Change Of The Registration Act Implementing Regulation - Meldev

Original Language Title: Änderung der Meldegesetz-Durchführungsverordnung - MeldeV

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50th regulation of the Federal Minister of the Interior, modifies the Registration Act implementing Regulation (MeldeV)

According to the Registration Act 1991 (MeldeG), Federal Law Gazette No. 9/1992, as last amended by Federal Law Gazette I is no. 52/2015, - in terms of §§ 14 and 15 in agreement with the Federal Minister of finance - prescribed:

Ordinance of the Federal Minister of the Interior on the implementation of the registration law (Registration Act - regulation - MeldeV), Federal Law Gazette II No. 66/2002, last modified by regulation Federal Law Gazette II No. 65/2010, is amended as follows:

1. in article 14, paragraph 1, the amount of "€1,000" is replaced by the amount "€1.100".

2. in article 15, paragraph 1, the amount of € "1" is replaced by the amount "€1,10".

3. in article 15, paragraph 2, the phrase "€3" replaced by the phrase "€3.30 to the operator" and the amount "€1" replaced by the amount of "€1,10".

4. paragraph 15 paragraph 3:

"(3) for registration information in accordance with article 18, paragraph 1 MeldeG and article 18, paragraph 1 b are MeldeG issued using the ZMR to pay administrative charges amounting to €3.30. For confirmations of registration according to § 19 MeldeG be granted using the ZMR, are to pay administrative charges amounting to €3. For reporting information in accordance with § 18 para 1a MeldeG is pay an administrative fee in the height of €3.30 to the operator."

5. in article 15, paragraph 5, the amount "€0,02" is replaced by the amount "€0.04".

6 the following paragraph 6 is added to in section 15:

"(6) if other query eligible to legally recognized churches or religious communities, the administrative fee referred to in paragraph 2 does not apply, if the particular Church or religious communities to the operator paid a lump sum. This is €0.04 per Member of the particular Church or religious community annually. The number of its members is to persuade the Federal Minister of the Interior from the respective church or religious community on the occasion of the announcement of the use of this option and the following each until March 1. The calculated amount is for the first time three months after recording the use and thereafter in the first quarter for the current calendar year to be paid."

7. According to section 16, following §§ 17, 18 and 19 and heading shall be inserted:

"Change service ZMR

§ 17 (1) a request under section 16c MeldeG has to contain the number of personal records of the respective data application. The application approved by the master number register authority for initial equipment with bPK is the desire to connect.

(2) the height for the connection and for ongoing operations to ER rates payable depends on the number of personal records of participating data application and amounts to:

1. for interfacing for a. 0-100,000 records € 3,000 b. 100,001-500,000 records € 4,000 c. more than 500,000 records € 5,000 2. for ongoing operations at a. 0-100,000 records € 4,000 / calendar year b. 100,001-500,000 records € 11,000 per calendar year c. more than 500,000 records one € 21,000 per calendar year 3 for the CRR data pursuant to section 16 c last sentence MeldeG cents per record.

(3) the provision of information on changes in registration data is carried out by providing daily, a table of the changes made in the CRR. This file contains the encrypted sector-specific personal identifier (bPK-ZP and bPK of participating data application) that records of the CRR, which have changed within the last day.

(4) the Federal Minister of the Interior may publish the technical specifications to the provision and use of engineering change management in a technical specification. The query of the changed records is by using the encrypted bPK ZPs, as well, to ensure that a participating registry is affected the demand or family name 14 days from provisioning the table referred to in paragraph 3 in a request procedures according to the technical specifications to be made.

Unsubscribe using the citizen card function

Section 18 (1) unsubscribe adult people of an accommodation (§ 4 para 2a MeldeG) can by using the citizen card function (§ 4 ABS. 1 E-GovG) occur in long-distance traffic.

(2) after successful authentication of the to be logged off people using the citizen card are its upright residences during a query in the CRR to indicate that a residence or several residences can be selected. After successful transmission of selection by way of remote traffic to the operators of the CRR has to carry out the withdrawals in the CRR for the respective registration authority and to communicate them.

(3) the operator of a confirmation of the erfolgte(n) Abmeldung(en) in the form of a copy of the entire data set, or at the request of the notifying parties in the form of a copy of the most recently changed login information, has provided each the reportable with his official signature, to provide in the way of the long-distance traffic.

(4) to be set in accordance with § 4 para 2a MeldeG is the time from the log off by using the citizen card function para 2a MeldeG can be made according to section 4, the 1 April 2016.

Management of guest directories

Section 19 (1) which has lodging establishment to do guest directories MeldeG using automation-supported data processing (electronic guest directory) or by the registration authority of signed guest directory collection pursuant to section 10.

(2) the introduction of the data according to § 5 para 1 and 3 MeldeG in an electronic guest list referred to in paragraph 1 takes place at Unterkunftnahme through

1 electronic holding of the lettering of data processed the made registration procedure including the paid signature (electronic transfer through scanning) or 2 electronic capture of reporting data and acquisition of electronically captured signature or 3 electronic transfers with a qualified electronic signature.

(3) entries in electronic directories of guest have to conform to the model of Annex A (guest directory sheet) with regard to the content. Guest directory leaves as well as entries in the electronic guest directories also referred to in paragraph 2 to provide a current, non-resizable numbering; According to the local requirements of the text can be summed in addition course.

(4) a guest register is kept automatically, the owner of the accommodation facility to ensure that appropriate, corresponding to the respective State of the art precautions are taken to prevent access by unauthorized people or systems on the computer-assisted data processing and an insight into this. Automatically processed data to save three years and must be kept about it, as long as, as this is necessary for the fulfilment of legal obligations. Then they are to delete. § Apply 14 DSG 2000.

(5) a guest register as guest directory collection is kept, has the owner of the accommodation facility to take precautions that no other guest directory leaves filled in for third parties is made available to the reportable. Guest directory collections are to be kept three years after the last entry and must be stored in, as long as, as this is necessary for the fulfilment of legal obligations. Guest directory leaves have to conform to the model of Annex A (guest directory sheet), where also a list corresponding to the contents of the annex cannot be settled for companions.

(6) pursuant to § 23 paragraph 12 to be set MeldeG is the time after which guest directories to MeldeG are according to § 10, of 1 April 2016. Guest sheets existing at this time in the lodging establishment and electronic guest sheet collections 50/2012 meeting of Annex B of the MeldeG in the version of Federal Law Gazette I no, may still be used until 31 July 2017."

8 § 17 receives the title of § 20 the following paragraph 5 is added:

"(5) the sections 14 ABS. 1, 15, 18 and 19 and headings in the version of regulation BGBl. II No. 50/2016, as well as the annex as amended the regulation Federal Law Gazette II No. 50/2016, with 1 April 2016 into force." Article 17 of amended by regulation BGBl. No. 50/2016, will occur II on the day following the by-laws in force."

9 attached is a plant A "Guest directory journal", which corresponds to the enclosed pattern: