalus


Limanda limanda


Lepidorhombus whiffiagonis


Also spp.


Siliqua spp.

Razor 1)

Solen spp.


Melanogrammus aeglefinus

Scherg sturgeon

Acipenser stellatus


Freshwater Aspius


Alburnus chalcoides, Chalcalburnus chalcoides

Plate mackerel

Decapterus spp., Trachurus spp.

Ham Shell 1)

Atrina spp.

Snake fish 1)

Genypterus spp.


Trichogaster pectoralis, Trichopodus pectoralis

Snake mackerel

Gempylus spp.

Slender catfish

Pangasius spp.


Tinca tinca

(Schnäpel 1) 6)

Coregonus spp.

Gate 2)


Snow crab

Chionoecetes spp.


Alburnoides bipunctatus


Pleuronectes platessa

Beautiful Arche

Anadara notabilis

Beautiful Ark shell

Anadara notabilis


Gymnocephalus schraetzer

Black belly sleeper goby

Eleotris melanosoma

Black Abalone

Haliotis cracherodii

Black ham shell

Atrina vexillum

Black Stone crab

Eriphia spinifrons, Menippe mercenaria

Black Scabbardfish

Aphanopus spp.

Greenland halibut

Reinhardtius hippoglossoides

Black pomfret

Parastromateus niger

Black hake

Dissostichus spp.

Black sea urchins 1)

Arbacia spp.

Black croaker

Pogonias cromis

Black tooth fish

Dissostichus spp.

Black fish

Seriolella spp.

Black fin tuna

Thunnus atlanticus

Black mouth goby

Neogobius melanostomus


Salvelinus alpinus

Blacktip reef shark

Carcharhinus melanopterus

Pig triggerfish

Balistes capriscus, Balistes carolinensis


Xiphias gladius

Sword Shell 1)

ENSIS spp., Solen spp.

Shell Crab

Portunus spp.

Lake Trout

Salmo trutta lacustris

Sea cucumber

Cucumaria spp spp., Holothuria spp., stitch Opus.

Sea Hare

Cyclopterus lumpus

Hake 1)

Merluccius spp.

Sea Urchin

Echinus esculentus, Paracentrotus lividus

Lake carp

Pagellus bogaraveo

See cuckoo

Aspitrigla cuculus, cuculus Chelidonichthys

1 salmon)

Pollachius spp.

Lake Bower

Alburnus chalcoides, Chalcalburnus chalcoides


Haliotis tuberculata


Gaidropsarus spp.

Lake Trout

Salvelinus alpinus

See vagina

Microcosmus otiorrhynchus


Myoxocephalus spp.

Lake smelt

Hypomesus pretiosus


Lophius spp.

Lake roller

Cucumaria spp spp., Holothuria spp., stitch Opus.


Solea solea


Istiophorus spp.


Sepia spp.


Sepiola spp.


Acipenser stellatus

Ship sturgeon

Acipenser nudiventris

(Shrimp 1) 6)

Penaeus spp.

Shrimp 2)

Solenoceridae, Penaeidae

(Shrimp 2) 6)


Shrimp 6)

Heterocarpus spp., Metapenaeus spp., Pandalus borealis, Parapenaeopsis spp., Parapenaeus spp., Plesiopenaeus edwardsianus, Xiphopenaeus kroyeri

Siberian sturgeon

Acipenser baerii)

Signal cancer

Pacifastacus leniusculus

Silver mullet

Barbonymus gonionotus

Silver whitefish

Coregonus lavaretus

Silver crucian carp

Carassius gibelio

Silver carp

Hypophthalmichthys molitrix

Silver salmon

Oncorhynchus kisutch

Silver scabbardfish

Lepidopus spp.

Silver p

Pampus argenteus

Silver croaker

Pennahia argentata

Silver sea ear

Haliotis australis

Silver white

Sillago sihama


Clupeonella spp.

Silver pomfret

Pampus argenteus

Snapper 2)


Soldier River mullet

Oreochromis enoplos

Spanish mackerel

Scomber japonicus

Spear fish

Makaira spp., Tetrapturus spp.


Osphronemus goramy

Black bream

Diplodus puntazzo

Pointed rays

Dipturus oxyrinchus, Raja oxyrinchus

Spring cancer

Munida rugosa


Sprattus sprattus


Sprattus sprattus

Spiny oyster

Spondylus spp.

Spiny cockle

Acanthocardia aculeata

Barbed mackerel

Caranx spp.

Pen shell 1)

Pinna spp.

Rock bass

Polyprion americanus

Spined Loach 1)

Anarhichas spp.


Psetta maxima, Scophthalmus Maximus

Rock shrimp

Palaemon adspersus, Palaemon squilla

Stone Köhler

Pollachius pollachius

Stone crab

Lithodes antarcticus, Lithodes centolla, Lithodes maja, Lithodes santolla, Lopholithodes mandtii, Paralithodes brevipes, Paralithodes platypus

Stone Sea Urchin

Paracentrotus lividus


Acipenser ruthenus

Star flounder

Platichthys stellatus

Star Gazer 2)


Stellate sturgeon

Acipenser stellatus

Star Skate

Amblyraja radiata Raja asterias, Raja radiata


Osmerus eperlanus

Horse mackerel

Decapterus spp., Trachurus spp.


Huso huso

Fault 1)

Acipenser spp.

Beam clam

Chamelea gallina

Shore Crab

Carcinus maenas

Periwinkle 1)

Littorina spp.

Striped mullet

Mullus surmuletus

Striped bass

Morone spp.

Striped seabream

Spondyliosoma cantharus


Platichthys flesus

Silent croaker

Menticirrhus spp.

Blunt periwinkle

Littorina obtusata

South African Kingklip

Genypterus capensis

South African sea ear

Haliotis midae

South American crayfish

Parastacus spp.

Southern pink red shrimp

Farfantepenaeus notialis, Penaeus notialis

Southern blue whiting

Micromesistius australis

Marsh cancer

Astacus leptodactylus

Sweet lip

Diagramma pictum

Sweet lip 6)

Brachydeuterus auritus, Parapristipoma spp., Plectorhinchus mediterraneus Pomadasys spp.

Freshwater shrimp 1)

Macrobrachium spp.

Sydney rock oyster

Crassostrea commercialis


Colossoma spp.

Tambour Rouge

Sciaenops ocellatus


Scophthalmus rhombus


Albula vulpes, Elops saurus, Megalops atlanticus, Tarpon atlanticus

2 crab)


Tasmanian cancer

Astacopsis gouldi


Tellina spp.

1 clam)

Paphia spp., venerupis spp.


Katsuwonus pelamis, Thunnus alalunga, Thunnus albacares, Thunnus atlanticus, Thunnus maccoyii, Thunnus obesus Thunnus thynnus, Thunnus tonggol

Deep sea Saint John Dory

Cyttus traversi

Deep-Sea cod

Mora moro

Deep water cancer

Metanephrops spp., Nephrops norvegicus


Placopecten magellanicus

Deep water - Cape hake

Merluccius paradoxus

Tiger shrimp

Penaeus monodon

Tiger prawns

Penaeus monodon

Tiger catfish

P. spp.

Tiger catfish junction

P. spp. X Leiarius marmoratus


Oreochromis spp., Tilapia spp.


Dosidicus gigas, Illex spp., Ommastrephes spp., Rossia spp., sepia spp.

(Squid 1) 6)

Loligo spp.

Squid 6)

Uroteuthis chinensis

Tomato - spotted grouper

Cephalopholis sonnerati


Cucumaria spp spp., Holothuria spp., stitch Opus.

Trough Shell 1)

Mactra spp., Mesodesma spp., Spisula spp.

Tropical tongue 6)

Cynoglossus spp.

Tropical turbot

Psettodes belcheri, Psettodes bennettii


Lota lota

Turban snail

Monodonta spp.

1 turban snail)

Turbo spp.

Turkish crayfish

Astacus leptodactylus

River snail

Littorina littorea


Alburnus alburnus


Argyrosomus spp., Pseudotolithus spp., Sciaena spp., Umbrina spp.

Vampire Gariepinus

Belodontichtys dinema


Meretrix spp.

1 clam)

Callista spp., Venus spp.

Lake Victoria perch

Lates niloticus

Purple velvet shell

Glycymeris violacescens


Acanthocybium solandri

Wahoo mackerel

Acanthocybium solandri


Silurus glanis

Soft Entenmuschel

Anatina anatina

Red grouper

Variola louti

White seabream

Diplodus sargus

White snub-nosed monkey

Rhabdosargus globiceps

White halibut

Hippoglossus hippoglossus

White Sea bass

Atractoscion nobilis

Albacore tuna

Thunnus alalunga

White croaker

Genyonemus lineatus

White fish

Abramis ballerus, Abramis brama, Abramis sapa, Alburnus alburnus, Alburnus chalcoides, Aspius freshwater, Ballerus ballerus, Ballerus sapa, Barbus of barbus, Blicca bjoerkna, Carassius carassius, Carassius gibelio, Chalcalburnus chalcoides, Chondrostoma nasus, Leuciscus cephalus, Leuciscus idus, Leuciscus leuciscus Rutilus rutilus, Scardinius erythrophthalmus, Squalius cephalus, Vimba vimba

White stains grouper

Grouper, Epinephelus multinotatus

White mulberry croaker

Micropogonias furnieri

Whitetip reef shark

Carcharhinus longimanus


Silurus glanis

Whelk 1)

Buccinum spp.


Clarias gariepinus, Ictalurus spp., Silurus glanis

West African Ark shell

Senilia senilis

West American oyster

Ostrea lurida

West Atlantic Moray

Gymnothorax spp.

West Atlantic croaker

Micropogonias undulatus

West Pacific paste shrimp

Acetes erythraeus

White tiger shrimp

Litopenaeus vannamei, Penaeus vannamei

Wild carp 9)

Cyprinus carpio

Wild salmon 1) 4) 9)

Oncorhynchus spp.

Wild salmon 9)

Salmo salar


Merlangius merlangus


Dicentrarchus labrax

Mitten Crab

Eriocheir spp.

Wreckfish 1)

Polyprion spp.

Yabbie cancer

Cherax destructor


Centropristis spp., Mycteroperca spp., variola louti

Grouper 1)

Epinephelus spp.


Dentex dentex


Vimba vimba

Zander 1)

Sander spp., Stizostedion spp.

Zebra Mussel

Arca zebra

Zebra croaker

Leiostomus xanthurus

Goat fish

Upeneus spp.

Cirrus Octopus

Eledone cirrhosa


Abramis sapa, Ballerus sapa


Abramis ballerus, Ballerus ballerus

(Tongue 2) 8)


Two-banded sea bream

Diplodus vulgaris

Dwarf cuttlefish

Sepiola spp.

Dwarf cuttlefish

Sepiola spp.

Brown bullhead

Ictalurus spp.

Marketing of specified types can be inadmissible under other provisions (including the provisions relating to species protection or conservation) or require certain permits (for example CITES species trade).


(1) this trade name can be used for all species of the genus

(2) this trade name can be used for all kinds of family

3) if meat is pink or orange to pink

4) does not apply to Oncorhynchus mykiss and Oncorhynchus aguabonita

(5) in close connection and same size called Herring fish

(6) with reference to the geographical origin

(7) only when origin of Greenland

(8) only with reference to the geographical origin

(9) if from sea or inland fisheries


Related Laws