Objectives And Actions. Structure And Organization

Original Language Title: Objetivos y Acciones. Estructura y Organización

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National Institute of CANCER national CANCER Institute law 27285 objectives and actions. Structure and organization.
The Senate and Chamber of deputies of the Argentina nation gathered in Congress, etc. they attest to the force of law: title I creation article 1 - the National Cancer Institute (INC), created by the Decree 1286/10, will be governed by the terms of this law, as a decentralized agency of the national public administration with own legal capacity, and with a regimen of functional, administrative, financial, and economic autarky in the jurisdiction of the Ministry of health of the nation.
Title II objectives and actions article 2 - the National Cancer Institute will have as main objectives: to) promote, support and coordinate the cancer research projects carried out to universities, hospitals, research foundations and enterprises of the Republic of Argentina, through grants and cooperative agreements. (b) to support the education and training of researchers in all areas related to the study of cancer. (c) to promote a model of comprehensive and continuous care for the population with regard to tumor diseases comprising prevention, cancer treatment and palliative care. (d) develop a strategy for training of human resources at all levels of care in order to improve the quality of the assistance of persons in terms of prevention, detection, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. (e) provide the means for the detailed knowledge of the incidence and geographic location of various tumors and the effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment. (f) promote joint welfare, academic institutions or research work dedicated to the cancer. (g) agree with provincial health authorities and of the city of Buenos Aires, the implementation in their respective areas, programs and activities consistent with the purposes of the present https://www.boletinoficial.gob.ar/pdf/linkQR/NE05NjVwYVB0Z1JycmZ0RFhoUThyQT09 law and the objectives determined in the Federal Health Plan. (h) to advise the Ministry of health in aspects related to the matter, to a rational distribution of resources for the prevention, detection, diagnosis and treatment of neoplastic diseases, as well as the rehabilitation of the sick disease-distressed. (i) to promote the signing of agreements, at the national or international level with Government or private entities for the development of tasks related to the control of cancer. (j) conduct an active communication and culturally appropriate cancer, spreading and informing the society about the importance of cancer, its prevention, early detection and treatment.
Title III structure and organisation article 3 - the National Cancer Institute, will be headed by a National Director, appointed by the Executive on the proposal of the Ministry of health, who will be subject to the incompatibilities laid down by the law for civil servants. To meet the mentioned post, must demonstrate proven academic and professional career in the field of oncological diseases.
(Article 4 - the Director of the National Cancer Institute, will have the following duties and powers: to) exercise the administrative and technical Directorate of the Institute; (b) legally represent, conclude contracts and issue all acts or documents that are necessary for the fulfilment of the objectives and actions of the Institute, and may give mandates to represent the Agency before the authorities judicial and/or administrative; (c) direct and promote specialized research and studies and arrange the dissemination of their results; (d) promoting the institutional relationships of the Institute, and in his case, sign agreements with public, private, national or foreign, organizations for the achievement of its objectives; (e) convene the Executive Council at least once every two months and submit their respective issues; (f) prepare the draft of the annual budget of expenses and resources and submit it for consideration to the Executive Board; (g) prepare the draft multiannual strategic Plan and submit it for consideration to the Executive Board; (h) prepare the draft annual operating Plan and submit it for consideration to the Executive Board; (i) raise the annual report to the Minister of health, on the results obtained by the application of annual plans, prior intervention by the Executive Council; j) make the necessary rules for the better operation of the Institute; (k) preside over juries in opposition contests and/or background. (l) to enact the necessary administrative acts for: 1.1 the appointment of administrative staff and maestranza. 1.2 managing the appointment and promotion of professional staff and technical. 1.3 manage the recruitment of national or foreign experts to carry out studies, research and statistical tasks. 1.4. recruitment of personnel for tasks extraordinary, special or temporary, setting the conditions of work and remuneration in accordance with the administrative provisions in force. (m) manage the resources from the national budget and the assets of the Agency.

https://www.boletinoficial.gob.ar/pdf/linkQR/NE05NjVwYVB0Z1JycmZ0RFhoUThyQT09 article 5° - the Director of the Institute will be assisted by an Executive Council composed of five (5) members appointed by the Executive on the proposal of the Ministry of health.
(Article 6 ° - the Executive Council shall have the following functions: to) approve the annual budget of expenses and resources prepared by the Director of the Institute; b) approve the multiannual strategic Plan drawn up by the Director of the Institute; (c) approve the annual operating Plan drawn up by the Director of the Institute; (d) promoting and managing the acquisition of resources and public and private funds for the fulfilment of the objectives of the Institute; (e) all other functions that are entrusted to it by the Director of the Institute in the field of its competences.
Article 7 ° - in case of vacancy of the post, impediment or temporary absence of the Director of the Institute, the performance of its functions will be held temporarily by one of the members of the Executive Council. Such replacement does not involve alteration of competencies and shall cease as soon as the cessation of the cause that had motivated her.
Article 8 - the Director of the Institute and the Executive Board will be assisted by an Advisory Council, which will comprise personalities with outstanding academic and professional career in areas of interest for the control of cancer, those who will be invited by the Director of the Institute referred to integrate the Council for the development of issues and tasks referred to in article 10.
Article 9 ° - the members of the Advisory Council will play its functions on a pro bono basis.
ARTICLE 10. (- They will be functions of the Advisory Council: to) assist in the definition of the multi-annual strategic Plan of institutional development of the Institute; b) participate in all matters relating to the better management of the Agency, on specific topics that you are required by the director of the Institute; (c) collaborate in the strengthening of institutional relations.
ARTICLE 11. -Management of the National Cancer Institute and scientific-technical areas will be run by Directors-General or equivalent position in the structure, which must be proven fitness and enjoy of recognized moral. They depend functionally on the Director of the Institute. You are responsible for compliance with the provisions, regulations and instructions issued by the Director of the Institute. They must also keep informed the Director of the Institute on the progress of the Agency.
Title IV budget: article 12 resources. (-The National Cancer Institute will count for the fulfilment of its functions with the following resources: https://www.boletinoficial.gob.ar/pdf/linkQR/NE05NjVwYVB0Z1JycmZ0RFhoUThyQT09 to) resources to be determined by the general law of budget of the nation; (b) the proceeds from the sale of its publications, research, records, and services for third parties; (c) contributions, contributions and grants from provinces, municipalities, units or official dealings, organisms mixed, private, national and international; (d) the proceeds from donations and bequests that are carried out with attribution to the National Cancer Institute; (e) other specific resources of the National Cancer Institute.
ARTICLE 13. (-The National Cancer Institute will be subject to the regime established for entities listed in subsection a) of article 8 of the law 24.156.
Title V rules transitional article 14. -Inside of the one hundred and eighty (180) days of enacted this law, the National Cancer Institute will propose to the Executive Branch its own organico-funcional structure, establishing the areas of competence of each of the addresses that compose it.
ARTICLE 15. -Communicate to the national executive power.
-REGISTERED UNDER NO. 27285 - EMILIO MONZO. -FEDERICO PINEDO. -Eugenio Inchausti. -John p. Tunessi.

Buenos Aires, October 28, 2016 by virtue of the prescribed in article 80 of the Constitution, I certify that the law N ° 27.285 (IF - 2016-02675776-APN-SLYT) sanctioned by the HONORABLE Congress of the nation September 28, 2016, has been enacted in fact of October 24, 2016. Given for publication to the National Directorate of the official record, rotate copy to the Honourable Congress of the nation, and for his knowledge and other effects, please refer to the Ministry of health and the Ministry of finance and public finances. Fulfilled, archived. -Paul Clusellas.

Publication date: 11-01-2016 https://www.boletinoficial.gob.ar/pdf/linkQR/NE05NjVwYVB0Z1JycmZ0RFhoUThyQT09